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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Babies make her go all gooey.
▪ Bars turned gooey as they slid underwater - then the youngsters slipped on them when they stood up to get out.
▪ Gao Ma pulled himself out of the gooey slops.
▪ She gave me a gooey smile and then eased her grip.
▪ The car managed like it was stuck in gooey caramel, because a car is like a horse sometimes.
▪ The Mars bar will melt into a gooey mess ... which tastes absolutely delicious.
▪ This gooey mess was wiped off with towels at the end of the evening.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1893, American English slang, from goo + -y (2). The first element perhaps somehow imitative, or shortened from burgoo (1787) "thick porridge."


a. 1 of or relating to goo 2 soft, sticky and viscous

  1. adj. soft and sticky [syn: icky]

  2. [also: gooiest, gooier]


Gooey was an Internet chat application launched in 1999. The system allowed people who were browsing the same web site at the same time to communicate with each other in a separate window. Gooey was closed and disappeared in 2000. It was developed by Israeli software company Hypernix, which in 2000 was acquired by SIGA.

Usage examples of "gooey".

Hickok said, scrunching up his nose as he picked a gooey green glob from his uniform shirt.

Clive rummaged around in the biscuit barrel, prised out a gooey macaroon stuck to the bottom and plonked it down on England.

As a forkload hit his lips, a big, gooey blob of garlicky ricotta slid out of the pasta tube and splatted on the front of his white shirt.

You sit there across from your date eating tiramisu, and instead of thinking what a nice guy he is, you find yourself thinking about trends in desserts and how they always seem to be gooey and calorie-laden in direct proportion to the obsession with dieting.

She was down on the plains, where the methane simply boiled into the air, and the ground was covered with thick, gooey tholin.

And enough of these gooey saints with a look of pathic dismay as if they getting fucked up the ass and try not to pay it any mind.

One morning I stared balefully at a plateful of eggs that seemed hopelessly gooey and toast that looked like plasterboard, and I exploded.

The stuff came out thick, much gooier than the separate ingredients had been.

Miss Milton, the gooier the better, and you can tell me why you were pacing in front of my property .

It was the stickiest, gooiest muck I have ever had the misfortune to put my tongue into.

Bring me the biggest, gooiest chocolate gateau you have, and a big spoon!

The aluminum behind that reflected it again, and this time it lost itself in the absorbing surface of some methacrylate plastic, which swelled and exploded gently into shards of gooey stuff.

The minute Sherra had stepped out the door, berating Kane for the mess, a blob of the gooey earth had spattered against the side of her head.

This dreadful maw was crammed to overflowing with spikelike teeth, the tips of which were stained with moist blood, and yet found room for a horrible purple tongue which dripped gooey phlegm.

Now heat this solution in a water bath until most of the tetrahydrofuran is evaporated and a gooey substance remains.