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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a heated argument (=involving very strong feelings)
▪ Someone was having a heated argument with a police officer.
a heated exchange (=a very angry conversation)
▪ I overheard a heated exchange between John and his wife.
a heated/fierce debate (=in which people express strong opinions in an angry way)
▪ There has been a fierce debate over the way the war was fought.
▪ So they tend not to thrive in dry centrally heated rooms.
▪ Remove seedlings from windowsills at night, as even centrally heated houses can become icy near the windows.
▪ Dry, centrally heated homes with their low-humidity atmosphere just make matters worse.
▪ There are 20 centrally heated bedrooms, each of which has been individually designed.
▪ In modern, centrally heated homes, chilblains occur less and less.
▪ The result - we have beautiful new homes and centrally heated redundancy!
▪ Witnesses have already given descriptions of the pair who were seen having what appeared to be a heated argument.
▪ It may mean heated arguments, harsh words and hurt feelings, but once the air is cleared everyone will feel better.
▪ After a short heated argument, the inspector agreed to pay the costs in cash from his local station funds.
▪ There was heated argument at the meeting, with strongly differing views advanced.
▪ Some one there was having a heated argument with an official, who then called the guard to deal with the matter.
▪ There was a heated argument between the two men which at length it fell to Branson to settle.
▪ Her husband was having a heated argument with a short fat woman about television as an inducement to juvenile delinquency.
▪ After the match Trevor and I had a heated argument over what will, undoubtedly, be another suspension.
▪ There was heated debate, but by the casting vote of the chairman we got our grant.
▪ There was heated debate regarding the performance of number of ministers.
▪ After fifteen months of heated debate, Billingham was abandoned.
▪ Around such alternatives have views polarised in the heated debate over what the bill means for viewers.
▪ Indeed, this is an area of heated debate and it is quite difficult to tease out what is actually going on.
▪ But even wind power, as heated debates at various public enquiries have revealed, is not without its critics.
▪ This set off another heated debate.
▪ He comes, and after a heated discussion he commits himself to closing down the factory by 1992.
▪ It got off to a hairy start with several heated discussions about what a wild boar is.
▪ As the three men entered the room there were several heated discussions in progress.
▪ The clause on state language provoked heated discussion.
▪ They are, accordingly, the object of much heated discussion by economists and politicians as well as by social scientists.
▪ We liked to talk about things, to search each other's memories for information and sometimes to have heated discussions.
▪ For a few minutes there were heated exchanges between the two.
▪ That wasn't a truth he wanted to hear so there was quite a heated exchange.
▪ Ken Clarke, having listened to one of our more heated exchanges, wondered if we would ever speak to each other again.
▪ He had heard a heated exchange between Day and William Tidbury while they were in custody at Newbury.
▪ She was an only child and hated her parents' heated exchanges.
▪ While her hair was set in large heated rollers to give fullness, Lizzie set to work on Angela's make-up.
▪ These wax-filled heated rollers have soft rubber surface which means they are gentle and kind to hair.
▪ Try not to use heated rollers, styler or dryer every day.
▪ Constant use of hairdryers and heated rollers takes its toll.
▪ Then you can either blow dry or use heated rollers or tongs.
▪ If you are using heated rollers, make sure they and your hair are completely cold before you remove them.
▪ Use styling products that are designed to add volume and try experimenting with heated rollers to add body and waves.
▪ Hot Pressed paper pass through a set of heated rollers after sheet formation to give them a smooth, plate finish.
▪ a heated swimming pool
▪ Ed and I used to stay up all night, drinking wine and having heated arguments about politics.
▪ The gun control issue continues to be the subject of heated debate.
▪ Things got very heated as I demanded he pay me full compensation.
▪ After a short heated argument, the inspector agreed to pay the costs in cash from his local station funds.
▪ Next to the lake is a heated outdoor swimming pool and children's pool.
▪ These wax-filled heated rollers have soft rubber surface which means they are gentle and kind to hair.
▪ This is another species ideally suited to the heated aquarium.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

heated \heated\ adj.

  1. characterized by great warmth and intensity of feeling; as, a heated argument. Opposite of dispassionate, passionless. [WordNet sense 1]

    Syn: ardent, fervent, fervid, fiery, hot, impassioned, perfervid, torrid.

  2. supplied with a mechanism for heating; -- of structures or devices; as, a heated fishing cabin. Opposite of unheated. [WordNet sense 2]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

in figurative sense "agitated, inflamed," 1590s, past participle adjective from heat (v.). Related: Heatedly.

  1. very agitated, angry or impassioned v

  2. (en-past of: heat)

  1. adj. made warm or hot (`het' is a dialectal variant of `heated'); "a heated swimming pool"; "wiped his heated-up face with a large bandana"; "he was all het up and sweaty" [syn: heated up, het, het up]

  2. marked by emotional heat; vehement; "a heated argument"


Heated may refer to:

  • Heated (Big Sugar album), a 1998 rock album
  • Heated (Sean T album), a 2000 hip hop album
Heated (Big Sugar album)

Heated is the fourth album by Canadian rock band Big Sugar, released on the A&M Records label. It was released in the United States in 1999 on Capricorn Records with an alternate album cover. The US release also includes the hit track " Diggin' a Hole" from Hemi-Vision, which was not released in the US. The album was certified Platinum in Canada, selling over 100,000 copies.

The album features a cover of Bachman–Turner Overdrive's " Let it Ride".

Heated (Sean T album)

Heated is the third album by Sean T. It was released on September 9, 2000 for his own label Get Gone Records and was entirely produced by Sean T.

Usage examples of "heated".

But in the Senate the discussions became heated, with Adams taking part more than the members deemed appropriate.

Back at their apartment, Andi dialed her mother from the living room phone while Lena heated black beans and steamed rice for burritos.

She heated small round stones in the fire and put them in the asphaltum, and then lined the bottle, making it tight.

Checked for human biocompatibility, mashed and heated with streamwater, the paste gave off a fructifying aroma.

What if your leg is fully extended when the brakes were on full and the pedal level dropped or the brakes started to fade during a real heated drive?

Thus in the depopulated caravansary the little band of connoisseurs jealously bide themselves during the heated season, enjoying to the uttermost the delights of mountain and seashore that art and skill have gathered and served to them.

A great iron kettle was filled with water and warmed by heated stones for the company to wash there before eating, the Celts surprising her with their fastidiousness.

Four previous ten-micron emission sources had proved to be false alarmssuper-giants with circumstellar emission shells that were probably heated dust grains, not worth slowing down for.

Julian and the rest at the table was merely a heated discussion abruptly cut off by an overwrought Christian zealot who, like all his coreligionists, took himself far too seriously for polite company.

Water still warm from contact with the heated stone ran through the cracks at his feet.

In payment for your heated words to Drago, I will allow you to wait now, rather than explaining this ritual.

Season with paprika or a dash of cayenne, and when thoroughly heated stir in the yolks of two eggs, diluted with a little hot cream.

Beat to a smooth, thin batter two eggs, three spoonfuls of milk and a little flour, season, dip each piece of the chicken in this batter and fry a rich brown in the heated butter.

The system, electrodeless, electrothermal, radio-frequency heated, and magnetically vectored, had been designed during the late 1990s, but not actively developed until President Culpepper took the decision to push for a Mars mission as the natural second step after the establishment of Moonbase.

Larissa imagined heated desire in them when he was only admiring her beauty over the entree, well, that was to his good.