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wireless network

n. 1 (&lit wireless network English) 2 (context computing English) Devices connected to a network using a centralized wireless access point (WAP).

Wireless network

A wireless network is any type of computer network that uses wireless data connections for connecting network nodes.1

Wireless networking is a method by which homes, telecommunications networks and enterprise (business) installations avoid the costly process of introducing cables into a building, or as a connection between various equipment locations. Wireless telecommunications networks are generally implemented and administered using radio communication. This implementation takes place at the physical level (layer) of the OSI model network structure.

Examples of wireless networks include cell phone networks, Wireless local networks, wireless sensor networks, satellite communication networks, and terrestrial microwave networks.

Usage examples of "wireless network".

The program's full-option setup on his desktop computer would have let him scan many times that number, and Lathrop knew he could have accessed its database resources over his wireless network connection.

Exactly who or what the Weird Sisters were Harry didn't know, never having had access to a wizard's wireless, but he deduced from the wild excitement of those who had grown up listening to the WWN (Wizarding Wireless Network) that they were a very famous musical group.

The voice of the senior ELINT officer was secure, thanks to the Bureau's digitally encrypted wireless network.

Don Kishote has been cruising back and forth along his convoy in a signal jeep, keeping track of stalled units by wireless network, urging on the laggards, getting cripples dragged aside for repairs, and clearing bottlenecks.

Hull took one look at the situation and called his chief of staff via the wireless network.