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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
be a sight/joy/pleasure etc to behold
▪ The beauty of the garden was a pleasure to behold.
be filled with admiration/joy/happiness etc
▪ I was filled with admiration for her.
bring sb pleasure/joy/pain/grief etc
▪ The decision brought him great relief.
pure joy/pleasure/delight
▪ Lucinda flashed him a smile of pure joy.
tears of joy/frustration/rage etc
▪ The tears he shed were tears of joy.
▪ The prospect of seeing them made him full of joy.
▪ So we ate for hours, laughing and full of the joy of family.
▪ A Brownie is always full of joy.
▪ It is the full joy of existence.
▪ When we gather together in Church on christmas Day around the alter with the priest we are full of joy.
▪ The house seemed full of joy.
▪ His last years were full of joy, thankfulness, fun and useful work, helping other people.
▪ I was full of joy at the prospect of meeting Agnes the next day.
▪ Vividly picture going on a wonderful shopping spree, buying everything you have ever dreamt of, with great joy and exuberance.
▪ Fortunately, even flawed loaves are usually delicious and can often be consumed with great joy.
▪ It is an hour of great joy.
▪ For me there is no greater joy than this.
▪ One of the great joys of forum theatre is that it is extremely flexible.
▪ One of my great joys at the moment is the Portland Stage Company, our repertory acting group.
▪ What greater joy can there be?
▪ My greatest joy as a lawyer was making partner.
▪ It was a moment of such pure joy that I probably went pink with pleasure.
▪ For some, there is the pure joy of watching talent they nurtured through countless Saturday afternoons in the driveway playing Horse.
▪ He didn't speak, but there was no mistaking his smile of pure joy.
▪ My heart races with excitement, pure joy washes over me.
▪ His kiss was pure joy, winging happiness, as if her spirit was soaring into a clear sky.
▪ Fiction is pure joy how sad that I could not reinvent the trip as fiction.
▪ Joy in a Strauss Waltz or in Tchaikovsky is purer than the joy elicited by words.
▪ Many of them, of course, watch a Webcast for the pure joy of doing it.
▪ A real joy to see such real craftsmanship and pride in work.
▪ Voice over There's very real joy and pride, as the the veterans of the resistance are reunited in Brussels.
▪ It will be a real joy for me to begin getting around the diocese in the months ahead.
▪ But watching the talented wrist-spinner Mushtaq Ahmed was sheer joy.
▪ I felt as if I were on fire with energy and I laughed for the sheer joy of it.
▪ And you may shed a tear or two - for the sheer joy of it all.
▪ The sheer joy of having pockets and flies was something that lasted for weeks.
▪ The sheer joy of having me under his power, of being able to spend all and every day staring at me.
▪ In love meant all the colours, all the sounds, all the sights, sheer joy.
▪ He clasped Joanne in his arms, not for love or lust, just sheer joy at being alive.
▪ When they laugh it's with sheer joy.
▪ The horticultural efforts of individual residents are a joy to behold, and reflect great credit on those concerned.
▪ We might think that this change of life would bring joy primarily to the person who is redeemed.
▪ Joyfully praise him, Him who brings joy.
▪ It would bring joy to millions of people if the Royals gave up bloodsports.
▪ Firstly, that if he could do so, he would rather bring joy than pain.
▪ Instead of bringing joy, this interlude produced aimlessness and corrosion of the spirit.
▪ However, the closure of pits brings no joy to any party.
▪ It will bring with it joy and self-satisfaction in the long run.
▪ He brings a joy and an ebullience to his work which is a fantastic morale booster for the cast.
▪ In a throwback to the days of Confucius, Jiang essentially wants party members to discover the joys of clean living.
▪ I had discovered the joys of politics.
▪ We discovered the joys of moleskin and the art of walking on our hands and knees.
▪ Your son/daughter will experience joy, peace and togetherness.
▪ I experienced the joy and excitement of the subject as I discovered something for the first time.
▪ Yorkshire Museum of Farming Visit Murtonpark to experience the joys of the countryside.
▪ To experience the joy only he could bring her.
▪ Prayer May we learn to experience the joy of giving.
▪ Biotechnology has been round since mankind first experienced the joys of home brewing.
▪ Three easy words that expressed her physical joy.
▪ Cutty smiled his slow smile that expressed no joy.
▪ I kept silent, unable to express the joy I felt, overwhelmed by the present.
▪ It makes us very humble that they can express this joy out of their nothingness.
▪ I didn't feel joy about it.
▪ Only a race driver can know-can feel-the joys of motor racing.
▪ To feel joy when you are surrounded by disaster.
▪ Suddenly I felt a joy so strong it almost knocked me down.
▪ If it enhances our security we feel things like joy and peace.
▪ He felt a joy so strong it might be measured in the language of angelic orders, of powers and dominations.
▪ But she felt none of the joy she had anticipated.
▪ If they feel our joy in pursuits apart from them, they learn that they too can enjoy life apart from us.
▪ His life was a beautiful thing, it was filled with joy.
▪ For the most part, he was filled with a tremendous joy for who would not be, to escape death.
▪ The fact that such technology has already had a major impact upon the leisure industry should not fill us with wild joy.
▪ Then as it wrote out her name as a signature, I was filled with joy and wept.
▪ He looked into her face and all at once was filled with joy.
▪ No wonder that in that same verse Paul bids us be filled with all joy and peace in believing.
▪ Which choice seems filled with light and joy?
▪ To find a simple joy in his supreme talent that the rest of us had enjoyed for years.
▪ We are meant to find sustenance and joy from this planet.
▪ In the boat again they can know he is with them and find joy in his presence.
▪ Learning holidays Many people find great joy in combining a holiday with learning a new skill.
