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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a respectable/decent citizen (=good and honest)
▪ There are gangs on the streets who are terrorizing respectable citizens.
▪ Arthur was, in fact, a highly respectable dresser.
▪ By the nineteenth century it was a highly respectable area lived in by bankers amongst others.
▪ And they already seem to have found some highly respectable regulars.
▪ Lebed is a more respectable type of nationalist than Zhirinovsky, but his belief in democracy is hazy.
▪ Meanwhile, the birth control movement was becoming more respectable.
▪ The authors conclude that the improving image of the game drew a wider and more respectable public, including more women.
▪ The voter knows that an affirmative answer would be considered more respectable than the truth.
▪ The barge-dwellers, creatures neither of firm land nor water, would have liked to be more respectable than they were.
▪ This inexpensive and popular format effectively challenged the older, more respectable Wall Street newspapers in the battle for readers.
▪ Arguments such as this are in principle more respectable than the argument based on sheer, naked incredulity.
▪ Singing was fun, but realistically, I knew I had to choose something more respectable.
▪ This was the most respectable strain of Unionist opposition to the coalition.
▪ For many years, most respectable doctors shunned the use of diet pills.
▪ He would go to his evening reading in his most respectable suit and brazen it out.
▪ This was insider trading at its most respectable.
▪ Yet in even the most respectable and credible sources, arithmetical mistakes can, and occasionally do, creep in.
▪ That is a perfectly respectable point of view-as long as you have the courage to spell it out.
▪ It may be a debatable approach, but it is perfectly respectable and coherent.
▪ There are some perfectly respectable actors involved.
▪ For a philosophical Idealist, this is a perfectly respectable approach, whatever one thinks of it.
▪ And borrowing for house purchase has always been accepted as very respectable.
▪ Indeed, on a smaller scale, a portfolio of small caps could turn in a very respectable performance.
▪ We were a very respectable family and I was the second child.
▪ He is however, a very respectable young Gentleman, and deserves the honor which his Country has bestowed on him.
▪ I got the job on the magazine and then the advertising one then. Very respectable and good money.
▪ His nomenclature has a very respectable literary history.
▪ After all, suburbs have a very respectable antiquity.
▪ She smiled at the thought while she changed again into something very respectable and went out for provisions.
▪ But more recent material has presented lesbians and gay men as nice respectable citizens - just like anyone else.
▪ We were a very respectable family and I was the second child.
▪ To confront violence in an otherwise respectable family reflects poorly on the mission and ideals of a church.
▪ Blonde, 21-year-old Elizabeth Dugan, who comes from a respectable family, went on trial yesterday for attempted murder.
▪ He came from a respectable family.
▪ Ashbee, born in 1834, became a successful City businessman, travel writer and respectable family man.
▪ It was dark, and silent, from the outside no different from the respectable family mansions that flanked it.
▪ Even the poor old bicycle was dragged into the act, amidst a blizzard of respectable fears.
▪ It threw too many respectable people on to the Poor Law and caused the loss of many working days.
▪ How the quite respectable people who lived under these conditions managed to bring up families, I shall never know.
▪ A "B" is a perfectly respectable grade.
▪ a respectable neighborhood
▪ Tony was always in trouble with the police when he was young, but now he's a respectable married man.
▪ And this is a respectable girl, Harvey.
▪ Crucially, however, incorporation into the upper reaches of strategy-making is offered only to representatives of the respectable citizenry.
▪ It was very nearly respectable, reaching over half way down her thighs.
▪ Students were to be taken in as boarders, having been recommended by a respectable person who knew them or their families.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Respectable \Re*spect"a*ble\ (-?-b'l), a. [F. respectable, LL. respectabilis.]

  1. Worthy of respect; fitted to awaken esteem; deserving regard; hence, of good repute; not mean; as, a respectable citizen. ``The respectable quarter of Sicca.''
    --J. H. Newman.

    No government, any more than an individual, will long be respected, without being truly respectable.

  2. Moderate in degree of excellence or in number; as, a respectable performance; a respectable audience. [1913 Webster]
    -- Re*spect"a*ble*ness,n. -- Re*spect"a*bly, adv.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"worthy of esteem," 1580s; see respect (v.) + -able. Sense of "having an honest reputation" is from 1755. That of "occupying a fairly good position in society" is c.1800. Related: Respectably.\n


a. 1 Deserving respect. 2 decent; satisfactory.

  1. adj. worthy of respect; "a respectable woman" [ant: unrespectable]

  2. deserving of esteem and respect; "all respectable companies give guarantees"; "ruined the family's good name" [syn: estimable, good, honorable]

  3. large in amount or extent or degree; "it cost a considerable amount"; "a goodly amount"; "received a hefty bonus"; "a respectable sum"; "a tidy sum of money"; "a sizable fortune" [syn: goodly, goodish, hefty, sizable, sizeable, tidy]

Respectable (The Rolling Stones song)

"Respectable" is a song by The Rolling Stones from their 1978 album Some Girls. It was written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. In the liner notes to the 1993 compilation album Jump Back: The Best of The Rolling Stones (on which it was included), Jagger said, "It's important to be somewhat influenced by what's going on around you and on the Some Girls album, I think we definitely became more aggressive because of the punk thing..."

