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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ About half of the instances in other jurists seem to be the work of the compilers.
▪ Although an honest jurist, Luther does things his way.
▪ For the most part, these jurists are philosophically conservative in their interpretations of the law.
▪ The jurist is therefore able to suggest that the testator intended those sums also to be released.
▪ The four hardest-working jurists took under 100 days.
▪ The rights assigned to the empire by these jurists were so great that many cities refused to acknowledge them.
▪ Yet what remains of first-century jurists in the form of quotations from their works fits well with Gaius' account.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Jurist \Ju`rist\, n. [F. juriste, LL. jurista, fr. L. jus, juris, right, law. See Just, a.] One who professes the science of law; one versed in the law, especially in the civil law, such as a judge, lawyer, or legal scholar; a writer on civil and international law.

It has ever been the method of public jurists to draw a great part of the analogies on which they form the law of nations from the principles of law which prevail in civil community.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., "one who practices law," from Middle French juriste (14c.), from Medieval Latin iurista "jurist," from Latin ius (genitive iuris) "law," from PIE *yewes- "law," originally a term of religious cult, perhaps meaning "sacred formula" (compare Latin iurare "to pronounce a ritual formula," Vedic yos "health," Avestan yaoz-da- "make ritually pure," Irish huisse "just").\n

\nThe Germanic root represented by Old English æ "custom, law," Old High German ewa, German Ehe "marriage," though sometimes associated with this group, seems rather to belong to PIE *ei- "to go." Meaning "a legal writer" is from 1620s.


n. 1 a judge 2 an expert in law or jurisprudence

  1. n. a legal scholar versed in civil law or the law of nations [syn: legal expert]

  2. a public official authorized to decide questions bought before a court of justice [syn: judge, justice, magistrate]


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Usage examples of "jurist".

Having consulted in regard to it with erudite men, theologians and jurists, as to whether I could give up the government of the archbishopric to Don Fray Hernando Guerrero, all counseled me in the negative, and charged my conscience.

Democrats maintained their filibuster on these ten fine jurists, conservatives argued, there would be nothing to prevent them from having their way with future Supreme Court nominees.

The distinguished jurists said it's different from upping the ante by bringing a weapon along to assist the bad guy in his criminal endeavor.

The obscure inventor and the important financier were to appear in court before Judge Hancock Noy, the elderly jurist before whom the case had been argued.

Watching Judge Noy, The Shadow saw the elderly jurist shake his head in saddened fashion.

The distinguished jurist undoubtedly believed that by these repeated interrogations he had reached a complete denial of the secrecy of experimentation so far as the witness was concerned.

Lawyer Paravant had received out of transcendency a sounding slap on the cheek, and had countered with scientific alacrity, yes, had even eagerly turned the other cheek, heedless of his quality as gentleman, jurist, and one-time member of a duelling corps, all of which would have constrained him to quite a different line of conduct had the blow been of terrestrial origin.

These seemed perhaps the least of his accomplishments: he was also a poet, a jurist, a polyhistor, a classicist, and an indefatigable scholar whose powers would recommend him to such as Benjamin Franklin, Edmund Burke, William Pitt, and Samuel Johnson.

This magazine has and will continue to provide research material to further the understanding of Transvestism by psychiatrists, psychologists, sociologists, lawyers, jurists, and police officials.

Baffled in this - and I can imagine his fury, which has since been vented on the Aragonese - Philip sent his representatives and his jurists to accuse me before the Court of the Grand Justiciary and to conduct my prosecution.

I explained to you the principles condemnatory of craniotomy and abortion, viewing these chiefly from the standpoint of the ethical philosopher and the jurist.

The Roman Law, as digested by jurists under Justinian in the sixth Century, indeed, recognizes the unity of the race, asserts the equality of all men by the natural law, and undertakes to defend slavery on principles not incompatible with that equality.

This case was decided by that other most eminent of Groutch jurists, the Honorable Judge Greased Hand.

Samantha had been pleased by the female-dominated selection of jurists, insisting that women would believe a man who loved the victim incapable of such a heinous crime.

She eyed each of the jurists, smiling confidently, as if secretly telling them she knew they were brilliant and would agree with her assessment of the case.