▪ These will fade away and I will find joy and enthusiasm for what I do.
▪ It is only when an action or a meeting moves us that we can find joy.
▪ If I am able to offer a small flicker of light, that will give me great joy!
▪ It is merely the sight of a small head bowed over the pages that gives me indescribable joy.
▪ All he had given her was bodily joy, and a life that had ended in pain, among strangers.
▪ Marcia was happy, knowing it was she and what she was doing that gave Bethany the joy of her feelings.
▪ But the news gave no joy to Earle.
▪ This unusual relationship gave us the joy of knowing her very well.
▪ From them a new vision and emotion will emanate to solace the soul and give it joy.
▪ If they jump for joy today hold off until they sober up again.
▪ You ought to be jumping with joy.
▪ Most people would jump with joy to hear of the mortgage war that broke out this week between Nationwide and Halifax.
▪ Here he is jumping for joy.
▪ No one was jumping for joy because they'd finally got the piece they'd been searching for for years.
▪ He hadn't been exactly jumping for joy to have her here in the first place, as she knew very well.
▪ May we give pleasure to other people by sharing our joy and happiness with them.
▪ Petra Arroyos found immense pleasure in books and wanted her grandchildren to share that joy.
▪ Still and calm, the gentle trees soar around me, sheltering me and sharing my joy and calm.
▪ Let us share our joy, not just our sorrow.
▪ If only Louisa were by to share the joy of it.
▪ Because you are not a problem to them, they can share their joys and sorrows with you.
▪ He wanted to share his joy - or his misery.
▪ Soo-Il invited hundreds of people to share in his joy.
▪ For Jack, it was a joy to watch her walk; her step was light and happiness shone from her.
▪ For some, there is the pure joy of watching talent they nurtured through countless Saturday afternoons in the driveway playing Horse.
▪ The result, although dark and satirical, is a joy to watch - hilariously funny and unremittingly scabrous.
▪ What a joy it is to watch the energy and expressiveness of such play.
▪ The simple joy of watching a game slowly unfold was replaced by the chrome brutality of the box score.
▪ Pitting the hood down is a joy to watch.
be in a transport of delight/joy etc
be transported with delight/joy etc
full of the joys of spring
▪ She's still full of the joys of spring.
glow with pride/joy/pleasure etc
▪ Bates himself was warm and genial, and his cohorts were having such a good time that their faces glowed with pleasure.
▪ Chest out, glowing with pride we return to base with labrador on lap and conversation stilted.
▪ Midge was glowing with pleasure and pride at the return of her beloved John and Angela.
▪ She glowed with pride at a graduation honor he received.
▪ The President glowed with pride and a sense of accomplishment after this masterstroke of personal diplomacy.
hug yourself with joy/delight etc
jump for joy
▪ He hadn't been exactly jumping for joy to have her here in the first place, as she knew very well.
▪ Here he is jumping for joy.
▪ If they jump for joy today hold off until they sober up again.
▪ It is, literally, a jump for joy.
▪ No one was jumping for joy because they'd finally got the piece they'd been searching for for years.
sb's pride and joy
▪ Christina was an only child, her parents' pride and joy.
▪ The garden was my father's pride and joy, the real expression of his creativity.
▪ Todd's magnificent Rolls Royce had been his pride and joy for many years.
▪ We don't have any children, so Snowball is our pride and joy.
▪ Or if your pride and joy 80 inch needs new swivel hubs, these are readily available.
▪ Peter's pride and joy didn't look quite so pretty any more.
▪ Seven-year-old leukaemia sufferer Paul Hindle was dragged off his pride and joy when the gang pounced as he played with his pals.
▪ Taking pride and joy in my work had seemed just a dream to me once.
▪ The car was her and boyfriend Robert; s pride and joy.
▪ The cottage was Anthea's pride and joy.
▪ Today, his pride and joy is more like a Corolla.
▪ Christmas is a time of joy.
▪ Everyone who knew her said she was a joy and an inspiration.
▪ I was so excited about getting the job, I nearly jumped for joy.
▪ It's hard to describe the joy we felt, seeing each other again after so many years.
▪ People at the wedding laughed and danced with joy.
▪ The sisters hugged and cried tears of joy.
▪ The time we spent together in the Bahamas was pure joy.
▪ The toys will bring great joy to countless children.
▪ And this joy of discovery can prove among the richest of rewards.
▪ Anyway, I phoned the pub, and no joy.
▪ Her optimism, her joy of life in those last hours, had nourished the medical staff.
▪ If it was so unimportant, why, last night, had she scarcely slept for joy and excitement?
▪ It was like nothing I'd ever experienced before - so much feeling, so much exquisite joy.
▪ Taking pride and joy in my work had seemed just a dream to me once.
▪ They give hope and help to those in need and a sense of joy and self-worth to us.
▪ To recapture the joys and imagination of childhood!
be in a transport of delight/joy etc
full of the joys of spring
▪ She's still full of the joys of spring.
sb's pride and joy
▪ Christina was an only child, her parents' pride and joy.
▪ The garden was my father's pride and joy, the real expression of his creativity.
▪ Todd's magnificent Rolls Royce had been his pride and joy for many years.
▪ We don't have any children, so Snowball is our pride and joy.
▪ Or if your pride and joy 80 inch needs new swivel hubs, these are readily available.
▪ Peter's pride and joy didn't look quite so pretty any more.
▪ Seven-year-old leukaemia sufferer Paul Hindle was dragged off his pride and joy when the gang pounced as he played with his pals.
▪ Taking pride and joy in my work had seemed just a dream to me once.
▪ The car was her and boyfriend Robert; s pride and joy.
▪ The cottage was Anthea's pride and joy.
▪ Today, his pride and joy is more like a Corolla.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Joy \Joy\, v. t.

