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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Harbor \Har"bor\, v. i. To lodge, or abide for a time; to take shelter, as in a harbor.

For this night let's harbor here in York.


Harbor \Har"bor\ (h[aum]r"b[~e]r), v. t. [Written also harbour.] [imp. & p. p. Harbored (-b[~e]rd); p. pr. & vb. n. Harboring.] [OE. herberen, herberwen, herbergen; cf. Icel. herbergj

  1. See Harbor, n.] To afford lodging to; to entertain as a guest; to shelter; to receive; to give a refuge to; to indulge or cherish (a thought or feeling, esp. an ill thought); as, to harbor a grudge.

    Any place that harbors men.

    The bare suspicion made it treason to harbor the person suspected.
    --Bp. Burnet.

    Let not your gentle breast harbor one thought of outrage.


Harbor \Har"bor\ (h[aum]r"b[~e]r), n. [Written also harbour.] [OE. herbor, herberwe, herberge, Icel. herbergi (cf. OHG. heriberga), orig., a shelter for soldiers; herr army + bjarga to save, help, defend; akin to AS. here army, G. heer, OHG. heri, Goth. harjis, and AS. beorgan to save, shelter, defend, G. bergen. See Harry, 2d Bury, and cf. Harbinger.]

  1. A station for rest and entertainment; a place of security and comfort; a refuge; a shelter.

    [A grove] fair harbour that them seems.

    For harbor at a thousand doors they knocked.

  2. Specif.: A lodging place; an inn. [Obs.]

  3. (Astrol.) The mansion of a heavenly body. [Obs.]

  4. A portion of a sea, a lake, or other large body of water, either landlocked or artificially protected so as to be a place of safety for vessels in stormy weather; a port or haven.

  5. (Glass Works) A mixing box for materials.

    Harbor dues (Naut.), fees paid for the use of a harbor.

    Harbor seal (Zo["o]l.), the common seal.

    Harbor watch, a watch set when a vessel is in port; an anchor watch.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"lodging for ships," early 12c., probably from Old English herebeorg "lodgings, quarters," from here "army, host" (see harry) + beorg "refuge, shelter" (related to beorgan "save, preserve;" see bury); perhaps modeled on Old Norse herbergi "room, lodgings, quarters." Sense shifted in Middle English to "refuge, lodgings," then to "place of shelter for ships."


Old English hereborgian, cognate with Old Norse herbergja, Old High German heribergon, Middle Dutch herbergen; see harbor (n.). Figuratively, of thoughts, etc., from late 14c. Related: Harbored; harboring.


n. 1 A sheltered expanse of water, adjacent to land, in which ships may dock or anchor, especially for loading and unloading. 2 Any place of shelter. vb. (context transitive English) To provide a harbor or safe place for.

  1. n. a sheltered port where ships can take on or discharge cargo [syn: seaport, haven, harbour]

  2. a place of refuge and comfort and security [syn: harbour]

  1. v. maintain (a theory, thoughts, or feelings); "bear a grudge"; "entertain interesting notions"; "harbor a resentment" [syn: harbour, hold, entertain, nurse]

  2. secretly shelter (as of fugitives or criminals) [syn: harbour]

  3. keep in one's possession; of animals [syn: harbour]

  4. hold back a thought or feeling about; "She is harboring a grudge against him" [syn: harbour, shield]

Harbor, OR -- U.S. Census Designated Place in Oregon
Population (2000): 2622
Housing Units (2000): 1691
Land area (2000): 1.873427 sq. miles (4.852154 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.439748 sq. miles (1.138943 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 2.313175 sq. miles (5.991097 sq. km)
FIPS code: 32100
Located within: Oregon (OR), FIPS 41
Location: 42.040812 N, 124.253639 W
ZIP Codes (1990): 97415
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Harbor, OR
Harbor (MBTA station)

Harbor was a passenger rail station on the Rockport Branch of the MBTA Commuter Rail Newburyport/Rockport Line. A short-lived stop, it was open from 1977 to 1985.

Harbor (Marc Douglas Berardo album)

Harbor is the fourth studio release of all original music by Rhode Island-based singer-songwriter Marc Douglas Berardo.


A harbor or harbour (see spelling differences), or haven, is a body of water where ships, boats and barges seek shelter from stormy weather, or are stored for future use. Harbors and ports are often confused with each other. A port is a manmade facility built for loading and unloading vessels and dropping off and picking up passengers. Ports are often located in harbors.

