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Ike may refer to:

Ike (miniseries)

Ike is a 1979 television miniseries about the life of Dwight D. Eisenhower, with heavy concentration on the time he went to Europe during World War II to serve as Supreme Commander. The screenplay by Melville Shavelson was based on Kay Summersby's 1948 memoir Eisenhower Was My Boss and her 1975 autobiography, Past Forgetting: My Love Affair. Directed by Boris Sagal and Melville Shavelson, the production starred Robert Duvall as Eisenhower and Lee Remick as Kay Summersby. Film editors John Woodcock and Bill Lenny won an Eddie Award for their work and the series garnered five Emmy Award nominations.

Ike (given name)

Ike is a masculine given name and nickname, often for Isaac, Isaiah, or Dwight. It may refer to:

Usage examples of "ike".

One of them, sitting alone, was Ike Batchelor, a lush who had once been an advertising copy writer and who now got his drinking money peddling numbers tickets.

Ike bawled, raising his chest proudly lIke a bellows to make room for his close order voice.

He went on into the orderly room grinning and Old Ike bawled Atten HUT again, making it two words again, and the men still went on working.

A thing that had started almost a year ago, with Chief Bugler Houston, and led up through Dynamite Holmes and the boxing into The Treatment and Ike Galovitch and from there to the Stockade and Jack Malloy and the late Fatso Judson, and a lot of other things both before and after, to finally here, where, for this split minute that was the current point of time in the line of time which was not a line but an infinite series of points, four strangers held it all in their hands without even knowing it.

Ike, who ran a surf shop called Dada Kine out at Pleasure Point in south Santa Cruz.

THERE WERE FIVE OF THEM, and one, a cheery little red-faced man of about sixty, with toothpick-ends of waxed mustache, was Ike Mazzard, the magazine illustrator.

She saw, to her surprise and embarrassment, that Ike Mazzard was sketching her.

It was one of the three-quarter views, a non-smiling one, with the familiar no-capitals ike mazzard signature.

Joanna said, looking at an Ike Mazzard drawing of Bobbie tucked in the frame of the over-the-mantel picture.

With a finger to the page, she leaned toward the microphone propped against the framed Ike Mazzard drawing of her.

She told Ruthanne who he was, and asked her if she knew that Ike Mazzard lived in Stepford.

Duwicki, Frank Ferretti, Steven Margolies, Ike Mazzard, Frank Roddenberry, James J.

It was coincidence that Dale Coba had worked on robots at Disneyland, that Claude Axhelm thought he was Henry Higgins, that Ike Mazzard drew his flattering sketches.

Then the darkness heaved in again, and the figure was not Ike but this other mutilated being, and Ali was more afraid than ever.

Purty soon it was norated around that Ike was going to banter me for a rassel, and, shore enuff, he did.