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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1815, representing U.S. dialectal variant pronunciation of horse, especially as applied to (large or coarse) persons.


n. 1 (lb en Southern US slang) (eye-dialect of horse English) 2 (lb en Southern US slang) A big, strong and dependable person, usually a man; one who is large like a horse. 3 (lb en Southern US slang often capitalized) (non-gloss definition: Term of address for a man.) 4 (rfv-sense) (lb en slang) A well-respected person. 5 (lb en Northwestern US slang) A car.


Hoss may refer to: __NOTOC__

Hoss (album)

Hoss is Lagwagon's third album, released on November 21, 1995 by Fat Wreck Chords. It was produced by Ryan Greene.

This is the last Lagwagon album to feature guitarist Shaun Dewey before his departure in 1997 and drummer Derrick Plourde before his death in 2005. They would be replaced temporarily by Ken Stringfellow ( The Posies) on guitar, and permanently by Dave Raun ( RKL) on drums.

The cover hosts a photo of Dan Blocker as his famous character Eric "Hoss" Cartwright from the Western television show Bonanza.

The album was also supported by a 1995 tour. Some footage of the tour can be seen in the music video for the song "Razor Burn", a popular song from the album.

Hoss (band)

Hoss is a hard rock band based in Melbourne, Australia. One of a string of 1990s hard rock bands on Melbourne's Dog Meat Records that included the Powder Monkeys and Splatterheads, Hoss was primarily a vehicle for the songs of front man, Joel Silbersher. Silbersher also makes solo records, collaborated with guitarist Charlie Owen under the name of Tendrils and tours as a backing musician with acts such as Tex Perkins and the Dirty Three.

On their original records, Hoss was recognisably influenced by 1970s garage and boogie hard rock such as Aerosmith, Blue Öyster Cult and The Stooges. However, by their last album, Do You Leave Here Often?, the band had evolved to a more complex sound that continued to exhibit hard rock influences but also started to use more sophisticated arrangements reminiscent of bands such as the Afghan Whigs.

Although Silbersher was the focal point of Hoss, the rest of the line up was largely stable and enduring.

Hoss (comics)

Hoss is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Clayton Crain. He is a demon, an enemy and occasional ally of the Ghost Rider.

Hoss has been described as "one of Hell's most able tracker-scouts". He first appeared in Ghost Rider (Road to Damnation) #1 (Nov. 2005)

Hoss (NFL)
Hoss (surname)

Hoss is the surname of:

  • Américo Hoss (1916–1990), Hungarian-Argentine cinematographer
  • Bernd Hoss (1939–2016), German football manager
  • Elijah Embree Hoss (1849–1919), American bishop
  • George W. Hoss (1824-1906), American educator
  • Hal E. Hoss (1892–1934), American journalist and politician
  • Nina Hoss (born 1975), German actress and singer
  • Selim Hoss (born 1929), Lebanese politician
Hoss (nickname)

Hoss is a nickname of:

  • Bill "Hoss" Allen (1922–1997), American radio disc jockey
  • Hoss Ellington (1935–2014), American NASCAR driver and team owner
  • Hoss Hodgson (1886–1967), American football player and coach
  • Jeff Hostetler (born 1961), former NFL quarterback
  • Waylon Jennings (1937–2002), American country music singer
  • Hoss Wright, American rock drummer

Usage examples of "hoss".

Enyhow, thishere stranger awn whut lookted like a Kuhmbuhluhn hoss rid up aside of him and basted him with one them iron clubs the Kuhmbuhluhn mens fights with lots of times.

Drady, Hoss Kucinski, Johnny Engraff, and I made up one blocking force.

He put the hoss in a stall and jowered at me all that evening, and at the supper-table he clean forgot to ask the blessing.

Instantly a most awful bustle broke loose in there and of all the whooping and bellering and shooting I ever heard, and the lion squalling amongst it all, and clothes and hides tearing so you could hear it all over the clearing, and the hosses busting loose and tearing out through the bresh.

Shaker, and he led the way into the house, another Shaker bein sent to put my hosses and waggin under kiver.

Bear Creek trail runs into the road, I seen a man on the road ahead of me, and he must have heard the shooting and Uncle Esau yelling because he whirled his hoss and blocked the road.

Uncle Esau was on the ground under us, yelling bloody murder and being stepped on by the hosses, but finally I cleared me a space with a devastating sweep of my club, and leaned down and scooped him up with one hand and hung him over my saddle horn and started battering my way clear.

Most of it had done been washed away by head-rises, but a man could still ride a hoss acrost what was left.

And then I seen them cussed outlaws had dismounted off of their hosses and was coming acrost the bridge single file on foot, with their Winchesters in their hands.

He was the maddest hoss I ever seen, and when I got up on the wall and he seen me, he nearly busted with rage.

I left my gunbelt when I heard hosses running, and the next thing I knowed Donovan and his five men busted into the open and pulled up with their mouths wide open.

She straightened when she heard the hosses, and started to say something, and then her eyes got wide as she seen my elegant companion, and her purty red mouth stayed open.

Well, after the meal was over I saddled the hoss and rid into town at a purty lively gait.

Jest as I reched the aidge of the bushes, they got to the foot of the wall and jumped off their hosses and run up that ladder like monkeys, letting their hosses run any ways.

Even the kids has toppy little ponies and has hoss shows fur their stuff.