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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ He had a special sympathy for the underdog, and he enjoyed hobnobbing with all and sundry.
▪ In Lisbon hobnobbing with Liam Devlin.
▪ Winning meant post-race parties, hobnobbing with well-meaning sponsors.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hobnob \Hob"nob`\, adv. [AS. habban to have + habban to have not; ne not + habban to have. See Have, and cf. Habnab.]

  1. Have or have not; -- a familiar invitation to reciprocal drinking.

  2. At random; hit or miss. (Obs.)


Hobnob \Hob"nob`\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Hornobbed; p. pr. & vb. n. Hornobbing.]

  1. To drink familiarly (with another). [ Written also hob-a-nob.]

  2. To associate familiarly; to be on intimate terms; as, to hobnob with the political elite.


Hobnob \Hob"nob`\, n. Familiar, social intercourse.
--W. Black.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1763, "to drink to each other," from hob and nob (1756) "to toast each other by turns, to buy alternate rounds of drinks," from c.1550 hab nab "to have or have not, hit or miss," probably ultimately from Old English habban, nabban "have, not have," with the negative particle ne- attached, as was customary. Modern sense of "socialize" is 1866. Related: Hobnobbed; hobnobbing.

  1. On friendly terms; in friendly association. adv. (context obsolete English) At random; at a venture; hit and miss. n. 1 (context obsolete English) A toast made while touching glasses together. 2 A drinking together. 3 An informal chat. v

  2. 1 To toast one another by touching glasses. 2 To drink together. 3 To associate in a friendly manner, often with those of a higher class or status.

  1. v. rub elbows with; "He hobnobs with the best of society"

  2. [also: hobnobbing, hobnobbed]

Usage examples of "hobnob".

I was more than a little bit nervous at the prospect of hobnobbing with the Lord in person in the next few minutes, and my hands were shaking, and this made themuleta shake, and for some reason this annoyed the bejabbers out of El Diablo, who snorted and drooled a bit and then let out a bellow and ran straight toward me.

The flowers, the fantastic flowerswatch them as they hobnob and canoodle in the haze!

They saw Skalgr less frequently, but he was forever hobnobbing with the Myrkriddir and bowing and scraping fatuously before Myrkjartan.

And so she had a twelve-by-fifteen office in the basement, playing secretary and/or administrative assistant to a goddamned Yalie who appeared once a month on the Sunday talk shows, and hobnobbed with chiefs of state with her as lady-in-goddamned-waiting.

Uncle Chris affected the rank and file of his fellow-men much as a genial knight of the Middle Ages would have affected a scurvy knave or varlet if he had cast aside social distinctions for a while and hobnobbed with the latter in a tavern.

Uncle Chris affected the rank and file of his fellow-men much as a genial knight of the Middle Ages would have affected a scurvy knave or varlet if he had cast aside social distinctions for awhile and hobnobbed with the latter in a tavern.

He extracted, by slow degrees, that Tom had hobnobbed with the ton-up pair some time ago in a coffee-bar in Norminster.

Wrote about a dozen books, did the lecture circuit, hobnobbed with the rich and famous.

Showolter and Saychel knew each other from Coruscant, where they had worked together in an Intelligence safe house in the bowels of the governmental district, and had occasionally hobnobbed with the likes of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Lando Calrissian.

The glittering downtown hotel ballroom was thronged with a curious mix of the elegant and the avant-garde as wealthy members of Seattles social elite hobnobbed with a host of artists, actors, musicians, and writers.

The Major gave me a great big grin and a great big salute with his sword, and I figured that me and the Lord would be hobnobbing in person in just a couple more seconds.

Marilee wrote long descriptions of breadlines for all the people who had been put out of work by the Depression, and of men in nice suits who obviously used to have money, but who were now selling apples on street corners, and of a legless man on a sort of skateboard, who was a World War One veteran or was pretending to be one, selling pencils in Grand Central Station, and of high-society people thrilled to be hobnobbing with gangsters in speakeasies -- that sort of thing.

And now, as I stood in the midst of a life she had ruined, she was off hobnobbing in Southampton with Jackie Kennedy!

Indeed, it could not be denied that Serena was hobnobbing with a very ungenteel person.

Of course Fatio was wondering how Daniel knew that he’d been hobnobbing with Isaac.