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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a moral/ethical dimension
▪ The book discusses the ethical dimension involved in genetic engineering.
a moral/ethical question (=one relating to principles of what is right and wrong)
▪ This area of medical research poses serious ethical questions that doctors alone cannot answer.
a moral/ethical/political etc dilemma
▪ Doctors face a moral dilemma over how long to prolong someone's life.
an ethical minefield
▪ The issue of animal testing is an ethical minefield.
sb's moral/ethical outlook (=beliefs about what is right and wrong)
▪ Their ethical and moral outlook concerning terrorism is the complete opposite of mine.
▪ In these circumstances it is more ethical to tell the participants about the screen.
▪ Man was not more ethical then.
▪ We have embodied the highest possible standards in our ethical codes.
▪ In general, unprofessional conduct refers to any action that violates the rules or ethical code of the teaching profession.
▪ We are establishing an ethical committee to look at the effects of advanced techniques in animal breeding.
▪ The study was approved by the local ethical committee.
▪ All subjects gave informed consent for the study, which was approved by the local ethical committee.
▪ Because the technique involves work with genes it must be approved by an independent ethical committee.
▪ The latter procedure was in agreement with the recommendations from the local ethical committee.
▪ The study was approved by the local ethical committee and informed consent was obtained from all volunteers.
▪ Local ethical committee approval was obtained, and all patients had given fully informed consent to the procedures.
▪ A distinctive feature of the course is the emphasis on ethical concerns and in particular on applied ethics in each year of study.
▪ No matter how it worked, the idea raises ethical concerns for the medical profession, two physician-legislators said.
▪ And there are ethical concerns which make the law so important to our society.
▪ Bolting is a purely ethical consideration, no more, no less.
▪ Because of ethical considerations no placebo group was established and it is conceded that this inevitably limits the strength of overall conclusions made.
▪ As part of its brief, the working party will examine the moral and ethical considerations of launching an advertising campaign.
▪ On the one hand, there are many topics that could be experimented on that are barred by ethical considerations.
▪ For over a decade I lived with this new knowledge and with the ethical dilemma surrounding my own pursuit of insider research.
▪ Secondly, the ethical dimension of reason is apparent in the communicative process of a discipline.
▪ A second preoccupation evident in these papers is responsibility, and what could roughly be described as the ethical dimension of conceptualisation.
▪ Both these statements have important ethical dimensions, and they require separate analysis.
▪ Ample discussion of these procedures and the ethical implications should be allowed in the timetable.
▪ However, removing the stem cells kills the embryo, and therefore has serious ethical implications.
▪ Both these issues have ethical implications in terms of gaining access to children and in the actual process of data generation.
▪ First, is it an ethical investment policy to encourage people to try to have their cake and eat it?
▪ On Earth, progressive tabernacles called ethical investment schemes have been using currency to support social causes for some time.
▪ In the past two years ethical investment has developed from a niche market into the mainstream market.
▪ Are we to teach science but never consider the ethical issues?
▪ The ethical issue is on the table now.
▪ New Genetics, New Food New technology is already raising ethical issues for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.
▪ Now there is a patchwork of state legislation enacted to deal with the legal and ethical issues raised by genetic information.
▪ The ethical issue therefore reduces to that dealt with above.
▪ Two, can you come up with some moral principle, some ethical issue that is so important it justifies deception?
▪ Contrary to a lawyer's yen for neatness there are few unambiguous signposts for modern medics facing this or many other ethical issues.
▪ The nature of its relationship to the poor is perhaps the most vexing ethical issue that Holy Trinity faces.
▪ For those members to support Gingrich after his ethical lapses became such big news is the ultimate in loyalty.
▪ None of what has been said suggests that we should ignore ethical lapses or law-breaking by public figures.
▪ In Porto Alegre and Montevideo the left is proposing and practising a new set of ethical principles and political values.
▪ For Ross the most important method is that of testing ethical principles by reflective intuition.
▪ But what ethical principles should guide the allocation of resources?
