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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
an innocent expression
▪ ‘It was so late,’ she continued with an innocent expression, ‘I had to stay the night.’
an innocent victim
▪ Children are the innocent victims of war.
be presumed dead/innocent etc
▪ Their nephew was missing, presumed dead.
innocent bystanders
▪ Several innocent bystanders were killed by the blast.
play the innocent (=pretend you do not know about something)
▪ Don’t play the innocent with me – we both know what happened.
plead guilty/not guilty/innocent
▪ Henderson pled guilty to burglary.
prove sb guilty/innocent
▪ The law states that you are innocent until proved guilty.
seemingly innocuous/innocent (=seeming unlikely to cause any problems)
▪ Even seemingly innocuous questions can get an employer into trouble.
▪ The six cakes sat there, apparently innocent and, oddly enough, still appetizing.
▪ A person during hypnosis is so involved in fantasy and imagination that an apparently innocent question can actually create new memories.
▪ She was completely innocent, but how could she prove it?
▪ The police switched to regarding her as completely innocent and she became the star witness.
▪ He was completely innocent, but it was his fault.
▪ He says he is completely innocent.
▪ De Michelis said that he was entirely innocent of any malpractice.
▪ In practically all other versions, she is on the surface entirely innocent.
▪ Madeleine was entirely innocent and had no idea of the strength of his physical need of her.
▪ Perhaps it was by pure chance that the other woman had been there, and Matthew was entirely innocent.
▪ It was quite a litany of aggression, even though on at least one count she was entirely innocent!
▪ He was taken to Cowley Police Station and released after two hours when Police realised his role was entirely innocent.
▪ It was a perfectly innocent rather charming suggestion on the part of Hindley Foster.
▪ Of course the investigation may discover a perfectly innocent explanation.
▪ The more ingenious, those who had mastered paper planes at school, made paper hats from perfectly innocent newspapers.
▪ That day in the garden ... you were so innocent, so gentle, so untouched by war and betrayal.
▪ He was so sweet when he slept, so helpless, so innocent.
▪ Had she really been so innocent that she'd forgotten how passionately he could kiss?
▪ This little old lady is not so innocent as she seems.
▪ They were so innocent, so vulnerable, so eager to behave decently.
▪ He looked so innocent and worried when he stopped me.
▪ The automaton no longer looked so innocent.
▪ There could be a totally innocent reason why some one arrived with no documents.
▪ Conspiracy buffs would have us believe that Ray is totally innocent, that he had nothing to do with the crime.
▪ He lacked many of the plainer necessities of life, and of ambition he was totally innocent.
▪ I am convinced that only my genuinely clear conscience let me convince the adults around me that I was totally innocent.
▪ And Coren, dressing up as Moses and leading 200 innocent bystanders into the Promised Land.
▪ Police Officer Jack Wronski said two of the victims were known gang members; the other was an innocent bystander.
▪ No police widows, no innocent bystanders hurt.
▪ Because the innocent bystander wandering into frame is, predictably, the delicious Riva herself.
▪ For the sake of that innocent child, whom you wanted to destroy.
▪ Call her an innocent child, a tormented animal, or a nurturing moon-deity.
▪ And now he was lurching about his flat with innocent children asleep in their beds, and he had lied to Helga.
▪ She awoke with the innocent children asleep around her, she who had lost her innocence.
▪ Blind obedience would have resulted in the death of an innocent child.
▪ Five of those innocent children knocked down an old woman of 79.
▪ How depressing to see a potential threat to money treated more seriously than a clear and present threat to innocent children.
▪ They were simple innocent girls who had not been loved.
▪ This beautiful and innocent girl on the other side of the world insisted that I call her Sally.
▪ Them perverts, they pick on the nice innocent girls.
▪ Many of us in this village gave blood for the innocent girls.
▪ There's an innocent man in prison and an innocent girl missing from home.
▪ Many innocent lives have already been lost because of people like him.
▪ My order to attack undoubtedly saved a lot of other innocent lives but it still doesn't give me peace of mind.
▪ Secondly, how could Ministers knowingly allow innocent men to go to jail?
▪ The defense contends that linking those dots properly reveals a picture of Simpson as an innocent man wrongly accused.
