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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Inwit \In"wit\, n. Inward sense; mind; understanding; conscience. [Obs.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Middle English word meaning "conscience" (early 13c.), "reason, intellect" (c.1300), from in (adv.) + wit (n.). Not related to Old English inwit, which meant "deceit." Joyce's use in "Ulysses" (1922), which echoes the 14c. work "Ayenbite of Inwyt," is perhaps the best-known example of the modern use of the word as a conscious archaism.Þese ben also þy fyve inwyttys: Wyl, Resoun, Mynd, Ymaginacioun, and Thoght [Wyclif, c.1380]\n

\nIf ... such good old English words as inwit and wanhope should be rehabilitated (and they have been pushing up their heads for thirty years), we should gain a great deal. [Robert Bridges, 1922]


n. 1 (context archaic English) Inward knowledge or understanding. 2 (context obsolete English) conscience; inward sense of morality.


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Usage examples of "inwit".

You will build a new temple of God and you will name the city Inwit, and no other god will be worshipped there.

Now he would call it Inwit, and he was causing half his soldiers to work on building a great temple to his God.

Now, as they carried Asineth in a prison cart through the streets of Inwit, with ten thousand people jeering at her, cursing her though she had never done them harm, she prayed.

Then they lifted her to the back of the Hart, and before all the citizens and soldiers of Inwit her husband said the words of the vow, then cut her dress from her.

And when she reached the great city Inwit, a thousand bags of flowers were released upstream, and all of Burring, from shore to shore, was a pond of petals for the coming of the Flower Princess.

And outside Inwit, where he must forever dwell, will be Palicrovol, King of Burland, always remembering me, always longing for me.

And the guests who had watched the scene in helpless horror obeyed her, carried him out of the palace, out of the castle, out of Inwit through West Gate.

Orem Scanthips found his way downriver to Inwit, where he would earn his name and his poem, but no place.

Great and Little temples of Inwit, but Orem had never said the simple vow.

They say Queen Beauty is a witch, and magic flies in Inwit, even though the priests do their best to put it down and the laws are all against it.

But the odors and noises and arguments with other boatmen were no damper to the excitement of knowing that Inwit was hourly nearer.

Life in Inwit was more openly criminal, but there were protections, and a good one was the protection of being in a company of loyal men.

The fountain was filled by all the visitors to Inwit, who left the water of their home behind and took away nothing of Inwit at all, but just the half-evaporated gifts of the other fools.

It was work, it was a way to stay inside Inwit, but it was unbearable.

He was in debt to a thief inside Inwit and to a liar of a carpenter outside.