  1. To give joy to; to congratulate. [Obs.] ``Joy us of our conquest.''

    To joy the friend, or grapple with the foe.

  2. To gladden; to make joyful; to exhilarate. [Obs.]

    Neither pleasure's art can joy my spirits.

  3. To enjoy. [Obs.] See Enjoy.

    Who might have lived and joyed immortal bliss.


Joy \Joy\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Joyed (joid); p. pr. & vb. n. Joying.] [OF. joir, F. jouir. See Joy, n.] To rejoice; to be glad; to delight; to exult.

I will joy in the God of my salvation.
--Hab. iii. 18.

In whose sight all things joy.


Joy \Joy\ (joi), n. [OE. joye, OF. joye, joie, goie, F. joie, L. gaudia, pl. of gaudium joy, fr. gaudere to rejoice, to be glad; cf. Gr. gai`ein to rejoice, gay^ros proud. Cf. Gaud, Jewel.]

  1. The passion or emotion excited by the acquisition or expectation of good; pleasurable feelings or emotions caused by success, good fortune, and the like, or by a rational prospect of possessing what we love or desire; gladness; exhilaration of spirits; delight.

    Her heavenly form beheld, all wished her joy.

    Glides the smooth current of domestic joy.

    Who, for the joy that was set before him, endured the cross, despising the shame.
    --Heb. xii.

  2. Tears of true joy for his return.

    Joy is a delight of the mind, from the consideration of the present or assured approaching possession of a good.

    2. That which causes joy or happiness.

    For ye are our glory and joy.
    --1 Thess. ii. 20.