▪ In what way is it a humanitarian act to kill, maim and wound innocent men, women and children?
▪ Yet today my ignorance could have caused an innocent man to be sent to the gallows.
▪ In the elegant way of innocent men, he accepted his gift graciously.
▪ You have taken away innocent men.
▪ There are just two qualifications to this last point, i.e. which apply where the innocent party immediately accepts the repudiation.
▪ Even innocent parties were excluded from court until 1887.
▪ The duty to mitigate does not apply where the innocent party refuses to accept the anticipatory breach as a repudiation.
▪ As is often the case, the principal odium falls on an innocent party.
▪ They feel that as innocent parties they are being cheated.
▪ Section 5 renders an agreement made with an unauthorised person unenforceable at the option of the innocent party.
▪ In the case of the innocent parties they must have known each other for at least two years.
▪ Adult gangs did fight, but not with innocent people or bystanders.
▪ For example, it offers important protections to innocent people whose spouse or former spouse has failed to pay taxes.
▪ But the intentional mass murder of innocent people is not.
▪ He harmed many innocent people -- children, young people.
▪ He has received death threats after cheating hundreds of innocent people.
▪ Those supposedly innocent people out there getting clubbed-among them was a cold-eyed assassin, maybe a ring of cold-eyed assassins.
▪ One person's disobedience can have awful social consequences for many other innocent people.
▪ All she could think about was all of those innocent people dying.
▪ They surely couldn't prove an innocent person guilty.
▪ Some friends felt that Alvin had returned a harder, less innocent person.
▪ I would agree that a hypnotist could not, for example, make me attack an innocent person.
▪ Bush says he's confident that no innocent person has been put to death during his tenure.
▪ They confirmed that Black was an innocent person who walked into his own cottage on lawful business that Saturday afternoon.
▪ That really was quite an event to shoot an innocent person in New York City.
▪ The crawling and wriggling carcasses had been the innocent victims of the chaos taking possession of their world.
▪ I can not see her as an innocent victim of a nasty and dissolute hippie.
▪ She had been such an innocent victim from the start it seemed only fair to help her all they could now.
▪ Do not assume they are necessarily innocent victims.
▪ He is believed to be an innocent victim of a clean-up campaign which included the demolition of buildings.
▪ However, Melancia maintained that he was the innocent victim of a politically motivated smear campaign.
▪ Murderers, rapists and muggers are innocent victims of society, their parents and traumatic early experience.
▪ For Lisa to cast herself as an innocent victim was maddening enough.
▪ The media's search for the monster has been completed and the future safely of innocent women can be celebrated.
don't come the innocent/victim/helpless male etc with me
▪ "I didn't kill him - I'm innocent!" Davies shouted.
▪ Bates allowed an innocent man to go to jail for his crime.
▪ Don't get her mixed up in your plan - she's just an innocent girl.
▪ He's so innocent that anyone can take advantage of him.
▪ I'm sorry. It was just an innocent mistake.
▪ Jett maintains that he is completely innocent of the charges against him.
▪ Nobody believes that she's innocent.
▪ Under criminal law people are presumed innocent until proved guilty.
▪ And could they be innocent?.
▪ Dickinson sailed down in slow, sweeping curves, feeling strangely innocent.
▪ Harry Belafonte was Joe, an innocent young soldier.
▪ Masterfully, in that moment, Pennington shades Peter's love innocent rather than tawdry.
▪ Observations of the most innocent type.
▪ Perhaps it was by pure chance that the other woman had been there, and Matthew was entirely innocent.
▪ Police Officer Jack Wronski said two of the victims were known gang members; the other was an innocent bystander.
▪ Now a jury in Albany, New York, has found the four policemen innocent of any criminal wrongdoing.
▪ He's such an innocent; anyone can take advantage of him.
▪ Both John and Donner, in different ways, are innocents, Donner surprisingly and dangerously so.
▪ Moral patients are, for the most part, innocents.
▪ She is a girl of about 12, and she faces the camera with the calm composure of an innocent.
▪ These guys are holy innocents, in love with their worlds and their words.
▪ Unfortunately the innocents get hurt, never the criminals behind the scenes.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Innocent \In"no*cent\, a. [F. innocent, L. innocens, -entis; pref. in- not + nocens, p. pr. of nocere to harm, hurt. See Noxious.]