Respectable (Mel and Kim song)

"Respectable" is a Mel and Kim song written and produced by Stock/Aitken/Waterman that became a UK number one single for one week in March 1987. It was the second UK number one single produced by Stock/Aitken/Waterman, following Dead or Alive's " You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" in 1985, and the first UK number one single that Stock/Aitken/Waterman had written themselves. The single also topped the charts in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Australia and New Zealand in 1987.


Respectable may refer to:

  • Having significant social status
  • "Respectable" (Rolling Stones song), 1978 single
  • "Respectable" (Mel and Kim song), 1987 single
  • "Respectable", a 1960 single by The Isley Brothers, a 1965 album cover by the Yardbirds on Having a Rave Up with The Yardbirds, and a 1966 cover by The Outsiders
  • "Respectable", a song by Don McLean from the album Tapestry
  • Respectable (TV series), set in a brothel, broadcast by Five in the UK in 2006
Respectable (TV series)

Respectable is a British sitcom, first shown in six episodes from 30 August to 4 October 2006 on Five; it was later repeated on Paramount Comedy 1.

It follows Michael Price, a man acutely aware of his own dullness, trapped in a loveless marriage. In the first episode, he hesitantly visits a suburban brothel. Terrified of sex, he strikes up a platonic relationship with a young prostitute, Hayley. The series follows the development of this relationship, and Michael's attempts to conceal his visits to the brothel from his wife. This is complicated by the discovery that his builder, Barry, is a frequent and uninhibited visitor to the brothel.

The show was written by Shaun Pye, Alan Connor and Harry Thompson. Former Hollyoaks actress Jodi Albert plays Hayley, a dumb hooker with a heart of gold; Kate is a university student, owner Maureen is a more mature lady who claims to be 27, while Yelena is a dominant Eastern European. Of the characters who don't work there, Michael is going through a mid-life crisis, while his friendly builder Barry is a typical "Jack the lad".

Usage examples of "respectable".

In the above incidents, those gentle moralizers who find the serious philosophy of the music dramas too terrifying for them, may allegorize pleasingly on the philtre as the maddening chalice of passion which, once tasted, causes the respectable man to forget his lawfully wedded wife and plunge into adventures which eventually lead him headlong to destruction.

Any society that will put Barger in jail and make Al Davis a respectable millionaire at the same time is not a society to be trifled with.

Since I have been here the beautification of his garden has been his chief object, and he has made a very respectable waterfall, a rushing stream, a small lake, a rustic bamboo bridge, and several grass banks, and has transplanted several large trees.

Exactly, my dear sir, as the radio for ten minutes together projects the most lovely music without regard into the most impossible places, into respectable drawing rooms and attics and into the midst of chattering, guzzling, yawning and sleeping listeners, and exactly as it strips this music of its sensuous beauty, spoils and scratches and beslimes it and yet cannot altogether destroy its spirit, just so does life, the so-called reality, deal with the sublime picture-play of the world and make a hurley-burley of it.

It was therefore with some startlement that she bespied a short, wide-shouldered figure in respectable trade leathers walking purposefully in her direction.

The miser, who thinks himself respectable, merely because he possesses wealth, and thus mistakes the means of doing good, for the actual accomplishment of it, is not more blameable than the man of sentiment, without active virtue.

Knox, a correspondent of the New York Herald, has been by the sentence of a court-martial excluded from the military department under command of Major-General Grant, and also that General Thayer, president of the court-martial which rendered the sentence, and Major-General McClernand, in command of a corps of that department, and many other respectable persons, are of opinion that Mr.

Up to this time there were few lady humorists, and none of an altogether respectable description.

There the mad laird, or Mad Humpy, as he was called by the baser sort, often received shelter, chiefly from the family of a certain Joseph Mair, one of the most respectable inhabitants of the place.

The respectable Cressida Mandeville, dead in a lewd costume after a lewd display at a lewd orgy.

Stephen was surprised at the sense of relief which came as Molton turned a respectable back, and the boat-train began to slide out of the station.

Albert Durers, or Raphael Morghens at home, were respectable modern performances, and gave a drawing-room look to the place.

While keeping most of the picture intact, thus saving on the expense of hiring an artist, a modest amount of overpainting could transform Veronica Lake into Saint Veronica and she would have her very own respectable patron saint for her business.

The rabid determination of partizan politicians not to allow the United States to enter into any agreement with the rest of the world to stop war, the outbreaks of violence among the criminal classes, the determined efforts of the liquor interests to nullify the constitutional Prohibition amendment, the depression in business, the increase of unemployment, the strenuous effort of the agitators to make trouble between this country and Great Britain on one side and Japan on the other, all may be grouped with this pathetic spectacle of respectable women turned shoplifters as an indication of that other moral slump from idealism.

Among them are many high-toned and respectable families, whose pride shrinks from begging for bread, and who now live a life of penury and starvation rather than become the mendicant.