    A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

  3. The sign or exhibition of joy; gayety; mirth; merriment; festivity.

    Such joy made Una, when her knight she found.

    The roofs with joy resound.

    Note: Joy is used in composition, esp. with participles, to from many self-explaining compounds; as, joy-bells, joy-bringing, joy-inspiring, joy-resounding, etc.

    Syn: Gladness; pleasure; delight; happiness; exultation; transport; felicity; ecstasy; rapture; bliss; gayety; mirth; merriment; festivity; hilarity.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1200, "feeling of pleasure and delight;" c.1300, "source of pleasure or happiness," from Old French joie (11c.), from Latin gaudia, plural of gaudium "joy," from gaudere "rejoice," from PIE root *gau- "to rejoice" (cognates: Greek gaio "I rejoice," Middle Irish guaire "noble"). Joy-riding is American English, 1908.


n. A feeling of extreme happiness or cheerfulness, especially related to the acquisition or expectation of something good. vb. (context intransitive English) To feel joy, to rejoice.

  1. v. feel happiness or joy [syn: rejoice]

  2. make glad or happy [syn: gladden] [ant: sadden]

  1. n. the emotion of great happiness [syn: joyousness, joyfulness] [ant: sorrow]

  2. something or someone that provides pleasure; a source of happiness; "a joy to behold"; "the pleasure of his company"; "the new car is a delight" [syn: delight, pleasure]

Joy, IL -- U.S. village in Illinois
Population (2000): 373
Housing Units (2000): 167
Land area (2000): 0.419880 sq. miles (1.087485 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 0.419880 sq. miles (1.087485 sq. km)
FIPS code: 38739
Located within: Illinois (IL), FIPS 17
Location: 41.196923 N, 90.879702 W
ZIP Codes (1990): 61260
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Joy, IL

Joy differs from happiness in that it is an emotion. Happiness, on the other hand, is what we might think of as a feeling, which is more fleeting. Joy may be thought of as "the emotional dimension of the good life, of a life that is both going well and is being lived well."

Joy may also refer to:

Joy (Hunt novel)

Joy (1990) is a novel by Marsha Hunt about the relationship between two African-American women that is based on secrets, lies, and delusion. Mainly set in a posh New York apartment in the course of one day in the spring of 1987, the novel contains frequent flashbacks that describe life in a black neighbourhood in the 1950s and 1960s. The book also deals with stardom in the music business and some people's inability, despite their riches, to make their own American Dream come true and to lead fulfilled lives.

Joy (programming language)

The Joy programming language in computer science is a purely functional programming language that was produced by Manfred von Thun of La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. Joy is based on composition of functions rather than lambda calculus. It has turned out to have many similarities to Forth, due not to design but to a sort of parallel evolution and convergence. It was also inspired by the function-level programming style of Backus's FP.

Joy (crater)

Joy is a tiny lunar crater located in the irregular ground just to the west of Mare Serenitatis. It is a circular, cup-shaped feature with a slightly raised rim. The crater was designated Hadley A until it was renamed by the IAU. Mons Hadley lies to the west-northwest in the Montes Apenninus range.

Joy (Skids album)

Joy is the fourth and final album by Scottish punk rock and new wave band Skids. It was their first after the departure of signature guitarist Stuart Adamson, who went on to found Big Country. As such, it represented a change of direction from rock towards folk music, amplifying the traditional Scottish element already hinted at in previous releases.

Joy (dishwashing liquid)

Joy dishwashing liquid is a major brand of dish-cleaning detergent product made by U.S.-based personal and cleaning products manufacturer and marketer Procter & Gamble.

First introduced to the U.S. in 1949, Joy was an early example of a product being reformulated to include the fragrance of lemons and helped begin the overall trend toward citrus-scented cleaning products. Joy is designed for use in the hand washing of dishes, not automatic dishwashers, and as such also contains emollients designed to protect the user's hands from drying out.

Joy is currently available in several fragrances and varieties, including an anti- bacterial formula, and is available in both "non-ultra" and "ultra" (concentrated) strengths.

The product was an early and long-term sponsor of several " soap operas", including the long-running pioneering soap Search for Tomorrow. There are several kinescopes existing of 1950s' "soap operas" containing these commercials, usually with the famous slogan, "From grease to shine in half the time".

The Joy brand was introduced into Japan during the 1990s, where it became market leader for a period of time.

