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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hobo \Ho"bo\, n.; pl. Hobos or Hoboes. [Of uncertain origin.] A professional tramp; one who spends his life traveling from place to place, esp. by stealing rides on trains, and begging for a living. [U. S.] -- Ho"bo*ism, n.

Syn: tramp, bum.


alt. (plural of hobo English) n. (plural of hobo English)

  1. n. a disreputable vagrant; "a homeless tramp"; "he tried to help the really down-and-out bums" [syn: tramp, bum]

  2. [also: hoboes (pl)]


See hobo

Usage examples of "hoboes".

But she kept away, staying away from the hoboes and staying away from the narrow access road along the river's edge without their detecting her presence.

If she had talked to the hoboes, and they were later questioned by police, they would surely have betrayed her.

There used to be a small campground there, where rafters from farther upstream could spend the night, but a lack of funds and abuse by drug dealers and hoboes had caused the campground to fall into disuse and disrepair.

To Linda's immense shock, moments after the hoboes arrived, they were jacked up by local police and taken away.

The five hoboes under the bridge slowly rose to their feet as the woman in the jogging suit approached their tiny campfire.

Even in the dim light, the hoboes could tell she was shivering uncontrollably.

She reasoned-probably correctly-that she was better off trying to get help from these hoboes under the bridge than risk being seen at the tavern.

They were at the edge of the river, several meters upstream from the bridge abutment where the hoboes lived.

Which was just fine with the hoboes who came here to gather around the fire and swap stories just as they had in the heyday of the railroads on Earth.