Harbors can be natural or artificial. An artificial harbor can have deliberately constructed breakwaters, sea walls, or jettys, or they can be constructed by dredging, which requires maintenance by further periodic dredging. An example of an artificial harbor is Long Beach Harbor, California, United States which was an array of salt marshes and tidal flats too shallow for modern merchant ships before it was first dredged in the early 20th century.

In contrast, a natural harbor is surrounded on several sides by prominences of land. Examples of natural harbors include Sydney Harbour, Australia and Trincomalee Harbour in Sri Lanka.

Harbor (album)

Harbor is the seventh original studio album by American folk rock trio America, released by Warner Bros. Records in February 1977. It was the last to feature Dan Peek, who embarked on a solo Christian career shortly after the album's release. The album was produced by George Martin.

Though a major commercial disappointment compared to America's six previous albums, the album did reach number 21 on the Billboard album chart. Three singles ("God of the Sun", "Don't Cry Baby" and the disco song "Slow Down") were released from the album but all failed to chart, although "God of the Sun" and "Now She's Gone" did get some airplay.

Despite the serene tone of the title and artwork, Harbor is more brooding and pessimistic than most of America's previous albums.

Harbor (disambiguation)

A harbor is a place where ships may shelter from the weather or are stored.

Other uses include:

  • Harbour Air, a Canadian charter airline
  • Bal Harbour, Florida, a village just north of North Miami Beach
  • Harbour compiler, the compiler for the "Clipper" programming language
  • David Harbour, American actor
  • Harbour Group, a Washington, D.C., advocacy group
  • Harbour Main, provincial electoral district for the House of Assembly of Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Harbour Porpoise (Phocoena phocoena), a marine mammal
  • Harbour Productions Unlimited, a television production company
  • Indian Harbour Beach, Florida, a town in Brevard County, Florida
  • Harbour Station, an arena in Saint John, New Brunswick
  • Harbor Towers, two residential towers in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Harbor Transitway, high-occupancy roadway in the median strip of Interstate Highway 110 in Los Angeles County, California
  • Safe Harbor arrangement, streamlined process for American companies to comply with EU Directive 95/46/EC on protection of personal data
  • SS Sacketts Harbor, a former American ship
  • Great Egg Harbor River, New Jersey
  • Harbour Islets (Tasmania)
  • Spanish Harbor Key, an island in Florida
  • Harbour (novel), a novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist
  • Harbor (album), album by America

Usage examples of "harbor".

I recognized that voice: It was Aden Fiske, who was the head of the Stone Harbor Historical Society and manager of the Chandler House site.

Was Aden really doing what I thought he was doing, essentially establishing me as the goto person for conducting archaeological research in Stone Harbor?

Having seen Jacopo fairly out of the harbor, Dantes proceeded to make his final adieus on board The Young Amelia, distributing so liberal a gratuity among her crew as to secure for him the good wishes of all, and expressions of cordial interest in all that concerned him.

Perhaps in the old days it was the road from Agios Georgios to the church and the auncient harbor, I do not know.

At anchor, Plymouth harbor: The Master of the ship, with three or four of the sailors and several of the Planters, went aland and marched along the coast several miles.

Gradually, Seregil introduced Alec to more clandestine procedures-a little innocent housebreaking, or making a game of evading the notice of the Harbor Watch in the rough byways of the Lower City.

A dank wind whipped up from the harbor as Alec and Micum rode up to the prison near the southern wall of the city.

Red cree lacked the medicinal quality of the blue in which, partly because of its chemical reaction to the ammoniated air and partly due to the latent eggs it harbored, lay the curative power so much in demand on Earth.

Patience listed the campgrounds between Rock Harbor and Amygdaloid accessible by water.

Beneath it the city dropped away in walls, roofs, archaistic chimneys and lamplit streets, goblin lights of human-piloted vehicles, to the harbor, the sweep of Venture Bay, ships bound to and from the Sunward Islands and remoter regions of the Boreal Ocean, which glimmered like mercury in the afterglow of Charlemagne.

The Argyle Museum held millions in priceless treasures - but only The Shadow knew that it harbored crime within!

I believe the landlady put it all down to my atheistical views a just retribution for harboring such a notorious fellow in her house!

And if asked, he acknowledged harboring an atypical indifference to religion.

Court denied the jurisdiction of a federal circuit court to try defendant for a murder committed in Boston Harbor in the absence of statutory authorization of trials in federal courts for offenses committed within the jurisdiction of a State.

He had earned his own wings as a Naval Aviator at Pensacola, and had tried to get back in the Navy after Pearl Harbor.