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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Jump-start \Jump"-start`\, n. The action or event of jump-starting. For motor vehicles, the jump-starting of an engine is also called a jump.


jumpstart \jump"start`\, Jump-start \Jump"-start`\, v. t.

  1. To start (the engine of a motor vehicle) using a temporary connection to supply electrical power from another vehicle or another source of current; -- an emergency procedure used when a vehicle's own battery has insufficient power to start the vehicle normally.

    Note: Cables used to transmit electrical current from one vehicle to another for the purpose of jump-starting are called jumper cables.

  2. To provide a speedy start to (an activity) using the assistance of some external impetus; to re-energize (an activity proceeding sluggishly); -- accomplished by application of a stimulus not normally used in the activity. [Figurative]


n. The process or result of jump-starting a motor vehicle. vb. 1 (context transitive English) To start a motor vehicle by passing an electrical current from a charged battery to the discharged battery of the vehicle being started, by means of a booster cable connecting the two batteries. 2 (context transitive figuratively English) To reactivate or rejuvenate.

  1. v. start a car engine whose battery by connecting it to another car's battery [syn: jumpstart, jump]

  2. start or re-start vigorously; "The Secretary of State intends to jumpstart the Middle East Peace Process" [syn: jumpstart]

Usage examples of "jump-start".

If she ever suffered a killing bout of cardiac arrhythmia, the mere thought of Vess would be more effective at jump-starting her heart than the electrical paddles of a defibrillation machine.

Creating an entirely new strategic landscape in the Middle East--and possibly jump-starting the moribund Arab-Israeli peace process--would be still another.

I paused for a moment, both for dramatic effect and to allow her time to jump-start her brain, and then coldheartedly added, "In fact, he was so broken up he could hardly speak.

The "let go", of course, means the dependencies of the human form - BUT - there are precursors that can jump-start the process.

Critical as the situation was, she could not justify destroying the Station to jump-start the Zaid-Dayan and bringing the insystem drive up was a delicate operation.

On 13 May 2999, all but one of those farlies jump-started itself and went out to destroy the nearest Farlie Center.

Paul Summers drove her back in the fire truck and jump-started the Rambler.

As far as we can tell the last electromagnetic wave we encountered broke through our shielding and jump-started the new TAGs.

The shock jump-started something in my body, and I coughed, my head spinning, and started to move again.

He was, in his own words, a Coke-aholic who needed a can of the stuff to get jump-started in the morning.

Wilson jump-starts his narrative with a device he's used in previous books (such as The Harvest), a sweeping, sudden, inexplicable Change that remakes the world in an instant.