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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
honorable discharge
▪ An honorable discharge would mean that any reserve unit with openings would have to accept her application to fly.
▪ He wanted his honorable discharge reinstated.
▪ Then the Air Force could hardly acquiesce to an honorable discharge.
▪ He received an honorable discharge in 1968.
▪ With a less than honorable discharge, Smith may have difficulty obtaining employment.
▪ Dunne was an honorable and conscientious public servant.
▪ Military service was considered an honorable career choice.
▪ Ah, but my dear honorable chief, my daughter is just a child.
▪ I do not come to bring you help, but only pain, To show you that your son was honorable.
▪ Jasper was going to do the honorable thing, but three days before the wedding the woman miscarried.
▪ My migrant-worker parents were good people who lived honorable, hardworking lives, but I wanted some-thing more.
▪ The honorable course is to go home from the dance with the one who brought you.
▪ They are resilient, honorable, loyal and unabashedly in love with their fighters, often serving as devoted father figures.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Honorable \Hon"or*a*ble\, a. [F. honorable, L. honorabilis.]

  1. Worthy of honor; fit to be esteemed or regarded; estimable; illustrious.

    Thy name and honorable family.

  2. High-minded; actuated by principles of honor, or a scrupulous regard to probity, rectitude, or reputation.

  3. Proceeding from an upright and laudable cause, or directed to a just and proper end; not base; irreproachable; fair; as, an honorable motive.

    Is this proceeding just and honorable?

  4. Conferring honor, or produced by noble deeds.

    Honorable wounds from battle brought.

  5. Worthy of respect; regarded with esteem; to be commended; consistent with honor or rectitude.

    Marriage is honorable in all.
    --Heb. xiii. 4.

  6. Performed or accompanied with marks of honor, or with testimonies of esteem; as, an honorable burial.

  7. Of reputable association or use; respectable.

    Let her descend: my chambers are honorable.

  8. An epithet of respect or distinction; as, the honorable Senate; the honorable gentleman.

    Note: Honorable is a title of quality, conferred by English usage upon the younger children of earls and all the children of viscounts and barons. The maids of honor, lords of session, and the supreme judges of England and Ireland are entitled to the prefix. In American usage, it is a title of courtesy merely, bestowed upon those who hold, or have held, any of the higher public offices, esp. governors, judges, members of Congress or of the Senate, mayors, and often also extended to lower officials, such as city council members.

    Right honorable. See under Right.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 14c. (mid-13c. as a surname), from Old French honorable, from Latin honorabilis "that procures honor, estimable, honorable," from honorare "to honor" (see honor (n.)). Related: Honorably.\n\n"Now, George, you must divide the cake honorably with your brother Charlie."
--George: "What is 'honorably,' mother?" "It means that you must give him the largest piece."
--George: "Then, mother, I should rather Charlie would cut it."

["Smart Sayings of Bright Children," collected by Howard Paul, 1886]


a. (context US English) worthy of respect; respectable.

  1. adj. not disposed to cheat or defraud; not deceptive or fraudulent; "honest lawyers"; "honest reporting"; "an honest wage"; "honest weight" [syn: honest] [ant: dishonest]

  2. showing or characterized by honor and integrity; "an honorable man"; "led an honorable life"; "honorable service to his country" [syn: honourable] [ant: dishonorable]

  3. used as a title of respect; "my honorable colleague"; "our worthy commanding officer" [syn: honourable]

  4. adhering to ethical and moral principles; "it seems ethical and right"; "followed the only honorable course of action"; "had the moral courage to stand alone" [syn: ethical, honourable, moral]

  5. deserving of esteem and respect; "all respectable companies give guarantees"; "ruined the family's good name" [syn: estimable, good, respectable]


Usage examples of "honorable".

On the accession of Alexander he returned to court, and was placed by that prince in a station useful to the service, and honorable to himself.

A similar instance, in Grecian history, admonished the emperor of the honorable part prescribed for his imitation.

If Chamberlain was right and honorable in appeasing Hitler in September 1938 by sacrificing Czechoslovakia, was Stalin wrong and dishonorable in appeasing the Fuehrer a year later at the expense of Poland, which had shunned Soviet help anyway?

He could pride himself on not having succumbed to his baser instincts, on having adhered to the honorable course.

Instead of exposing his person and his legions to the arrows of the Parthians, he obtained, by an honorable treaty, the restitution of the standards and prisoners which had been taken in the defeat of Crassus.

Clod, Aunt Viney, and, above all, Bim, who barked loudly, and rushed wildly about the room at this honorable mention of his name.

The President is Counting On Us, as the Very Honorable James Boulin Chartwell, III, would say.

French, the free English, and the Irish at the Battle of the Boyne is honorable.

After celebrating his own clemency, which was still inclined to pardon their repeated crimes, and to spare the remnant of a guilty nation, Constantius assigned for the place of their exile a remote country, where they might enjoy a safe and honorable repose.

I can conceive of no life more delightful than that of a lawyer in good health, and with good capacity, and with a sufficient clientage, spent in that manly emulation and honorable companionship.

Lord Clyme, honorable gentleman that he was, had charged Captain Delverson to inform young Wimberly about the wedding.

Saracens expressed his regard for the most humble merit, by detaining the army at Aleppo till Dames was cured of his honorable wounds.

And at last, when he held up his hands that his bonds might be removed, his emancipator found them scarred with toil unrequited, but free from the blood of man save that shed in open, honorable battle.

It has enabled me to pursue my work steadily ever since, and I am more than happy to testify to the excellent skill and honorable dealings of your faculty and the fine appointments of your Institution.

Kosh had believed him an honorable leader, yet the fabulists were in a difficult position, caught between order and chaos.