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vb. (present participle of hobnob English)


See hobnob

  1. v. rub elbows with; "He hobnobs with the best of society"

  2. [also: hobnobbing, hobnobbed]

Usage examples of "hobnobbing".

The Major gave me a great big grin and a great big salute with his sword, and I figured that me and the Lord would be hobnobbing in person in just a couple more seconds.

Marilee wrote long descriptions of breadlines for all the people who had been put out of work by the Depression, and of men in nice suits who obviously used to have money, but who were now selling apples on street corners, and of a legless man on a sort of skateboard, who was a World War One veteran or was pretending to be one, selling pencils in Grand Central Station, and of high-society people thrilled to be hobnobbing with gangsters in speakeasies -- that sort of thing.

And now, as I stood in the midst of a life she had ruined, she was off hobnobbing in Southampton with Jackie Kennedy!

Indeed, it could not be denied that Serena was hobnobbing with a very ungenteel person.

Of course Fatio was wondering how Daniel knew that he’d been hobnobbing with Isaac.