Joy (EP)

Joy is a three-song seven-inch EP by American hardcore punk band Minutemen. Recorded not long after the release of their first EP Paranoid Time, it was the first release that Minutemen had issued on their own New Alliance Records label in 1981. Their prolific nature would continue when their first full-length album The Punch Line hit record store shelves three months after the release of Joy.

The EP also appears as part of the My First Bells cassette and the Post-Mersh Vol. 3 CD, both on SST Records. SST reissued the EP in 1987 not long after buying New Alliance Records from Mike Watt. When SST took over the New Alliance label and back catalogue, the label redated the copyright on the EP to be 1987, causing some fans to believe that the EP contained previously unreleased material. The EP was also reissued as a 10" colored vinyl EP and in 1988 as a three-inch CD.

According to the record's liner notes, the entire EP was recorded and mixed in five hours.

Joy (novels)

Joy is a series of semi-autobiographical erotic novels by Joy Laurey, the pen name of Jean-Pierre Imbrohoris. The character is a supermodel whose father is American and mother is French.

The books have been adapted as movies and TV miniseries.

Joy (The Stalin album)

Joy is the first album by the Japanese punk group Stalin, released on February 25, 1989.

Joy (Psychic TV VHS)
Joy (Marvin Gaye song)

"Joy" is a 1983 single released by Marvin Gaye, the final single issued from his Midnight Love album. The song, which was built around a funk vibe, was inspired by Gaye's religious background, which had also inspired songs such as " God is Love", " Everybody Needs Love" and " Praise". Gaye introduced the song as a tribute to his father during his 1983 concert tour.

The song peaked at number seventy-eight on the Billboard R&B singles chart, and was the last single Gaye released while alive. Three later posthumous releases would reach the Billboard Top 40 over the next twenty years.

Joy (Paul King album)

Joy is the only solo album by British singer Paul King, released in 1987, on CBS label, after King, the new wave band he was lead singer for, split up in 1986.

The album was produced by American musician Dan Hartman, and features singer Nona Hendryx, on female background vocals to "Slow Motion," the last but one song of the track listing.

Paul King's debut solo album did not chart, and only produced a minor hits for two single releases: "I Know", which stalled at Number 58, and "Follow My Heart", which failed to chart in the UK Top 75.

Joy (Austrian band)

Joy is a Austrian pop band, best known for the hits "Touch By Touch" and "Valerie".

Joy (perfume)

Joy is a perfume created for Parisian couturier Jean Patou by perfumer Henri Alméras in 1929. It is considered to be one of the greatest fragrances created and is a landmark example of the floral genre in perfumery.

Joy (House)

"Joy" is the sixth episode of the fifth season of House and the ninety-second episode overall. It aired on October 28, 2008.

Joy (François Feldman song)

"Joy" is a 1992 song recorded by French singer-songwriter François Feldman. It was the third single from his third album Magic Boul'vard, and was released in the first days of February 1992. The song, the singer's 12th single overall, achieved great success in France, becoming the best-selling single of the year.

Joy (Jah Roots album)

Jah Roots has released a fifth album, Joy. It was recorded at LION and FOX Recording Studios, released in April 2008, and charted on iTunes Top 100 Reggae Albums. 1.

Joy (given name)

Joy is a common female given name meaning Joy, Happiness, Joyful. A common variant of the name is the Latin female given name Joyce (name).

Joy (Teddy Pendergrass song)

"Joy" is a 1988 new jack swing song by American singer Teddy Pendergrass. It written by Reggie Calloway, Vincent Calloway and Joel Davis. The single was Teddy Pendergrass' first number one on the Black Singles chart in ten years, where it stayed for two weeks. The single was also his first solo entry on the Hot 100 in seven years. "Joy" also peaked at number forty-two on the dance chart.

Joy (Phish album)

Joy is the eleventh major studio album by the American rock band Phish, released on September 8, 2009, on the band's own label, JEMP Records. The album marked Phish's return after a four-year break, and also re-united the band with producer Steve Lillywhite, who last worked with Phish on their 1996 release, Billy Breathes.

Noting that 2009 marked the band's 25th anniversary together, Rolling Stone described Joy's songs as something akin to "a belated birthday party" characterized by nostalgic, reflective lyrics that appear to be influenced by guitarist Trey Anastasio's struggle with drug abuse during the intervening years. Rolling Stone praised the album as "genuinely great" and "a deeper trip than most Phish LPs".

