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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ By guile and skill, they managed to escape.
▪ A man with-out guile or hidden history.
▪ At Louis's side, he saw how to meet Viking attacks by diplomacy and a mixture of force and guile.
▪ By guile, bribery or skill the fleeing rebels managed to elude their pursuers.
▪ Fred often winced when he witnessed his wife's impudence and guile, but he realised she was right.
▪ Stupid they may be but not lacking in guile.
▪ They were so keen to get to grips with the enemy that they disregarded much of the training in stealth and guile.
▪ Wycliffe was getting nowhere, though Tate was answering his questions without protest and, apparently, without guile.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Guile \Guile\, v. t. [OF. guiler. See Guile, n.] To disguise or conceal; to deceive or delude. [Obs.]


Guile \Guile\, n. [OE. guile, gile, OF. guile; of German origin, and the same word as E. wile. See Wile.] Craft; deceitful cunning; artifice; duplicity; wile; deceit; treachery.

Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile.
--John i. 47.

To wage by force or guile eternal war.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-12c., from Old French guile "deceit, wile, fraud, ruse, trickery," from Frankish *wigila "trick, ruse" or a related Germanic source (cognates: Old Frisian wigila "sorcery, witchcraft," Old English wil "trick;" see wile).


n. (context uncountable English) astuteness often marked by a certain sense of cunning or artful deception. vb. to deceive, to beguile

  1. n. shrewdness as demonstrated by being skilled in deception [syn: craft, craftiness, cunning, foxiness, slyness, wiliness]

  2. the quality of being crafty [syn: craftiness, deceitfulness]

  3. the use of tricks to deceive someone (usually to extract money from them) [syn: trickery, chicanery, chicane, wile, shenanigan]


Guile may refer to:

  • GNU Guile, an implementation of the Scheme programming language
  • Guile (Street Fighter), a video game character from the Street Fighter series
  • Guile (Chrono Cross), a video game character from Chrono Cross
  • Guile Island, Antarctica
  • Melanie Guile (born 1949), Australian writer
  • Guilé Foundation, a Swiss organisation for business ethics
Guile (Street Fighter)

is a character in Capcom's Street Fighter series of fighting games. He debuted as one of the original eight characters in 1991's Street Fighter II and appeared in the game's subsequent updates. In the games he is portrayed as a major in the United States Air Force who is seeking to avenge the death of his Air Force buddy Charlie at the hands of the villainous dictator M. Bison.

One of the most popular characters in the series, Guile has appeared in other Street Fighter games, including Street Fighter Alpha 3 (where he is a playable character alongside Charlie) and Street Fighter IV. He is also a playable character in various spin-off titles, such as the Street Fighter EX, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and SNK vs. Capcom series. In addition, Guile has appeared in other Street Fighter media. He is one of the main characters in the 1994 live action Street Fighter film and its animated spin-off, as well as Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie. The character has also been featured in various official comics and merchandise. His music theme, known simply as "Guile's Theme", has been used multiple times, usually to give a sense of victory.

Guile has been perceived as a unique Street Fighter II characters in both appearance and gameplay. He is noted as having only two signature moves in the game, both of which are performed by first holding a direction on the joystick ("charging") - the Sonic Boom and somersault (or "Flash Kick"). Guile has been well received, with the character often placing highly in various lists of the best Street Fighter characters of all time.

Guile (disambiguation)

Usage examples of "guile".

Prelate and the Prophet are given to the Light in the sacred rite, the flames will bring to boil a cauldron of guile and give ascension to a false Prelate, who will reign over the death of the Palace of the Prophets.

Prelate and the Prophet are given to the Light in the sacred rite, the flames will bring to boil a cauldron of guile and give ascension to a false Prelate who will reign over the death of the Palace of the Prophets.

Much art and some guile are necessary to contrive for innocence a hearing.

May our guides be Hermes, who instructs us in guile, and Athena, goddess of victory, goddess of our cities, who aids me at all times.

I will take what Makala and Gamina say at face value and assume you have no guile in you.

Moreover, many of the tribes here are strangers to one another, and there are many human renegades as well, so once we are free of the central palace, we may be able to use guile to find our way out.

Once you held those titles and had earned that rank, with guile and bravery, cunning and strength.

But when the merciful God saw that Satan wished to kill Adam with his many tricks, and saw that Adam was meek and without guile, God spoke to Satan in a loud voice, and cursed him.

The race of King Harald was not yet dead, and Queen Gunnhild presently found that there was a woman in Norway whose true love and faithfulness were better than all the guile and treachery that jealousy could devise.

And although our Omnipotent Enemy sent his own Son to die for them, I, by my pleasing guile, gain ten for every one He gains through his crucified Son.

The Welshman is most deeply entangled in the north, and from what I hear both heart and guile are failing him.

His guile and lack of conscience give no limit to his talent for mixing with death and surviving the consequences.

The Pretender may have the advantage in craft and guile, but if Kanizar devotes all his resources to destroying him, then the Pretender stands no chance at all.

Rather you lie, and stain the relationship with your own sense of guile, or you accept the involvement, the emotional responsibility, the permanence she must by nature crave.

Great Meeting, for She-Who-Creates-by-Speaking-Its-Name felt that the animals represented the various elements of human nature adequately, be it vulgarity or greed or guile or ill-temper or pride or stubbornness or any other thing.