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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ What's this icky black stuff on the tree?
▪ The grandedame gestures of the late fifties had gone, the overblown and icky sentiment had gone.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

icky \icky\ adj.

  1. very bad; repulsive; unpleasant; distasteful. [informal]

    Syn: crappy, lousy, rotten, shitty, stinking, stinky.

  2. sticky; as, icky, sticky goo. [WordNet sense 2]

    Syn: gooey.

  3. Overly sentimental; -- of stories or dramas.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1935, American English, probably from icky-boo (c.1920) "sickly, nauseated," probably baby talk elaboration of sick. Originally a swing lover's term for more sentimental jazz music; in general use from 1938.


a. 1 (context informal English) unpleasantly sticky; yucky; disgusting 2 (context informal English) excessively sentimental

  1. adj. very bad; "a lousy play"; "it's a stinking world" [syn: crappy, lousy, rotten, shitty, stinking, stinky]

  2. soft and sticky [syn: gooey]

Usage examples of "icky".

Island was the haix-and-nails crowd, chaperones, and icky boys with all their macho strutting and unbuttoned shirts and hairy chests with gold chains and teensy gold crucifixes.

The population of the town itself ran about three-fourths white, one-fourth Native, mostly Yupik, with some Inupiaq transplants from up north, some Aleut transplants from down south, and one lone Tlingit family that got sidetracked during a move from Sitka to Nome back in the fifties, homesteaded a hundred and sixty acres twenty miles up the Icky road, and never left.

Images of tarantulas, rats, and even ickier creatures raced through her mind.

I could win with any hardy, farm-walked game strain that could stand up under my conditioning methods—Claret, Madigan, Whitehackle, Doms—but the excellent cocks I would need would cost too much, especially after putting out five hundred dollars for Icky.

The ultrafemme gowns and dresses had icky semiotics, the shops for people from cultures with sumptuary laws and dress codes were too weird, the everyday stuff was too formal—.

He nodded toward the string as if it was the ickiest thing in the room, which it definitely wasn't, in Becker's opinion.

So gladdied up when nicechild Kevin Mary (who was going to be commandeering chief of the choirboys' brigade the moment he grew up under all the auspices) irishsmiled in his milky way of cream dwibble and onage tustard and dessed tabbage, frighted out when badbrat Jerry Godolphing (who was hurrying to be cardinal scullion in a night refuge as bald as he was cured enough unerr all the hospitals) furrinfrowned down his wrinkly waste of methylated spirits, ick,and lemoncholy lees, ick, and pulverised rhubarbarorum, icky.

Old Man Peeples scarcely had time to pull his hands away from beneath Little Joe's body when Icky clipped twice and cut the veteran fighter down on its score.

The smears, smudges, underlinings, and ossified toast scintillae left by their previous owners may strike daintier readers as a little icky, like secondhand underwear.

And you know I think blood is really icky, but, golly, we might have to whack off a few bits to close the deal.