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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A pack-camel could carry a load of some six hundredweight or 300 kilograms.
▪ An acre became a field, a hundredweight a ton, and a guinea became a fortune.
▪ Digging up danger ... half a hundredweight of bullets in a rose bed.
▪ He's so underfed, his weight is three hundredweight below normal.
▪ The cheapest I can buy them for my dinner is £2.50 per half hundredweight bag.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hundredweight \Hun"dred*weight`\, n. A denomination of weight, containing 100, 112, or 120 pounds avoirdupois, according to differing laws or customs. By the legal standard of England it is 112 pounds. In most of the United States, both in practice and by law, it is 100 pounds avoirdupois, the corresponding ton of 2,000 pounds, sometimes called the short ton, being the legal ton.


Cental \Cen"tal\, n. [L. centum a hundred.] A weight of one hundred pounds avoirdupois; -- called in many parts of the United States a Hundredweight.


alt. A measure of weight containing 100 pounds (45.5 kg) in the U.S. or 112 pounds (51 kg) in the United Kingdom. n. A measure of weight containing 100 pounds (45.5 kg) in the U.S. or 112 pounds (51 kg) in the United Kingdom.

  1. n. a unit of weight equal to 100 kilograms [syn: metric hundredweight, doppelzentner, centner]

  2. a United States unit of weight equivalent to 100 pounds [syn: cwt, short hundredweight, centner, cental, quintal]

  3. a British unit of weight equivalent to 112 pounds [syn: cwt, long hundredweight]


The hundredweight (abbreviation: cwt), formerly also known as the centum weight or quintal, is an English, imperial, and US customary unit of weight or mass of various values. Its present value continues to differ between the American and imperial systems. The two values are distinguished in American English as the "short" and "long" hundredweight and in British English as the "cental" and the "hundredweight".

  • The short hundredweight or cental of 100 lb (45.359237 kg) is used in the US and Canada.
  • The long or imperial hundredweight of 8  stone (112 lb or 50.802345 kg) sees informal use in the imperial system but according to Schedule 1, Part VI of the Weights and Measures Act 1985, no longer to be used for trade after the Act came into force.

Under both conventions, there are 20 hundredweight in a ton, producing a " short ton" of 2000 lb and a " long ton" of 2240 lb.

Usage examples of "hundredweight".

He fastened the tails of the albacore together, hoisted the burden of more than two hundredweight to one shoulder, and led the way up the steep path.

In a schedule afterwards published, he acknowledged to have found in the Cacafuego alone twenty-six tons of silver bullion, thirteen chests of coined silver, and almost a hundredweight of gold.

It takes five hundredweight of Rose petals to produce one drachm by weight of the finest Attar, which is preserved in small bottles made of rock crystal.

Rachel suggested they cut and refashion the hundredweight sacks into smaller bags.

In this case, two million hundredweight of guano would add six million six hundred and sixty-six thousand six hundred and sixty tons to the natural unmanured produce of the crop.

To manufacture ammunition there were five hundredweight of lead in bars, fifty pounds of pewter to harden the balls to be used against heavy game, twenty thousand prepared lead musket balls, twenty kegs of first-class sporting gunpowder for the rifles and a hundred kegs of coarse black powder for the Brown Bess muskets, two thousand gunflints, greased patches to ensure a tight fit of the conical bullets in the rifle bore, fine cotton cloth to be cut into more patches, and a large keg of rendered hippopotamus fat to grease them.

At the grain exchange rye debentures brought nine gulden sixty a hundredweight: money.

We formed three depots and stored in them 3 tons of provisions, including 22 hundredweight of seal meat.

But now behold the hot Lawrence with a hundredweight of hot horseflesh clenched between his thighs, with the fat and frightening Frieda on the next saddle along, thundering through the spark-shower and crimson brushstrokes of Popacatapetl .

Finally -- and this is why the present portrait is being drawn -- his right ear, for many years subjected to the lateral pressure of thousands of hundredweight, lay creased and flattened against his head, while contrastingly his left ear protruded mightily in pursuit of its natural bent.

While as an earwitness he was able to tell how many wheat beetles, including pupas and doodle bugs, how many ichneumon flies and flour beetles resided in it, he was able with his ear to the sack to indicate the exact number of mealworms -- Tenebrio molitor-- present in a hundredweight of wheat flour.

By sundown I had broken my axe handle twice at the hammer end, but had knocked off about three hundredweight of ore.

I can give you a quotation in about two weeks--a hundredweight of the stuff f.o.b. the Pedro Cays.

Mr Giffard and Stephen were fairly well acquainted - well enough, in any case, for Giffard's initial embarrassment to persuade Stephen that this was not an ordinary visit nor a request for the loan of a carboy of Venice treacle or a hundredweight of portable soup and some lint.

This was a difficult task in itself, the best bower weighing thirty-one hundredweight, and it was harder now, since at the same time they had to warp the ship across the bay to heave up the second anchor, laid out ahead.