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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
back/hind foot (=of an animal)
▪ The horse lifted its back foot.
▪ Front and rear legs are thrown neither in nor out, as the imprint of hind feet should touch that of forefeet.
▪ A sixth cat emerged from under the bed and paused, pointing each hind foot in turn.
▪ It is covered in a dense, waterproof fur and has webbed forefeet and partially webbed hind feet.
▪ You can but it whole or already cut into joints, such as saddle or hind legs.
▪ On a cue from its master, the bear obediently stood up on its hind legs.
▪ Another screaming beast collapsed on broken hind legs.
▪ In the photo Glover was as stooped as ever, a trained bear on hind legs.
▪ She then raises her hind legs so that she is crouching with her nose down and her back tilted.
▪ Standing on their hind legs, as this particular bear was now doing, they can reach nine feet.
▪ When he got close enough they saw that its hind legs were twitching feebly.
▪ A flap of skin between forelegs and hind legs, enlarged feet or a flattened body all help.
talk the hind leg(s) off a donkey
▪ Even the hounds sensed something was amiss and became still, tails pressed between hind legs, watching.
▪ It was a small piece of shrapnel, but it did a number on the left cheek of my hind end.
▪ On a cue from its master, the bear obediently stood up on its hind legs.
▪ The forelimbs are less than half the length of the hind limbs, which suggests an obligatory bipedal posture.
▪ The hair is somewhat longer on both front and hind legs.
▪ Think of a tall, gray rabbit who wears white gloves and walks around on his hind legs.
▪ A forest hermit, he was wounded with an arrow while protecting a hind he had been suckling for a year.
▪ I can't grab the gun with my left, because my hind is still bandaged.
▪ It was a whole roast kudu hind.
▪ Old stags and hinds and young calves numbers have not been cut as in the past by the cold climate.
▪ Skilled stalkers are shooting up to a dozen hinds a day.
▪ The keepers have the task of culling the hinds.
▪ Today was the twentieth, the end of the closed season on hinds.
▪ You would have a lot of hinds who lived without having any fawns, and nobody quite knows what effect that would have.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hind \Hind\, n. [OE. hine, AS. h[=i]ne, h[=i]na, orig. gen. pl. of h[=i]wan domestics; akin to Icel. hj[=u] man and wife, domestics, family, Goth. heiwafrauja master of the house, G. heirath marriage; cf. L. civis citizen, E. city or E. home. Cf. Hide a measure of land.]

  1. A domestic; a servant. [Obs.]

  2. A peasant; a rustic; a farm servant. [Eng.]

    The hind, that homeward driving the slow steer Tells how man's daily work goes forward here.


Hind \Hind\, a. [Compar. Hinder; superl. Hindmost, or Hindermost.] [OE. hind, adv., back, AS. hindan behind. See Hinder, a.] In the rear; -- opposed to front; of or pertaining to the part or end which follows or is behind, in opposition to the part which leads or is before; as, the hind legs or hind feet of a quadruped; the hind man in a procession.


Hind \Hind\ (h[imac]nd), n. [AS. hind; akin to D. hinde, OHG. hinta, G. hinde, hindin, Icel., Sw., & Dan. hind, and perh. to Goth. hin[thorn]an to seize (in comp.), E. hunt, or cf. Gr. kema`s a young deer.]

  1. (Zo["o]l.) The female of the red deer, of which the male is the stag.

  2. (Zo["o]l.) A spotted food fish of the genus Epinephelus, as Epinephelus apua of Bermuda, and Epinephelus Drummond-hayi of Florida; -- called also coney, John Paw, spotted hind.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, "rear, back," perhaps a back-formation from Old English behindan "back, behind," used as adverb and preposition, or from or influenced by Old English hindan (adv.) "from behind," from Proto-Germanic *hind- "behind" (cognate with Gothic hindan (prep.) "on that side of, beyond, behind;" German hinten "behind"), of unknown origin. Possibly influenced by Middle English hiner (adv.) "back, rear."


"female deer," Old English hind, from Proto-Germanic *hinthjo- (cognates: Old Norse hind, Dutch hinde, Old High German hinta, German Hinde "hind") perhaps from PIE *kemti-, from root *kem- "hornless" (cognates: Greek kemas, Lithuanian smulas "young deer, gazelle").


Etymology 1 a. Located at the rear (most often said of animals' body parts). Etymology 2

n. 1 A female deer, especially a red deer at least two years old. 2 A spotted food fish of the genus ''Epinephelus''. Etymology 3

n. (context archaic English) A servant, especially an agricultural labourer.

  1. adj. located at or near the back of an animal; "back (or hind) legs"; "the hinder part of a carcass" [syn: back(a), hind(a), hinder(a)]

  2. [also: hinder]

  1. n. any of several mostly spotted fishes that resemble groupers

  2. female red deer

  3. [also: hinder]


A hind is a female deer, especially a red deer.

