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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Herder \Herd"er\, n. A herdsman. [R.]


n. One who herds.


A herder is a worker who lives a possibly semi- nomadic life, caring for various domestic animals, in places where these animals wander pasture lands.

Usually if the person is a minor, he is called herdboy, a male herder is also called a herdsman and a female herder by contrast is also called a herdswoman. Because their work is necessarily mostly outdoors, they move around from place to place in the course of their labours. The possibility exists that the lands upon which their beasts graze are not claimed as any single person's property.

A number of romantic legends have sprung up around some aspects of their way of life. Some herders whose lifestyles have become mainstays of fiction include:

  • The shepherd, featured in pastoral literature
  • The cowboy, hero of Western movies and fiction, featured in romantic tales from the United States
  • The gaucho, who in the Southernmost Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay plays a similar role to the cowboy.
Herder (surname)

Herder is a German surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Johann Gottfried Herder (1744–1803), German literary scholar and philosopher, after whom the Herder Prize is named.
  • Bartholomäus Herder (1774–1839), German publisher, founder of Verlag Herder.
  • William James Herder (1849–1922), Canadian publisher, one of those commemorated in the Herder Memorial Trophy for ice-hockey

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Usage examples of "herder".

Moop was a humble Grunt herder, son of Droon the Grunt herder, son of Praddle the Grunt herder, son of Larbgroodle.

Message stones were left by the banks of the Huipil by one of their herders and read by her daughter, Puiell.

They watered at the river and the Nguni herders began to unload the ivory tusks each beast carried on its back.

He watched as the cattle settled down for the night, guarded by their Nguni herders.

When Inkunzi and his Nguni herders began to off load the ivory on the open parade in front of the gates, Tom climbed down the ladder from the platform and walked among the tall stacks of tusks, marvelling at the quantity and size of some of them.

The Nguni herders built their villages close to these new grazing grounds.

He and all his Nguni herders were close at hand if any emergency arose.

It was a group of riders, and as they drew closer, I recognized them as Rajasthani herders.

Some of these people are primarily water buffalo herders and lead a seminomadic life.

Evolution was next used in a cultural sense, following the observations of Vico, Herder and others, who saw in the development of human societies a progression from more primitive to more advanced forms of civilisation.

The work-mules were harnessed in, and as soon as the relieved herders secured mounts, our camp of the past few days was abandoned.

A late dinner over and the herders relieved, we all rode for the nearest eminence which would afford us a view.

One day news reached the city that some kula herders had awakened to the sight of a single black-robed figure walking up the hill toward the old house.

The herders were no less terrified, but true to their trade, they put aside their fears and chased after the animals.

Later that night, around a campfire, he told his family and the other herders of his meeting with the Great One.