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Huxley, IA -- U.S. city in Iowa
Population (2000): 2316
Housing Units (2000): 964
Land area (2000): 1.133680 sq. miles (2.936218 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 1.133680 sq. miles (2.936218 sq. km)
FIPS code: 37920
Located within: Iowa (IA), FIPS 19
Location: 41.895983 N, 93.602782 W
ZIP Codes (1990): 50124
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Huxley, IA
Huxley, TX -- U.S. city in Texas
Population (2000): 298
Housing Units (2000): 230
Land area (2000): 2.003294 sq. miles (5.188508 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.039426 sq. miles (0.102112 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 2.042720 sq. miles (5.290620 sq. km)
FIPS code: 35636
Located within: Texas (TX), FIPS 48
Location: 31.761773 N, 93.887578 W
ZIP Codes (1990):
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Huxley, TX

Huxley may refer to:

Huxley (lunar crater)

Huxley is a tiny lunar impact crater located in eastern inlet of Mare Imbrium, just to the north of the Montes Apenninus. To the southeast in this range is Mons Ampère. This crater was previously identified as Wallace B before being renamed by the IAU. The crater Wallace lies due west.

Huxley (video game)

Huxley is a multiplayer first-person shooter computer game with persistent player characters published by Webzen Games Inc.. It is being developed for Microsoft Windows. A Xbox 360 port was planned, but it has been put on an indeterminate hold. Huxley initially was going to be cross platform, but according to statements made at the 2009 E3 Expo press conference that feature is currently excluded from development. The contract to operate the game in China was sold to The9 for $35 million USD on February 12, 2007, considered the largest export transaction to date for a Korean-developed game.

A trailer for the game was released in 2007 as a special DVD used to demonstrate LG LCD TVs.

In June 2009 NHN USA released the first English Closed Beta Test via its free games portal The initial test had a small number of users and was carried out over a space of two weeks. Keys for the test were made available through ijji (Globally) and FilePlanet (USA and Canada).

The second Closed Beta Test was initiated in late-July 2009 and lasted until August 12. The second test allowed many more players to test the game. During the last two days of the test a high-volume stress test was carried out on to the servers where everyone with an ijji account was permitted to play the game during test hours.

In April 2010 Huxley was integrated with Hangame game portal and went into open beta on May 3.

In August 2010 an official message was posted on the North American Huxley forums at IJJI. Huxley for the North American region will now be self hosted by Webzen.

On December 30, 2010, the Korean service for Huxley was discontinued.

Huxley (surname)

Huxley is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • The British Huxley family:
    • Thomas Henry Huxley (1825–1895), British biologist, supporter of Charles Darwin and inventor of the term 'agnosticism'
    • Leonard Huxley (writer) (1860–1933), British writer and editor, son of Thomas Henry
    • Aldous Huxley (1894–1963), British writer, son of Leonard and author of Brave New World
    • Sir Julian Huxley (1887–1975), British biologist and author, son of Leonard
    • Sir Andrew Huxley (1917–2012), British physiologist and biophysicist, son of Leonard
    • Elspeth Huxley (1907–1997), British writer, granddaughter-in-law of Thomas.
    • Sir Leonard Huxley (physicist) (1902–1988), Australian physicist, second cousin once-removed of Thomas Huxley
Others with the surname Huxley
  • David Huxley, Australian ice hockey player
  • Julian Huxley (rugby union)
  • Hugh Huxley (born 1924), British biologist, and Professor of Biology at Brandeis University
  • Martin Huxley, British mathematician
  • Rick Huxley (1940–2013), English musician
Huxley (Martian crater)

Huxley Crater is a crater in the Hellas quadrangle of Mars, located at 63.0°S latitude and 259.2°W longitude. It is 107.0 km in diameter and was named after Thomas Henry Huxley, and the name was approved in 1973 by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature (WGPSN).

Usage examples of "huxley".

Presently, Cabell and Rem were escorted in and seated at one end of the table opposite Justine Huxley, a UEG Superior Court judge, and Niles Obstat, former senator and head of Monument City's regional legislature.

Shall we erect the mystery into an Unknowable, like Spencer, and call ourselves Agnostics with a capital letter, like Huxley?

Huxley remarks (`Elementary Lessons in Physiology,' 5th edit. 1872, p.

Professor Huxley has dealt exhaustively with the Gadarene Swine, showing that if Jesus himself loved his neighbours, he was at least a little careless about their property, which was in this instance their sole means of livelihood.

Huxley became fascinated by the minuscule drama, lost track of time, and of the sequence of events.

Something in Huxley's nod was meant to tell Mallory that a female of the Huxley clan would not be caught dead with a popular novel.

Neither he nor Aldous Huxley had much faith in the future of participatory democracy.

Huxley in England drily observed how remarkable it was that the soldier, though mortally wounded, had climbed sixty feet up a cliff, divested himself of his clothing and personal effects, sealed the cave opening, and buried himself under two feet of soil.

They'll continue to overlook the import of parapsychology, I'm afraid, until they're able--as Huxley put it--'to sit down before fact as a little child--be prepared to give up every preconceived notion, follow humbly wherever and to whatsoever abysses nature leads.

While Charles stayed out of the public debate, Huxley set to with a will.

Huxley ordered them to shift to Formation E, a plan which used changing speeds and apparently random courses-carefully planned to avoid collision between ships, however.

The objection raised by Julian Huxley and others was that female whims were not legitimate foundations for a truly scientific theory.

Only Aldous Huxley ever wrote a scenario for social stratification that was completely, if chillingly, self-consistent and stable.