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IDIRIYA, is a not-for-profit registered humanitarian organisation focusing on disability rights that fully understands disability related access issues that affect a wide range of people in day-to-day life that concerns even their safety and physical, mental, economical and social well being.

IDIRIYA was born from its founder’s passion for creating an environment that is accessible to all with dignity, regardless of the degree of physical ability.

Based in Sri Lanka, IDIRIYA comprises a group of professionals in diverse fields who offer their expertise and follow the principle that good design enables bad design disables.

They have aggressively promoted in Sri Lanka the concept of ' Social Inclusion for All' focusing on built environments - Safety being a paramount feature - that does not marginalise or discriminate against people on the grounds of inevitable diversity in ability and campaigned against arbitrary categorization of people.

Although IDIRIYA do not seek to people with restricted ability, they support and strive to emPower them to lobby individually and collectively for positive change of a dis-Abling society, to benefit their own day-to-day productive lives.

The organisation receives no outside funding and has been kept functioning by voluntary contributions of time and resources, mainly by its members.