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computer game

n. An electronic game, especially a game played using a general purpose computer (as opposed to a game console).

computer game

n. a game played against a computer [syn: video game]

Computer game (disambiguation)

A computer game is a type of electronic game.

Computer game may also refer to:

  • Video game
  • Computer game or PC (personal computer) game, a video game played on a personal computer
  • PC Games (magazine)
  • Computer and Video Games, video games magazine
  • Computer Games Magazine, video games magazine
  • "Computer Game" (song), 1978 song by Yellow Magic Orchestra
  • "Computer Games" (song), 1979 song by Mi-Sex
  • Computer Games (album), 1982 album by George Clinton
  • Computer Games, reissue title of the album Graffiti Crimes by Mi-Sex

Usage examples of "computer game".

When she'd first scanned the databurst, during Flix's sflly computer game, Nancia had been looking forward to meeting her cousin Polyon.

College students on a tour of England, Scotland, and Ireland crowded onto the plane, each of them carrying the ubiquitous backpack packed with essentials: a bottle of Evian, a portable CD player, a collection of fave CDs, makeup if the student was female, a handheld computer game if male.

All the way up here I've been trying to figure out how a computer game killer in Minneapolis jibes with a family killing in Calumet, and there's nothing there except a coincidence that makes your head hurt.

He's a progressive, lust-driven sociopath who's lost touch with reality and is treating what he's doing like it's some big computer game.