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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Sanctions will take effect forthwith.
▪ A new church was erected forthwith.
▪ Accordingly article 12 comes into operation and renders it mandatory for the court to order the return of the child forthwith.
▪ First of all he picked up my clubs, pronounced them useless and advised me to sell them forthwith.
▪ He was convicted and fined £40 plus £65 costs, with 28 days imprisonment if the money was not produced forthwith.
▪ The last remnant of Birmingham Heath was enclosed in 1799, and was built over forthwith with eight new streets.
▪ The law officers should put a stop to the practice forthwith.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Forthwith \Forth`with"\ (? or ?; see With), adv.

  1. Immediately; without delay; directly.

    Immediately there fell from his eyes as it had been scales; and he received sight forthwith.
    --Acts ix. 18.

  2. (Law) As soon as the thing required may be done by reasonable exertion confined to that object.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1200, from forth + with. The Old English equivalent was forð mid. As an adverb, early 14c.


adv. immediately; without delay


adv. without delay or hesitation; with no time intervening; "he answered immediately"; "found an answer straightaway"; "an official accused of dishonesty should be suspended forthwith"; "Come here now!" [syn: immediately, instantly, straightaway, straight off, directly, now, right away, at once, in real time, like a shot]

Usage examples of "forthwith".

He answered very politely that I had no need of a passport, but that if I wished to have one he would send it me forthwith.

Hastings, conceiving that if the faction opposed to Baboo and Ragoba should prevail, the territories of Bombay would be in danger, proposed in council that every assistance should be given, and that an army should be forthwith sent from Calcutta and Bombay.

A chap that could openly laugh and jeer at his own peculiarities must surely be a good sort, so forthwith Banty pitched in heart and soul to arrange all kinds of excursions and adventures, and The Eena planned and suggested, until it seemed that all the weeks stretching out into the holiday months were to be one long round of sport and pleasure in honor of the lanky King Georgeman, who was so anxious to fall easily into the ways of the West.

He sent his swiftest messengers to India with a sealed parchment containing orders that Kassim should leave the land of Sindh forthwith and hasten to Bassora, there to await further commands.

Tell Captain Beaumont to transfer with the volunteer steaming party forthwith.

So all betook themselves forthwith to their places - the Captains to theirs, the Lord Mayor to his, the subordinate preacher to his, and my Lord Willbewill to his.

Misses Ponsonby speedily came to a conclusion about Catharine, and she was forthwith labelled as a young lady of natural ability, whose education had been neglected, a type perfectly familiar, recurring every quarter, and one with which they were perfectly well able to deal.

They were in a very damaged condition, but among them he raked out a few Spanish volumes, and determined forthwith to set to work to master the language of Cer-vantes, as no one on board understood it, and it would be helpful in their search along the Chilian coast.

Justice Directorate code JD-31-K19, all free converts must register forthwith.

He forthwith made dispositions for a retreat, which however was attended with great confusion.

Forthwith flashes of actual flame, a bright glare leaping from one to another, sprang from the scattered group of men.

Mahratta troops were disbanded: and a British contingent, consisting of seven regiments of infantry and two of cavalry, was to be maintained in the country at the cost of the Gwalior government, which government was also to pay forthwith the expenses of the campaign.

Bostenay, whom they described as very rich, and who is here enjoined to pay me five thousand dirhems, if, in consequence of my information, Hassan Subah, that is yourself, return forthwith to Hamadan without attacking them.

However, as it is necessary to be brief, it may be said that the holy fathers of the Lantern, after having heard the whole case as it was exposed to them by the great clerks of Pantagruel, having digested all the arguments, looked into the precedents, applied themselves to the doctrine, explored the hidden wisdom, consulted the Canons, searched the Scriptures, divided the dogma, distinguished the distinctions and answered the questions, resolved with one voice that there was no help in the world for Panurge, save only this: he must forthwith achieve the most high, noble and glorious quest of the Sangraal, for no other way was there under heaven by which he might rid himself of that pestilent wife of his, La Vie Mortale.

The good news is that by working quickly with Monsignor Mansoni, I have managed to arrange that the sample will be returned forthwith.