The first single, "Time Turns Elastic"—originally a multi-movement work for strings, guitar and vocals released as an album earlier in the year by Anastasio—was released for iTunes-only download on May 26, 2009. The album's second single, "Backwards Down The Number Line", was released on iTunes and began radio rotation on August 17, 2009. released an exclusive live version of "Backwards Down the Number Line", recorded at Red Rocks during the band's summer tour, as a download-only bonus track.

All ten songs were performed live during the band's 2009 summer tour, and have been generally well received by fans. However, "Time Turns Elastic" has been criticized as being too overly composed for ready translation to the live stage, and the album's nostalgic ballads are sometimes thought to dampen the energy of Phish's typically acclaimed live shows.

Joy (South African band)

Joy is a South African female vocal group, who had a charts-topping hit in South Africa in 1980 with " Paradise Road". The record spent nine weeks at the No. 1 spot, and went on to become considered an unofficial South African anthem. Felicia Marion, Thoka Ndlozi and Anneline Malebo joined forces in 1979 and proceeded to set South African stages alight with colourful and fiery performances. They were very successful in the South African charts as well.

Prior to their forming, each singer led a solo career. Thoka Ndlozi had appeared in a couple of Gibson Kente's productions, Zwi and Sikalo, and had sung with the Uncle Joe Rhythm Cabins. Felicia Marian did backing vocals for Sammy Brown and toured the country with the Sound Black Shows. Anneline Malebo toured with the Rockets and recorded two solo singles: "Let's Live Together" (1976) and "Love The Way You Love" (1977). Brenda Fassie sang with Joy for a short period, filling in for Anneline Malebo who was on maternity leave.

Joy have supported Lamont Dozier, Timmy Thomas, Clarence Carter and Dobie Gray on their South African tours, and Leo Sayer at Sun City. The trio also held a lengthy singing-recording relationship with Spirits Rejoice. Joy won two SARIE Awards for Best Vocal Group and Best English LP of the Year in 1980. They broke up in 1983.

Joy (Fefe Dobson album)

Joy is the second studio album released by Canadian singer-songwriter Fefe Dobson, and third studio album to be recorded. It was released on November 22, 2010 on Island Records in Canada and November 30, 2010 on 21 Music in the United States after taking almost four years to complete. It candidly follows Dobson's evolution as an artist as well as transition from the indie type of music she originally put together for Joy, to the mainstream pop hits. The album was preceded by the release of the two buzz singles "Watch Me Move" and "I Want You", which were then followed-up by the three top 20 official singles " Ghost", " Stuttering" and " Can't Breathe", all of which have at least one music video.

Joy (Crystal Lewis album)

Joy is the second album by Contemporary Christian singer Crystal Lewis.

This is the second album by Christian Pop singer Crystal Lewis. It features her debut single "You Didn't Have to Do it".

Joy (Teddy Pendergrass album)

Joy is the tenth studio album by R&B singer Teddy Pendergrass, released in 1988 on the Elektra label. Production credits on the album were split between Reggie and Vincent Calloway, Nick Martinelli, Miles Jaye and Pendergrass himself.

Joy peaked at #54 on the Billboard 200 and #2 on the R&B chart, Pendergrass' highest placing on this chart since 1979's #1 album Teddy. The album also spawned two top three R&B singles in the chart-topping title track (Pendergrass' second solo R&B #1, following " Close the Door" in 1978) and "2 A.M." (#3). It was also the only solo Pendergrass album to reach the top 50 in the UK.

Joy (7669 song)

Joy is a dance/ R&B single by 7669. It was the second single released from her debut album 7669. The single charted on the Billboard R&B/Hip Hop Singles chart on May 14, 1994.

Joy (Blackstreet song)

"Joy" is a song by American R&B group Blackstreet. The song was released as the fifth single for the group's self-titled debut album Blackstreet (1994).

The song peaked at number forty-three on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Joy (magazine)

Joy is an international women's magazine, started in 1995 with German language edition. Magazine topics are lifestyle, trends, fashion, beauty, men. Covers usually feature famous actresses, singers and other female entertainers.

In Germany Joy is part of Bauer Media and is published by Marquard on a monthly basis.

Joy (Steven Curtis Chapman album)

Joy (stylized JOY) is a holiday studio album by contemporary Christian musician Steven Curtis Chapman. His fourth Christmas album, it has seen commercial charting success, and garnered generally positive reviews from music critics.