▪ They stem from an inadequate analysis of the legal and ethical principles involved.
▪ If criminal activities are clearly involved, then the researcher has an ethical problem.
▪ Some people feel that as a result of these ethical problems, the speaker and the president will be driven to compromise.
▪ Briant's work throws up considerable ethical problems that must be explored.
▪ One result of voter passiveness Nov. 5 was the return to office of two leaders with highly advertised ethical problems.
▪ Britain is considering the ethical problems and has yet to authorise the research.
▪ Both the first lady and the speaker have serious and unresolved legal and ethical problems that fuel the fury of their opponents.
▪ We did not find it feasible, however, because of potential ethical problems, to collect bile from such a patient group.
▪ This, not his ethical problems, caused the steepest dive in his national popularity, to its current nadir.
▪ Occasionally - leaving any ethical questions aside - taped evidence can help to settle a point in dispute.
▪ But a larger ethical question hung in the thick, tropical air.
▪ I submit that there are logistical, financial, and indeed ethical questions to be addressed first.
▪ And because sperm now can be extracted after death, doctors must address the ethical questions raised by the lack of permission.
▪ Apart from the ethical questions, the costs of these measures are disproportionate to any public health benefits.
▪ Looked at this way, the question of how best to safeguard Venice's heritage is in fact an ethical question.
▪ At the heart of all these issues lie ethical questions.
▪ As a result of these findings Glaxo stopped clinical trials comparing ranitidine with omeprazole for ethical reasons.
▪ This is not possible for obvious ethical reasons.
▪ Plundering enroute was forbidden, probably because it reduced the speed of the army rather than for any ethical reasons.
▪ For ethical reasons, experimental proof of direct person-to-person transmission is not feasible.
▪ Thorough examination including endoscopy with biopsy of asymptomatic patients, however, is hardly conceivable because of ethical reasons.
▪ Comparative politics, in particular, can not use experimentation for both practical and ethical reasons.
▪ It requires the highest ethical standards and immense skill.
▪ The ethical standards of Wall Street have to be monitored at all levels.
▪ As well as the physical provisions, certain moral and ethical standards had to be met in order to gain eternity.
▪ They appealed to the selfless moral and ethical standards we like to believe we possess.
▪ The Finance Houses Association were also anxious to ensure that collection practices conformed to the highest ethical standards.
▪ Only 19 percent of the respondents gave lawyers high marks for maintaining honest and ethical standards.
▪ It does however represent an ethical standard which the press should be reluctant to infringe other than for reasons of genuine public interest.
▪ He refused to lower his ethical standards for higher ratings.
▪ A route must be led, on sight, without clipping the bolt, to make an ethical statement.
▪ Thus ethical statements can not be true or false in a basic way, any more than a command can be.
▪ Attitude, then, can be inconsistent with attitude, and ethical statement with ethical statement.
▪ And from this stems the origin of ethical systems governing behaviour.
▪ Sen claims it is essentially a matter of which variable is given priority that separates the major ethical systems and ideologies.
▪ What about Marxists' own morality, or ethical values?
▪ Hold your market system accountable by standing your ethical values up against your healthcare costs.
▪ It had promoted ethical values which were essential to society.
▪ The Civil and Political Rights Covenant is rooted in western legal and ethical values.
▪ Am I to base my ethical values on the warmth and nature of my social relations?
▪ Emmanuel Hospital is devoted to quality care and high ethical standards.
▪ Is it ethical to use this drug to control patients' behaviour?
▪ It would not be ethical for me, as a doctor, to talk to you about my patients.
▪ There is only one ethical way to carry out this experiment.
▪ This type of advertisement may be legal, but is it ethical?
▪ And from this stems the origin of ethical systems governing behaviour.
▪ Considered the moral consequences of our conduct, and weighed the ethical choices that it necessarily demands?
▪ For Ross obligatoriness or rightness, as a property of possible actions, is the most basic ethical property or relation.
▪ In his more positive ethical viewpoint Butler tries to give sense to the old opinion that one should live according to nature.
▪ She has such integrity, such an ethical, high-minded view of what the human spirit can attain.
▪ The effort to inculcate ethical behavior without religious faith seems one of the great fiascoes of the modern age.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ethic \Eth"ic\, Ethical \Eth"ic*al\,

