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n. (plural of professional English)

Usage examples of "professionals".

For eight long and degrading days I had skulked around Houston with all the other professionals, doing our jobs -- which was actually to do nothing at all except drink all the free booze we could pour into our bodies, courtesy of the National Football League, and listen to an endless barrage of some of the lamest and silliest swill ever uttered by man or beast.

The fact that Burrows was a layman who had invented a science now practised by professionals was another familiar gambit.

I said many of the people I talked to were not freaks and dropouts, but competent professionals with bank accounts and spotless reputations.

In his earlier writings James often tried to explain what he was up to, in such a way that it might invite baseball professionals to pay attention.

A few years into his career, he clearly decided that baseball professionals would benefit from being smacked on the head by a two-by-four.

He became somewhat slower to concede baseball professionals might have a point.

These professionals lacked the partisanship to have a killer impulse for their clients.

The elf had assured Kham that only seasoned professionals were involved, which was good.

You see these idiots getting nabbed in police sweeps on the nightly newsblue-collar guys, professionals, Yuppies, college kids.