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Gui or GUI may refer to:

Gui (food)

Gui or guee is a generic term that refers to grilled dishes in Korean cuisine. They most commonly have meat or fish as their primary ingredient, but may in some cases also have grilled vegetables or other vegetarian ingredients. The term derives from the verb gupda (굽다), which literally means "grill". At traditional restaurants, meats are cooked at the center of the table over a charcoal grill, surrounded by various banchan and individual rice bowls. The cooked meat is then cut into small pieces and wrapped with fresh lettuce leaves, with rice, thinly sliced garlic, ssamjang (a mixture of gochujang and dwenjang), and other seasonings. The suffix gui is often omitted in the names of meat-based gui such as galbi, whose name is originally galbi gui.

Gui (vessel)

A gui is a type of bowl-shaped ancient Chinese ritual bronze vessel used to hold offerings of food, probably mainly grain, for ancestral tombs. As with other shapes, the ritual bronzes followed early pottery versions for domestic use, and were recalled in later art in both metal, pottery, and sometimes stone. The shape changed somewhat over the centuries but constant characteristics are a circular form (seen from above), with a rounded, wide, profile or shape from the side, standing on a narrower rim or foot. There are usually two, or sometimes four, handles, and there may be a cover or a square base (or both).

The Kang Hou Gui, an 11th-century BC example in the British Museum was chosen as object 23 in the A History of the World in 100 Objects.

The British Museum bowl inscription on the inside of the bowl tells that King Wu's brother, Kang Hou, who was the Duke of Kang and Mei Situ were given territory in Wei. The inscription relates a rebellion by remnants of the Shang, and its defeat by the Zhou, which helps us to date it. Because historians know exactly when this unsuccessful rebellion against the Zhou dynasty took place then the bowl can be dated very accurately.

Gui (surname)

Gui is an ancient Chinese surname. It was the xing surname of the rulers of the State of Chen and of Tian Qi. The Gui clan was said to have descended from the legendary sage king Emperor Shun.

After King Wu of Zhou conquered the Shang dynasty to establish the Zhou dynasty in 1046/45 BC, he enfeoffed Gui Man at the State of Chen, in modern Huaiyang County, Henan. In 614 BC, the Chen prince Chen Wan emigrated to the state of Qi. The Gui clan branched to various surnames, including Chen, Tian, Sun, Wen, Xue, and Wang, in the state of Qi.