  1. Not harmful; free from that which can injure; innoxious; innocuous; harmless; as, an innocent medicine or remedy.

    The spear Sung innocent, and spent its force in air.

  2. Morally free from guilt; guiltless; not tainted with sin; pure; upright.

    To offer up a weak, poor, innocent lamb.

    I have sinned in that I have betrayed the innocent blood.
    --Matt. xxvii. 4.

    The aidless, innocent lady, his wished prey.

  3. Free from the guilt of a particular crime or offense; as, a man is innocent of the crime charged.

    Innocent from the great transgression.
    --Ps. xix. 13.

  4. Simple; artless; foolish.

  5. Lawful; permitted; as, an innocent trade.

  6. Not contraband; not subject to forfeiture; as, innocent goods carried to a belligerent nation.

    Innocent party (Law),a party who has not notice of a fact tainting a litigated transaction with illegality.

    Syn: Harmless; innoxious; innoffensive; guiltless; spotless; immaculate; pure; unblamable; blameless; faultless; guileless; upright.


Innocent \In"no*cent\, n.

  1. An innocent person; one free from, or unacquainted with, guilt or sin.

  2. An unsophisticated person; hence, a child; a simpleton; an idiot.
    --B. Jonson.

    In Scotland a natural fool was called an innocent.
    --Sir W. Scott.

    Innocents' day (Eccl.), Childermas day.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-14c., "doing no evil, free from sin or guilt," from Old French inocent "harmless; not guilty; pure" (11c.), from Latin innocentem (nominative innocens) "not guilty, harmless, blameless," from in- "not" (see in- (1)) + nocentem (nominative nocens), present participle of nocere "to harm" (see noxious). Meaning "free from guilt of a specific crime or charge" is from late 14c. The earliest use was as a noun, "person who is innocent of sin or evil" (c.1200). The Holy Innocents (early 14c.) were the young children slain by Herod after the birth of Jesus (Matt. ii:16).


a. 1 (senseid en pure, free from sin, untainted)Free from guilt, sin, or immorality. 2 Bearing no legal responsibility for a wrongful act. 3 naive; artless. 4 (context obsolete English) Not harmful; innocuous; harmless. 5 (context with ''of'' English) Having no knowledge (of something). 6 (context with ''of'' English) Lacking (something). 7 Lawful; permitted. 8 Not contraband; not subject to forfeiture. n. Those who are innocent; young children.


n. a person who lacks knowledge of evil [syn: inexperienced person]

  1. adj. free from evil or guilt; "an innocent child"; "the principle that one is innocent until proved guilty" [syn: guiltless, clean-handed] [ant: guilty]

  2. lacking intent or capacity to injure; "an innocent prank" [syn: innocuous]

  3. free from sin [syn: impeccant, sinless]

  4. lacking in sophistication or worldliness; "a child's innocent stare"; "his ingenuous explanation that he would not have burned the church if he had not thought the bishop was in it" [syn: ingenuous]

  5. used of things; lacking sense or awareness; "ignorant hope"; "fine innocent weather" [syn: ignorant]

Innocent (actor)

Innocent Vareed Thekkethala (ഇന്നസെന്റ് വറീത് തെക്കേത്തല) (born ), popularly known as Innocent, is an Indian film actor and politician. He was born in Irinjalakuda in Thrissur district of Kerala, India. He is one of the most successful and leading comedy actors of Malayalam cinema. He is noted for his witty mannerisms and dialogue delivery in the typical Thrissur accent.

In 2013, Innocent was diagnosed with throat cancer ( lymphoma) and was hospitalized. But sources close to him stated the cancer was in its early stages for which he duly took treatment. Innocent won the 2014 Lok Sabha elections from Chalakudy Lok Sabha constituency, comprising 3 assembly constituencies in Thrissur district and 4 assembly constituencies of Ernakulam district, as an independent candidate supported by the Left Democratic Front.

Innocent (Mike Oldfield song)

"Innocent" is a single by British musician Mike Oldfield, released in 1989. It is from the album Earth Moving and features vocals from Anita Hegerland.

Innocent (Our Lady Peace song)

"Innocent" is a single that was released by Canadian alternative rock band Our Lady Peace in late summer of 2002 from their album Gravity. It was written by lead vocalist Raine Maida.

Innocent (Alexander O'Neal song)

"Innocent" is a song written by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and recorded by American recording artist Alexander O'Neal, whose original version was released as his first solo single in 1985 on Tabu Records. It is also a single from the singer's self-titled debut solo album, Alexander O'Neal (1985). The song's distinctive backing vocals were performed by Cherrelle. The song's time was edited for release as a single, with the album version being a medley consisting of "Innocent"/"Alex 9000"/"Innocent II", and was just over six minutes longer.

Innocent (2009 film)

Innocent, also known as Helix, is a 2009 American action drama film directed by Aram Rappaport, filmed in downtown Chicago, Illinois in one continuous take. There are no cuts in the filming. Innocent is one of the first ever feature-length films to be shot in one take, and it is a kidnapping thriller that circumnavigates downtown Chicago on foot and by car.

Innocent (Giesel)

Innokenty Gizel ( c. 1600 - November 18, 1683) was a Prussian-born historian, writer, political and ecclesiastic figure, who had adopted Orthodox Christianity and made a substantial contribution to Russian and Ukrainian culture.

Innokentiy Gizel was a rector of the Kievan Theological School. In 1656, he was appointed archmandrite of the Kiev Pechersk Lavra. Innokentiy Gizel is known to have supported the unification of Ukraine and Russia and autonomy of the Kiev clergy, simultaneously. Innokentiy Gizel is generally credited for writing the Synopsis in 1674, but some researchers deny his authorship.