Hind may also refer to:

Hind (crater)

Hind is a lunar impact crater that lies to the southeast of the walled plain Hipparchus, and due east of the crater Halley. The rim of Hind is relatively free of wear and distortion, except for a break at the north rim. The floor of Hind is relatively uneven, however, compared to the interior of Halley. Hind and the craters Hipparchus C and Hipparchus L form a line with diminishing diameters that point to the northeast.

Hind (singer)

Hind ( Arabic language:), also spelled Hend, is a female singer from Bahrain. Her work includes popular Arabic music as well as traditional Khaliji music. She was discovered by the musician Anwar Abdullah, and gave her the nickname "Hind", but her real name is Suhair. Hind's debut album Rabeie El Galb was released in 2000, off the album she became well recognized in Bahrain and the eastern province of Saudi Arabia. It was only after she signed her latest album Al Ghroob with Rotana, that's when she became recognized and famous around the Persian Gulf region.

Hind (video game)

Hind is a computer game released by Digital Integration in 1997 for DOS and Windows 95.

The game is a combat flight simulator which features the Soviet Mi-24 Hind attack-helicopter. It came with a detailed 99 page printed manual.

Hind is rated as a PC Gamer editors choice game thanks to its high rating.

Hind (name)

Hind is both a surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include:


  • Alfred Hind (1878-1947), English cricketer and rugby union player
  • Amos Hind (1849–1931), English cricketer
  • Archie Hind (1928-2008), Scottish writer
  • Arthur Hind (industrialist) (1856–1933), American industrialist and philatelist
  • Arthur Charles Hind (1904-?), Indian field hockey player
  • Arthur Mayger Hind (1880–1957), curator at the British Museum and art historian
  • Charles Hind (1827–1896), Dean of Ferns in the Church of Ireland
  • C. Lewis Hind (1862-1927), British journalist, writer, editor, art critic and art historian
  • Ella Cora Hind (1861–1942), Western Canada's first female journalist and a women's rights activist
  • Henry Youle Hind (1823–1908), Canadian geologist and explorer
  • James Hind (died 1652), English highwayman
  • John Hind (disambiguation)
  • Ken Hind (born 1949), British politician
  • Natasha Hind (born 1989), New Zealand swimmer
  • Rolf Hind (born 1964), British pianist and composer

Given name:

  • Hind the wife of Amr, a sahaba (companion) of the Islamic prophet Muhammad
  • Hind al-Husseini (1916–1994), Palestinian activist who founded an orphanage
  • Hind bint Maktoum bin Juma Al Maktoum (born 1962), senior wife and consort of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai
  • Hind bint Utbah, Arabic woman who lived in the late 6th and early 7th centuries
  • Hind Dehiba (born 1979), Moroccan-French 1500 m runner
  • Hind Khoury (born 1953), Palestinian economist
  • Hind Laroussi (born 1984), Dutch singer
  • Hind Rostom (1928-2011), Egyptian actress

Usage examples of "hind".

Messua cried, and Buldeo embroidered the story of his adventures in the jungle, till he ended by saying that Akela stood up on his hind legs and talked like a man.

Flewelling Alec and Micum met Myrhini in a darkened square near Hind Street.

Coelurosaurs were small, bipedal meat eaters with narrow skulls and large eyes, long arms with grasping hands, and slender hind legs.

Recently, Kevin Padian has noted a similarity between the hind limbs and feet of pterosaurs and dinosaurs, suggesting that they may have been bipedal, walking only on their hind legs.

Picture Caption: Diminutive Bunkie learned to improve upon his stature by standing up on his hind legs.

The officer of the guard came running up, and I complained that the three were assaulting me and endeavouring to hinder my approach to the prince.

The harts and hinds in their herds, the boars in their singulars, the skulks of foxes, the richesses of martens, the bevies of roes, the cetes of badgers and the routs of wolves: all came to him more or less as something which you either skin or flayed and then took home to the cook.

In spite of the fact that he knew kicking up silt would greatly hinder their vision, Cheb seemed to keep bumping into outcroppings, or dropping a foot to the floor of the channel.

Victorian-style furniture and, on a low pedestal, a neomarble statue of Clunky up on his hind legs with one paw to his brow and apparently looking far off.

I made up my mind to go to Venice as soon as I heard from Therese, as I thought that I could wait for her there more comfortably than in Bologna, and in my native place there was nothing to hinder me from marrying her openly.

One cruck frame had already been lashed together and Ravin was directing Frue and some others in hauling the bigger boar up by its hind legs.

Using a combination of drugs and nerve-stimulation techniques, she had taken paraplegic mice and restored significant function in their denervated hind limbs.

Ashamed and confused, the young girl ran away, and I did nothing to hinder her.

He mixed diphtheria poison with the serum of a healthy guinea-pig who was not immune, who had never had diphtheria or been cured from it either, and this serum did not hinder one bit the murderous action of the poison.

And if there be anything else that doth hinder thee, go on with prudence and discretion, according to the present occasion and opportunity, still proposing that unto thyself, which thou doest conceive most right and just.