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The Collaborative International Dictionary

jumpstart \jump"start`\, Jump-start \Jump"-start`\, v. t.

  1. To start (the engine of a motor vehicle) using a temporary connection to supply electrical power from another vehicle or another source of current; -- an emergency procedure used when a vehicle's own battery has insufficient power to start the vehicle normally.

    Note: Cables used to transmit electrical current from one vehicle to another for the purpose of jump-starting are called jumper cables.

  2. To provide a speedy start to (an activity) using the assistance of some external impetus; to re-energize (an activity proceeding sluggishly); -- accomplished by application of a stimulus not normally used in the activity. [Figurative]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also jump-start, to start a car using battery booster cables, by 1970, from jumper "wire used to cut out part of a circuit or close a gap" (1901 in telegraphy); see jump + start. Related: Jumpstarted; jumpstarting. Figurative use by 1975.


n. (alternative form of jump-start English) vb. (alternative form of jump-start English)

  1. v. start a car engine whose battery by connecting it to another car's battery [syn: jump-start, jump]

  2. start or re-start vigorously; "The Secretary of State intends to jumpstart the Middle East Peace Process" [syn: jump-start]


JumpStart is an educational media franchise for children, consisting mostly of educational games, produced by Knowledge Adventure. The series is distributed as Jump Ahead in the United Kingdom. It originally consisted of a series of educational PC games, but has expanded to include workbooks, videos, iPad apps, and other media - including, perhaps most significantly, a massively multiplayer online game located at, first launched March 10, 2009.

JumpStart (Solaris)

JumpStart is a computer network installation tool set used by the Solaris operating system.

Jumpstart (Jewish)

'''Jumpstart '''is a Los Angeles-based non-profit that helps support, develop and enhance the effectiveness of projects and organizations initiating from within the Jewish Community.