Category:1683 deaths Category:National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy alumni Category:National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy faculty Category:Converts to Eastern Orthodoxy from Protestantism Category:Year of birth unknown Category:Year of birth uncertain Category:Ukrainian philosophers

Innocent (1999 film)

Innocent is a 1999 French drama film directed and written by Costa Natsis.

Innocent (Stereophonics song)

"Innocent" is a single by British rock band Stereophonics which was released on 9 November 2009. It was the first single taken from their seventh studio album, Keep Calm and Carry On, which was released a week later, on 16 November 2009. It was also the band's first single for Mercury Records.

Innocent (2011 film)

Innocent is a 2011 television drama film directed by Mike Robe, starring Alfred Molina, Bill Pullman, and Marcia Gay Harden, based on Scott Turow's 2010 novel, a sequel to Presumed Innocent. In the film, Judge Rusty Sabich (Pullman) is charged with the murder of his wife Barbara (Harden) twenty years after being cleared in the death of his mistress. Robe previously directed The Burden of Proof, another sequel to Presumed Innocent, but which focused on the character Sandy Stern.

Alan J. Pakula directed the film based on Turow’s first novel, Presumed Innocent, a 1990 box office hit that starred Harrison Ford, Brian Dennehy, Raul Julia and Greta Scacchi.

Innocent (disambiguation)

Innocent means a lack of guilt with respect to any kind of crime, sin, or wrongdoing.

Innocent or The Innocent may also refer to:

Innocent (Fuel song)

"Innocent" is the second single released from Fuel's album Something Like Human. An acoustic version with piano was recorded but never officially released.

Innocent (Taylor Swift song)

"Innocent" is a song written and recorded by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift for her third studio album, Speak Now (2010). Allegedly written in response to Kanye West's interruption of her acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, Swift performed the song at the following year's ceremony as a means of putting the controversy behind them. The song achieved moderate critical and commercial success, debuting at #53 and #27 on the Canadian Hot 100 and Billboard Hot 100, respectively, following the release of Speak Now.

Innocent (manga)

is a Japanese seinen historical suspense manga series written and illustrated by Shinichi Sakamoto. It was published by Shueisha in Weekly Young Jump magazine from the January 31, 2013 edition to the April 16, 2015 edition. The manga has been compiled into nine volumes.

Innocent (1921 film)

Innocent is a 1921 British silent drama film directed by Maurice Elvey and starring Madge Stuart, Basil Rathbone and Edward O'Neill. The film marked the screen debut of Rathbone, with his casting as a villainous figure pointing towards the sort of roles he would play in later British and Hollywood films. The film was made by Stoll Pictures, Britain's leading film company of the era, at Cricklewood Studios.

Innocent (Rainbow EP)

Innocent is the third Korean mini-album by South Korean girl group Rainbow. The album was released in South Korea on February 25, 2015 with "Black Swan" as the lead single. Also, this the first comeback after a year and eight month of hiatus since 2013's album Rainbow Syndrome.

Usage examples of "innocent".

Once was I taken of the foemen in the town where I abode when my lord was away from me, and a huge slaughter of innocent folk was made, and I was cast into prison and chains, after I had seen my son that I had borne to my lord slain before mine eyes.

The women in Group X know Malik is killing abusers, and also that he killed an innocent man.

If Glenn Abies is murdered, or if any harm comes to his wife or any one of his five innocent children then in the name of all that is Christian and Good, the second American Revolution will begin right here.

Still, her heart ached a little at the thought of that innocent victim.

Peslar Square, and you could convince an adjudicator that your charge was reasonable, the adjudicator could order your alibi archive or mine unlocked for the time span in question, which would prove that I am innocent.

How was it possible to endure such a scene going on in the presence of an innocent girl whom I adored, when I had to fight hard myself with my own burning desires so as not to abuse her innocence!

The influence of falsehood and corruption might procure the condemnation of the innocent, or aggravate the sentence of the guilty.

It came out of nowhere, fed on whispers, and took the innocent and the guilty alike into agonizing darkness.

What, exactly, was he accomplishing by continuing this aimless chase, when he could not even hope to gain honest satisfaction by eventually flailing away at the body of an innocent man?

Customs Station east of Akela, where inspections of late were conducted with greater seriousness than they had been in more innocent days, Jilly thought about the men in her life.

Heaven, not to punish the shepherds, for, alas, what had these innocent shepherds done?

Gradually, Seregil introduced Alec to more clandestine procedures-a little innocent housebreaking, or making a game of evading the notice of the Harbor Watch in the rough byways of the Lower City.

No credible firsthand witness ever appeared to support the allegation, and Jordan was probably innocent of spitting on a woman.

This is a throwback to the policy of Amado Carillo Fuentes, of course: the man who would rather kill six innocents than allow one guilty person to get through.

His sweet, innocent daughter living with an ambitionless, borderline bum.