  1. [L. ethicus, Gr. ?, fr. ? custom, usage, character, dwelling; akin to ? custom, Goth. sidus, G. sitte, Skr. svadh?, pro

  2. orig., one's own doing; sva self + dh? to set: cf. F. ['e]thique. See So, Do.] Of, or belonging to, morals; treating of the moral feelings or duties; containing percepts of morality; moral; as, ethic discourses or epistles; an ethical system; ethical philosophy.

    The ethical meaning of the miracles.

    Ethical dative (Gram.), a use of the dative of a pronoun to signify that the person or thing spoken of is regarded with interest by some one; as, Quid mihi Celsus agit? How does my friend Celsus do?

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, "pertaining to morality," from ethic + -al (1). Related: Ethicality; ethically.


a. 1 (context philosophy not comparable English) Of or relating to the study of ethics. 2 (context not comparable English) Of or relating to the accepted principles of right and wrong, especially those of some organization or profession. 3 (context comparable English) morally approvable, when referring to an action that affects others; good. 4 (context of a drug not comparable English) Only dispensed on the prescription of a physician. n. An ethical drug.

  1. adj. of or relating to the philosophical study of ethics; "ethical codes"; "ethical theories"

  2. conforming to accepted standards of social or professional behavior; "an ethical lawyer"; "ethical medical practice"; "an ethical problem"; "had no ethical objection to drinking"; "Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants"- Omar N. Bradley [ant: unethical]

  3. adhering to ethical and moral principles; "it seems ethical and right"; "followed the only honorable course of action"; "had the moral courage to stand alone" [syn: honorable, honourable, moral]


Usage examples of "ethical".

Why was it, he said, that all the humanitarians, the reformers, the guilds, the ethical groups, the agnostics, the male and female knights, sustained him, and only a few of the poor and friendless knocked, by his solicitation, at the supernatural door of life?

As the weeks passed, Alec realized that aside from certain rapidly diminishing ethical qualms, he had never been happier.

But this discussion is immaterial, since these supreme examples of literary excellence exist in all kinds of composition,--poetry, fable, romance, ethical teaching, prophecy, interpretation, history, humor, satire, devotional flight into the spiritual and supernatural, everything in which the human mind has exercised itself,--from the days of the Egyptian moralist and the Old Testament annalist and poet down to our scientific age.

Clearly we cannot estimate their ethical value until we have learned the modes in which they have actually determined human conduct for good or evil: in other words, we cannot judge of the morality of religious beliefs until we have ascertained their history: the facts must be known before judgment can be passed on them: the work of the historian must precede the work of the moralist.

She would go no further than allowing him to repeat the ceremony of palpation and auscultation with all the ethical violations he could desire, but without taking off her clothes.

Drugs in all their manifestations of production, commercialization and consumption, denaturalizes us by injuring our ethical, religious and political life, our historic, economic, and republican values.

He uses fiction to examine its ethical implications and asks a practical question: how may a convinced determinist reach an accommodation with a world in which he has no freedom?

Hudlar Project, and who may be concerned with the ethical position, let me assure you that the patient on which we will be operating today, its fellows in the FROB ward, and all the other geriatric and pre-geriatric cases waiting in great distress on the home world, are all candidates for elective surgery.

Both indurated by early domestic training and an inherited tenacity of heterodox resistance professed their disbelief in many orthodox religious, national, social and ethical doctrines.

It is not the metaphysical problem of the existence of a divinity that concerns Sartre, it is the psychological and ethical implications of a hieratic way of thinking.

With methods not strictly ethical, he spent more time peeling away the layers of Laine Tavish and began to get a picture.

In 1834 he gained the ethical moderatorship, newly instituted by Provost Lloyd, and continued in residence at college.

Through the wide range of repetitions where all the levels of composition and structure concur in a common Donjuanesque examination of time, Kundera achieves a fascinating novelistic synthesis in which the esthetic, erotic, ethical, playful and cognitive functions combine as in a single semantic river.

Johnson of Minneapolis, and agreed with him against all the organizators and all the ethical raptures of his transmogrified Peony.

After three decades of mathematical and scientific conquests, the philosopher in him was rising up, scrutinizing the new technological society through the long lens of history, and pondering its new ethical dilemmas and their human consequences.