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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ If anything happens to this hobo, only the buzzards will care.
▪ Jack took it off the hobo after he and Eddie went down to help him and found he was dead.
▪ The hobo had only one shoe, the other foot wrapped in newspaper and tied with String.
▪ The hobo was a young man, which shocked the brothers.
▪ The bull outran him and beat him with a club, and when the hobo went down, he stayed down.
▪ They saw the dead hobo again.
▪ Words such as tramp, hobo and vagrant offended him, terms bandied about by an unsympathetic society.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hobo \Ho"bo\, n.; pl. Hobos or Hoboes. [Of uncertain origin.] A professional tramp; one who spends his life traveling from place to place, esp. by stealing rides on trains, and begging for a living. [U. S.] -- Ho"bo*ism, n.

Syn: tramp, bum.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1889, Western U.S., of unknown origin. Barnhart compares early 19c. English dialectal hawbuck "lout, clumsy fellow, country bumpkin." Or possibly from ho, boy, a workers' call on late 19c. western U.S. railroads. Facetious formation hobohemia, "community or life of hobos," is from 1923 (see bohemian).


n. 1 A homeless, usually penniless person, in some way associated with a life along the rails. 2 A migratory laborer 3 (context pejorative English) A tramp, vagabond; hence bum vb. (context intransitive perhaps pejorative English) To be a hobo, tramp, bum etc.

  1. n. a disreputable vagrant; "a homeless tramp"; "he tried to help the really down-and-out bums" [syn: tramp, bum]

  2. [also: hoboes (pl)]


A hobo is a migratory worker or homeless vagabond, especially one who is impoverished. The term originated in the Western—probably Northwestern— United States around 1890. Unlike a " tramp", who works only when forced to, and a " bum", who does not work at all, a "hobo" is a traveling worker.

Hobo (Billy Bob Thornton album)

Hobo is the third album by American actor and singer/ songwriter Billy Bob Thornton. It was released by Big Deal Records in 2005.

The song "Your Blue Shadow" was originally featured on his album Private Radio.

Hobo (magazine)

Hobo is an art and culture magazine based in New York City and Paris and founded in Vancouver in 2002.

Through collections of interviews, photo essays, and commentaries, Hobo incites a romantic conception of a bohemian and nonconformist spirit and is as a matter of course also ultimately a portrait of the personal interests, sentiments, lives, and aesthetics of its founders and editors.

It is mostly known for in-depth interviews of well-known actors and artists, and is often associated with the west and a reportage style of photography that expresses the beauty of natural, rural landscapes.

Hobo (book)

Hobo: A Young Man's Thoughts on Trains and Tramping in America, (ISBN 0-609-60738-3) is non-fiction, autobiographical book written by Eddy Joe Cotton (though this is a nickname, with his real name being Zebu Recchia).

The book was first published in 2002 and describes the adventures of the author as he travels under the disguise of a hobo for over a year, keeping a detailed journal of his experiences and the lingo he learns along the way. His journey begins in Denver, Colorado and conclude in Las Vegas, Nevada, but he also passes through California, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Texas. Throughout the course of the book, the author manages to conceal his true identity and befriends and interacts with many true hobos, which he travels with and acts as an apprentice to.

While it is presumed that the events described in the book are genuine, the reference in Chapter 14 (dated November 14, 1991) refers to events at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas. The Hard Rock was not opened until 1995. History of Hard Rock

The end of this book acts as a "hobo-dictionary", containing over a hundred commonly used slang terms in the hobo lexicon.

Hobo (German magazine)

Hobo was a fortnightly city guide and listings magazine which covered West Berlin during the 1970s. The magazine had been known as the Kreuzberger Nachtlaterne but in 1971, after publisher Per-Jörg Meschkat had observed the success of Time Out magazine during a visit to London, he reworked the magazine along the same lines and gave it the English title "Hobo".

After its closure, the editorial team went on to create the more long-lived publication zitty .

Hobo (disambiguation)

A hobo is a migratory worker or homeless vagabond, often penniless.

Hobo may also refer to:

Hobo (Charlie Winston album)

Hobo is the second album by British singer-songwriter Charlie Winston. It was released by Real World Records in 2009.

The first single was "Like a Hobo".

