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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
fictional/fictitious (=not existing in real life)
▪ People sometimes forget that television characters are fictional.
▪ With Patricia Duncker's fictional account we follow Barry from tomboy to Edinburgh student, colonial doctor and heart-throb.
▪ Does the writer address the reader directly, or through the words or thoughts of some fictional character?
▪ The entire cast -- 23 actors portraying inmates portraying fictional characters based on real ones -- inhabit the stage simultaneously.
▪ Though a fictional character, Cu Chulainn came to stand for a very real sense of patriotic courage and self-sacrifice.
▪ But this isn't just another crass commercialisation of a fictional character.
▪ The original accusations levelled by Thorez were based on a fictitious analogy between Nizan himself and the fictional character Pluvinage.
▪ Even if they are fictional characters, it doesn't bode well for the poor things.
▪ But then right-wing, upper-class fictional characters would have fun even if tentacled Martians were chasing them through sewage.
▪ But the issue of how a fictional character can function as a contemporary monument is unresolved.
▪ Rather than inventing a unique fictional world, it creates a recognisable reality that calls for accuracy.
▪ The only other fictional world I lived in with the same intensity was that of Louisa M. Alcott.
▪ The second of Nietzsche's virtues, reality, pits him against the fictional world of the Christians.
▪ The ontological status of fictional worlds has been of interest to philosophers as well as literary critics.
▪ Holmes is a popular fictional character.
▪ Although the fictional Inspector Morse freely wanders the cloisters, technically police can not enter college grounds without permission from the master.
▪ Does the writer address the reader directly, or through the words or thoughts of some fictional character?
▪ I should guess that your little friend has a splendid knack of observation but no fictional powers.
▪ It was only later that the aesthetic dimension of literary study became emphasized, with an accompanying concentration on the fictional genres.
▪ Philip becomes aware of the process through which we invent our own identities based on the fictional paradigms at our disposal.
▪ Romances are love stories, and they do take the subject of love and give it a fictional treatment.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Fictional \Fic"tion*al\, a. Pertaining to, or characterized by, fiction; fictitious; romantic.``Fictional rather than historical.''

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"pertaining to fiction," 1833, from fiction + -al (1). Earlier fictitious also was used in this sense (1773).


a. invented, as opposed to real.

  1. adj. related to or involving literary fiction; "clever fictional devices"; "a fictional treatment of the train robbery" [ant: nonfictional]

  2. formed or conceived by the imagination; "a fabricated excuse for his absence"; "a fancied wrong"; "a fictional character"; "used fictitious names"; "a made-up story" [syn: fabricated, fancied, fictitious, invented, made-up]

Fictional (band)

Fictional is the name of a German musical project formed by Gerrit Thomas (also known as Rote, or Rote X), serving as a balance between two other projects he is involved in, Funker Vogt and Ravenous. Fictional has released music on the Industrial and Electronic body music labels Metropolis Records and Zoth Ommog.

Usage examples of "fictional".

Because Nabokov does not require the steady accompaniment of a fictional setting, because the details appear in a flash without antecedent or context or function except their own vividness, each description seems a miracle of creativity and stands out as if caught by the oblique morning sun.

Fictional apocryphal accounts from the second century contain all kinds of flowery narratives, in which Jesus comes out of the tomb in glory and power, with everybody seeing him, including the priests, Jewish authorities, and Roman guards.

I mmmhed to show I thought the same, though quite honestly these nerks who forever delve into fictional characters as if they were real people annoy me.

But he dared say no more, or he would risk revealing the charade of his relationship to Foryth Teel, the utterly fictional relationship with its promise of ransom that seemed to be the only thing currently keeping Danyal alive.

I had not yet yeard of it, however, and I was unaware that reality was about to outstrip my prized science fictional imagination.

Of course, if the story is an allegorical one, the fictional rendition of a mythical act by a mythical Jesus, the case goes out the window.

Hokan taste, it was almost an anticlimax after the glorious victory of the fictional Casey when the factual one playfully tapped a home run over the left field fence and won the Sector pennant.

Paradoxically, he began to move in the other direction as he matured and was one of the pioneers in fictional explanation of the supernatural and witchcraft in scientific terms.

In the wake of the groundbreaking prose fiction written by members of the Natural school, literary realists in mid-nineteenth-century Russia were able to use food imagery and fictional meals in their works in less Rabelaisian and more mimetically purposeful ways: that is, as metonyms or synecdoches through which to describe contemporary social reality.

Tufa Lake and Promiseville are fictional locales, the author has drawn inspiration from Mono Lake and Bodie, California.

In contrast, criminal profiling methods do not share with fictional techniques the reliance on one specific clue to solve a case.

Although no writer living inside human skin can be totally objective, if she wishes to create a fictional dream that appears strictly reportorial, she can employ an objective narrator to tell her tale.

Chekhov, in between the two, who helped to make this two-level perception, derived perhaps from transcendentalism, into a principle of fictional order.

Miles quickly summed up his own interview with Benin, with special emphasis on his fictional first conversation with Rian.

The druid Cera is fictional, but she and her lineage have roots in folkloric history.