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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
immediately apparent
▪ The difference in quality was immediately apparent.
immediately obvious
▪ The cause of the pain was not immediately obvious.
▪ ‘No,’ she blurted out, instantly regretting her response.
obey instantly/immediately
▪ He expected his orders to be obeyed instantly.
▪ This is a transactional exemption and its scope is not immediately apparent.
▪ To me it was immediately apparent, a tautology, a verbal redundancy.
▪ The reason for this difficulty is immediately apparent.
▪ On the other hand, no new direction was immediately apparent.
▪ Consult the 1:25000 O.S. map of the area and the reason is immediately apparent.
▪ As soon as he entered the hall, it was immediately apparent that there was a change.
▪ The parallels with painting are immediately apparent.
▪ Suggested steps in the planning are as follows, and it will be immediately apparent that they take time: 1.
▪ Because of their workload, they may not be immediately available but they all have telephone answering machines and will return all calls.
▪ Revisions to economic growth statistics for prior periods were not immediately available.
▪ His successor was Suetonius Paullinus, the best general immediately available.
▪ Big East officials were not immediately available to comment....
▪ Amnesty International was not immediately available for comment.
▪ Neither Loral nor Lockheed Martin officials were immediately available for comment.
▪ Details of the agreement were not immediately available.
▪ Totals were not immediately available on the number of students who pass through the program.
▪ The implications of this remark were not immediately obvious.
▪ Once a site is put back into production, it may not be immediately obvious that the archaeological sites have been destroyed.
▪ This detail would have been immediately obvious had the slipper been made of glass.
▪ Over half a million people have watched the first two Tests and two things are immediately obvious.
▪ As is immediately obvious, a psychotherapy based on this approach is quite different from one based on the older questions.
▪ Why is not immediately obvious but sufficiently worrying to put a black mark against the program.
▪ Any difference in taste is immediately obvious.
▪ The reasoning behind the unpopular and disastrous resignation immediately became the subject of intense speculation.
▪ The two of them immediately became fast friends.
▪ If a newspaper commissioned a political poll based on the opinion of a single person it would immediately become a laughing-stock.
▪ Who immediately became so righteously pissed that one of them quit and the other demanded a raise.
▪ Hailed as a great technological invention it immediately became the subject of debates concerning its aesthetic status and social uses.
▪ If you decide to balance the budget, the question immediately becomes, at whose expense?
▪ C.T. had no part in these negotiations and did not immediately become aware of their outcome.
▪ A professor of philosophy immediately became my intellectual father.
▪ The Tans immediately began to prance around him, laughing and howling.
▪ But Adams remains adamant, saying all-party talks should begin immediately.
▪ Porting begins immediately for the Solaris 2.0 environment.
▪ It was such an important breakthrough, however, that other states immediately began to look into it.
▪ Rationing of these shipments and others around the country began immediately.
▪ A Troll stepped unwittingly into a steaming puddle and immediately began to dissolve.
▪ They said babies at risk should be tested as early as possible so that treatment can begin immediately.
▪ The gala opening by Brian Blessed in 1999 was followed immediately by the start of work on a new student refectory.
▪ This was immediately followed by similar declarations or silent acquiescence by other nations.
▪ They were immediately followed by a stunned silence.
▪ Science follows immediately, and the students quickly gather in groups to work on their exhibition in this area.
▪ This praise may be immediately followed by the giving of some other reward from the menu.
▪ Riker and Gotler immediately followed them down to the road and picked them up.
▪ But rhetorical questions can be over-used, especially where answers to the questions do not follow immediately.
▪ As a result, they are likely to experience intense loneliness during the period immediately following the birth.
▪ Hundreds of people left immediately, especially from the combined group's senior ranks.
▪ I had to fight the logical reaction to leave immediately.
▪ I could still catch the early train if I left immediately.
▪ After three hours of drinking and lounging, highlighted by a few minutes of debate, we decide unanimously to leave immediately.
▪ He had no intention of leaving immediately.
▪ At one point they arrested 240 protesters for sitting in a city square then immediately left.
▪ He left immediately for the airport, and chartered a jet.
▪ You must leave immediately, or I shall write to Madame Cannabich.
▪ The events that immediately precede a strike are more accurately defined as the factors which serve to precipitate the ensuing conflict.
▪ Adjustments are considered in the light of experience of the immediately preceding cycle.
▪ She returns immediately and drops in a replacement of her own.
▪ Score sheets must be returned immediately after game.
▪ Calls to the teacher's home were not immediately returned on Wednesday.
▪ The Marian Watson will return immediately.
▪ He could go ashore to go to the lavatory, but had to return immediately to the raft.
▪ He decided to return immediately to London and to visit his doctor.
▪ All items of equipment remain the property of the Company and must be returned immediately on request.
▪ Scatter the rest of the Parmesan all over and serve immediately.
▪ Drizzle reduced pan juices over and serve immediately.
▪ Pour the Quorn mixture over the cooked rice and serve immediately.
▪ Pour sauce over and serve immediately.
▪ Sprinkle with pine kernels and serve immediately.
Serve immediately, spooning sauce over scaloppine.
Serve immediately straight from the soufflé dish.
▪ Reheat, pour over duck legs, and serve immediately.
▪ A study by military experts was immediately set in motion.
▪ As evidence of good faith, the machinery of evacuation was immediately set in motion.
▪ Two anglers from London arrived at the draw but immediately set off for home again fearful of travelling conditions.
▪ Joe immediately set about cultivating contacts in Chongqing.
▪ It's all over for another year except that Keith Ward and I must immediately set about seeking next year's sponsor.
▪ He set immediately to work cutting and eating the chop, drawing the blood away from his brain.
▪ Our hosts promised we would be given an early final decision, so we immediately set about pre-planning a programme.
▪ He immediately set out to make Clear Vue a national brand.
▪ A ubiquitous process that starts immediately after death is of course decay, which in small mammals progresses very quickly.
▪ Computer manufacturers immediately started offering slick, new machines built around them.
▪ I immediately started giving him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and heart massage.
▪ Robbie was fascinated with the card, grabbed it, and immediately started studying it.
▪ It may well take at least the lifetime of a Parliament to put things right, but Labour will start immediately.
▪ Construction is to start immediately and is scheduled for completion in October 1998.
▪ Most of the train's passengers, including Filmer and Daffodil, immediately started across the tracks to reboard.
▪ Whenever the global economy is doing well, car makers immediately start work on a range of cars for the plutocrats.
▪ I went home immediately after I heard the news.
▪ If your baby has a fever you should call the doctor immediately.
▪ Knowing the case was urgent, I replied to her lawyer's email immediately.
▪ Our house is immediately across from the post office.
▪ The Steelers will immediately begin the search for a new head coach.
▪ When mother saw my face, she knew immediately that something was wrong.
▪ A rare albino alligator arrived at the Wild Animal Park yesterday and immediately went into hiding.
▪ After his lunchtime lecture from a furious Mr Major, he agreed a joint statement calling for talks to re-start immediately.
▪ He said he has also been unable to locate Seber since he talked to him immediately after the fire.
▪ Hundreds of people left immediately, especially from the combined group's senior ranks.
▪ If the letting agent is not managing the flat, the tenant's deposit should be given to the owner immediately.
▪ In terms of programming, sports immediately comes to mind.
▪ It was not immediately determined if the two victims were related.
▪ Over half a million people have watched the first two Tests and two things are immediately obvious.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Immediately \Im*me"di*ate*ly\, adv.