Hobo (typeface)

Hobo is a sans-serif typeface. It is unique in having virtually no straight lines and no descenders. It was created by Morris Fuller Benton and issued by American Type Founders in 1910. A light version, Light Hobo, was released in 1915. Matrices were offered for mechanical composition by Intertype. Hobo possesses uniquely organic and art nouveau-style features. The lower case letters provided the basis for Robert Wiebking's Advertisers Gothic of 1917.

There are several theories regarding the font's name, and in fact it is widely recognized as one of the more interesting mysteries in typographic history. One theory states that its name came from a story stating that it was sketched in the early 1900s, sent to the foundry nameless, and progressed so little for so long, that it was called "that old hobo". Hobo, originally called Adface, was finally patented in 1915 along with Light Hobo. The prevailing bow-legged shape of the letterforms inspired another long-held theory that it was so named because they resembled those of a bow-legged hobo.

The most complete and most plausible theory demonstrates how Benton, who lived and worked near a large Russian community, must have seen a particular cigar poster spelling what appears to read like "HOBO!" ("ново", Russian for "New!"). The poster's hand-lettering of the word bears striking and unique resemblances to the font; the shape of the O at the extreme right of the poster was probably traced by Benton to match his own Capital O precisely, and those shapes helped define the design of the font.

Digital versions of this face are often found in Mac OS and Microsoft Windows systems.

Usage examples of "hobo".

Given the bleached dreadlocks, hobo beard and beige elephants stampeding across an ill-fitting sports shirt it was unlikely the thin man came from anywhere else.

The calendar is filled with mystifying events such as nude bowling night, the Hobo Slumgullion, and Nudeoween.

Hobo Slumgullion, and we were instructed to bring a canned vegetable to the pavilion no later than noon.

Hobo was a clownish Doberman whose uncropped ears hung out from his head, giving him an off- balance, undignified appearance.

Hobo was one of the best dogs we had, and I murmured that I--that we all--would miss him.

The Rhinos, which were the exact same model used by Population Management, had the hobos thoroughly intimidated.

Shine had to get out of sight, because Soupbone would undoubtedly have some wild--eyed story to tell about being attacked by hoboes and being shot by one.

They compiled descriptions of vagrants, strangers, mental patients, loiterers, and hoboes.

Floyt in mind of the sewers of ancient Paris, stories of the long-gone Casbah, and pictures he'd seen of hobo jungles.

The groggy Soul Mate groping for its Twin, The burgling free verse Blear, the Hobo Pote, Clairvoyant, Cubist bug and Burlapped Greek, Souse Socialists and queens with bright green hair, Ginks leading barbered Art Dogs trimmed and Sleek, The Greenwich Stable Dwellers, Mule and Mare, Pal Anarchs, tamed and wrapped in evening duds, Philosophers who go wherever suds Flow free, musicians hunting after eats, And sandaled dames who hang from either ear Strange lumps -- "art jools" -- the size of pickled beets, Writers that write not, hunting Atmosphere, Painters and sculptors that ne'er paint nor sculp, Reformers taking notes on Brainstorm Slum, Cave Men in Windsor Ties, all gauche and glum, With strong iron jaws that crush their food to Pulp, And bright Boy Cynics playing paradox, And th' inevitable She that knitteth Belgian socks -- A score of little groups !

The questing part had consisted of the almost bloodless routing from the Isle of an invading naval force of maniacal Sea-Mingols, with the help of twelve tall berserks and twelve small warrior-thieves the two heroes had brought with them, and the dubious assistance of the two universes-wandering hobo gods Odin and Loki, and (minor quest) a small expedition to recover certain civic treasures of the Isle, a set of gold artifacts called the Ikons of Reason.

But worse were dangers from people: railroad bulls and road kids - hobos, tramps, bindlestiffs, bums.

If Craig had only been able to see, he would have found out that, with his back toward the taxicab driver, the hobo held one hand behind him and made the sign of the Clutching Hand, glancing surreptitiously at the driver to catch the answering sign, while Craig gazed earnestly up the two roads.

It was very hard to look at the clothes, with those knees glowering back at him from the discount-store mirror like sullen twin hobos pulled in on a bum rap.

I tossed the small toilet kit into my duffel and carried my little hobo bundle down the rented teak stairs and put it next to our canary-yellow door.