Joy (Toni Pearen song)

"Joy" is a pop/ dance song performed by Australian actress/singer Toni Pearen. It was released in 1995 as the fourth and final single from her debut album Intimate. "Joy" entered the ARIA top 100 singles chart on 19 March 1995 at #75, peaking at #71 the following week. "Joy" was released at a time when Pearen's music career was heading into decline. The album Intimate was unsuccessful and the previous single " Walkaway Lover" had charted lower than her first two singles, although it did make the top forty. "Joy" has so far been Toni Pearen's last single release.

Although Toni Pearen's music career had faltered by early-mid 1995, she did star in that year's successful comedy film All Men Are Liars, in which she played the lead singer of an all-girl band as well as contributing some songs to the film's soundtrack.

Joy (surname)

Joy may refer to:

  • Albert Bruce-Joy (1842-1924), Irish sculptor
  • Alfred Harrison Joy (1882–1973), American astronomer
  • Benny Joy (1935–1988), American rockabilly musician
  • Bernard Joy (1911-1984), English footballer and journalist
  • Bill Joy (born 1954), American computer scientist
  • Brian Joy (1951–), English footballer
  • C. Turner Joy (1895-1956), American admiral
  • Charles A. Joy (1823-1891), American chemist
  • Charles Frederick Joy (1849–1921), U.S. Representative from Missouri
  • Christian Joy (born 1973), American fashion designer
  • Elijah Joy (born 1983), American vegan celebrity chef
  • George William Joy (1844-1925), Irish painter
  • Greg Joy (born 1956), Canadian high jumper
  • Henry Bourne Joy (1864-1936), American industrialist
  • Ian Joy (born 1981), American soccer player
  • Joseph Francis Joy (1883–1957), American inventor and founder of Joy Mining Machinery
  • Leatrice Joy (1893-1985), American actress
  • Lina Joy (born 1964), Malay convert from Islam to Christianity
  • Martha Joy (born 1990), Canadian singer
  • Mary Eliza Haweis, née Joy (1848–1898), British author, illustrator and painter
  • Megan Joy (born 1985), American singer-songwriter and actress
  • Mike Joy (born 1949), American TV sports announcer
  • Norman H. Joy (1874–1953), British coleopterist
  • Petra Joy (born 1964), German film director
  • Prosenjit Joy (1983–), Bangladeshi cricketer
  • Rick Joy (born 1958), American architect
  • Robert Joy (born 1951), Canadian actor
  • John Joy, Indian politician
  • Tonie Joy, American musician
  • William Joy, (fl. 1329 – 1348) English master mason
Joy (singer)

Park Soo-young (born September 3, 1996), known by the stage name Joy, is a South Korean singer and entertainer. She is a member of the K-pop girl group Red Velvet.

Joy (film)

Joy is a 2015 American biographical comedy-drama film, written and directed by David O. Russell and starring Jennifer Lawrence as Joy Mangano, a self-made millionaire who created her own business empire. Mangano was a divorced mother with three children in the early 1990s when she invented the Miracle Mop and became an overnight success, after which she patented many other products, often selling on the Home Shopping Network and QVC. The film is a semi-fictional and inspirational portrayal of how Mangano overcame personal and professional obstacles to rise to the top.

Joy received a wide theatrical release on December 25, 2015, and is distributed by 20th Century Fox. It earned mixed reviews from critics, who praised Lawrence's performance, but criticized the writing and pace of the film, particularly the first half. Lawrence received a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actress and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy for her performance. Joy was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy, among other accolades.

Joy (Isaac Hayes album)

Joy is the sixth studio album by American soul musician Isaac Hayes. The album was released in October 1973, by Stax Records.

Joy (Staxx song)

"Joy" is a 1993 single by American house music studio project Staxx, assembled by producers Simon Thorne and Tom Jones. The vocals is sung by British singer Carol Leeming. It went to number one on the US Hot Dance Club Play Chart in February 1994.

Joy (Bernanos novel)

Joy is a 1929 novel by the French writer Georges Bernanos. The story is set among people with shattered dreams and follows a young woman who is defined by youthfulness and joy. The book was awarded the Prix Femina. It was published in English in 1946 in a translation by Louise Varèse.

Joy (character)

Joy is the protagonist of Inside Out. She is the yellow Emotion and the main Emotion out of the five that live inside the mind of Riley, the others being Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness. She appears to be happy all the time and full of energy.