  1. In an immediate manner; without intervention of any other person or thing; proximately; directly; -- opposed to mediately; as, immediately contiguous.

    God's acceptance of it either immediately by himself, or mediately by the hands of the bishop.

  2. Without interval of time; without delay; promptly; instantly; at once.

    And Jesus . . . touched him, saying, I will; be thou clean. And immediately his leprosy was cleansed.
    --Matt. viii.

  3. 3. As soon as. Cf. Directly, 8, Note.

    Syn: Directly; instantly; quickly; forthwith; straightway; presently. See Directly.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"without intervening time or space," early 15c., from immediate + -ly (2).


adv. In an immediate manner; instantly or without delay. conj. (non-gloss definition Indicates that the dependent clause describes something that occurs #Adverb immediately after the independent clause's referent does.)

  1. adv. without delay or hesitation; with no time intervening; "he answered immediately"; "found an answer straightaway"; "an official accused of dishonesty should be suspended forthwith"; "Come here now!" [syn: instantly, straightaway, straight off, directly, now, right away, at once, forthwith, in real time, like a shot]

  2. near or close by; "he passed immediately behind her"

  3. bearing an immediate relation; "this immediately concerns your future"

Immediately (law)

In legal usage, "immediately" forms several compounds based on its conventional definitions.

Usage examples of "immediately".

He followed immediately after, covering her with his naked body, then immediately adjusted himself, side to side and up and down so that his chest hairs abraded her nipples and his erection rested between her legs.

The tented arch is formed by the angle made when the curving ridge above the dot abuts upon the ridge immediately under and to the left of the dot.

Mersenne had immediately gone to general quarters and orderedIllustrious to accelerate as rapidly as possible away from the other ships.

He was planning to throw the Strike Force at Gorgrael immediately after Beltide in revenge for the Yuletide attack, while a contrary rumor had Axis planning to drive south and capture Achar for the Icarii first.

I perceived that those who have confirmed themselves in favor of nature and of human prudence would not make the acknowledgment because the natural light flowing in from below would immediately extinguish the spiritual light flowing in from above.

He therefore resolved immediately to acquaint him with the fact which we have above slightly hinted to the reader.

He had not gone far, however, before he recollected himself, and accordingly stopt at the very first inn he came to, and dispatched away a messenger to acquaint Blifil with his having found Sophia, and with his firm resolution to marry her to him immediately, if he would come up after him to town.

It landed almost at the feet of an old woman standing actionless at the veranda rail, only to dart off again immediately.

He immediately wrote to Martha, warning her that he thought Fleischl-Marxow may have become addicted to cocaine and that she should be very careful when taking the sample he had sent her lest she did the same.

I wrote to him and to the friars, and immediately set out, as I told him, almost alone, because all the people were with the Adelantado, and likewise in order to prevent suspicion on his part.

On the matter of the greatest medical importance, I must speak immediately with the head man of the American Tonsil, Adenoid and Vas Deferens Society.

A bill, therefore, was immediately passed, allowing the sign-manual to be adhibited by a stamp.

But when the adjective comes immediately in front of the noun it describes, it must normally be assumed that it is used attributively and not predicatively.

Even densely peopled areas like north Kent, the Sussex coast, west Gloucestershire and east Somerset, immediately adjoin areas like the Weald of Kent and Sussex where Romano-British remains hardly occur.

The entry of the adjournment of the house immediately after its meeting on the previous day, out of respect to the memory of the deceased statesman, was an honour which would live for ever in the journals of that house, and an honour which was never before paid to a subject.