Amy Poehler describes her as follows: "Joy is the engine. She keeps everyone moving and happy. She represents the parts of Riley that are starting to change and become more complicated, and she is reluctant to let that change happen. She may be the most positive, but in many ways, she is the least flexible."

Joy is boisterous, hyperactive, exuberant, outgoing, and fiercely optimistic. The smallest spark of positivity makes her burst with excitement. She always sees the good in everything, which, on the flip side, causes her to be somewhat oblivious to the other, sad aspect of things. She is not insensitive to negative emotions; for instance, the destruction of Riley's Islands of Personality does bring sorrow to her; but her positive nature leads her to quickly push those feelings aside, refrain from being sad or angry, and think positive instead. Since on the contrary, Sadness is compelled to see the negative aspect of things, the two have completely different outlooks on the events of Riley's life.

Joy loves Riley, and feels a special bond as the first emotion that materialized in her mind. She wishes that Riley would be always happy and considers that for this to be, Riley must be nothing but joyful. She became a leader figure for the other Emotions, who looked up to her, trusting her to know what Riley needs. At the same time, Joy tried to bury down Sadness because she represented the exact opposite of her. She does try to be supportive to Sadness, and never acts as a bully towards her; but ultimately, Sadness seems to be a hopeless case to Joy. She sees no helpful function to her, and thus, actively tries to minimize Sadness' actions. And when pushed to the edge, she was ready to leave Sadness behind.

When Riley turns 11 and her life begins to change, Joy is terrified that the other emotions become more prominent, as she sees all the work she has done being destroyed; and when Riley ends up forming a sad core memory, it appears to her as a sign of utter failure. Over the course of her journey through Riley's mind, Joy comes to understand that growing up is inevitable, that to be truly happy Riley needs all of her emotions, and that she was holding Riley back by trying to suppress them. She realizes that she is meant to work not against Sadness, but in pair with her.

Joy has light amber skin, sky-blue hair in a pixie cut and large azure blue eyes. She wears a light chartreuse summer dress adorned with blue flower-like motifs and is the only emotion not wearing pants or shoes. She is surrounded by a blue halo and emits a bright, golden light, brighter than that of any of the other emotions.

Usage examples of "joy".

The said Folk received them in all joy and triumph, and would have them abide there the winter over.

Henry le Waleys, the mayor, Gregory de Rokesley, Philip Cissor, or the tailor, Ralph Crepyn, Joce le Acatour, or merchant, and John de Gisors.

I am told that several worlds much like Earth exist in the Universe accessible from Joy Hall: that is, from my new platform.

I have now nothing further to do, my lord, than to wish you joy of your liberation, and to bid you adieu for ever.

You must decide if your remaining chance is worth denying yourself admittance to Joy Hall until after menopause, because every time you return there it shall be up to two months hence before you can possibly conceive.

The result of admitting George, aside from a few hours distraction, thus might be only his death, with an ultimate effect of removing the joy from joy Hall.

Whereupon the adulation reached fever pitch, the people screamed and shrieked with joy, every .

Mysteries with good reason adumbrate the immersion of the unpurified in filth, even in the Nether-World, since the unclean loves filth for its very filthiness, and swine foul of body find their joy in foulness.

Hence the Mysteries with good reason adumbrate the immersion of the unpurified in filth, even in the Nether-World, since the unclean loves filth for its very filthiness, and swine foul of body find their joy in foulness.

Don Quixote entered those mountains his heart filled with joy, for it was a landscape that seemed suited to the adventures he was seeking.

Who, soothed to false repose by the fanning plumes above And the music-stirring motion of its soft and busy feet, Dream visions of aereal joy, and call the monster, Love, And wake, and find the shadow Pain, as he whom now we greet.

Six pearl-bright years aflower with gold of joy, Sprung from the heart of those brave tear-fed years: But what that seventh single stamen is My little wit must leave for thee to tell.

All this would involve no end of worry for the quartermaster, who even under the most favorable circumstances is sure to be the least appreciated and most abused officer under the commandant himself, and that worthy was simply agasp with relief and joy when he heard Mr.

But Doctor Morris saved her as he had saved many mothers, and we were both to look with joy and pride on the most perfect specimen of alate babyhood.

And thus with joy, and hope well to fare, Arcite anon unto his inn doth fare.