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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a greenhouse gas (=a gas, especially carbon monoxide or methane, that is thought to trap heat above the earth and cause the Earth's surface to become warmer)
▪ We need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
greenhouse effect
greenhouse gas
sulphur dioxide/carbon dioxide/greenhouse gas etc emissions
▪ The treaty calls for a 30% reduction in sulphur dioxide emissions.
▪ Robert Maxwell reassured shareholders and the world at large that he had turned his giant mind to the greenhouse effect.
▪ The answer is that the greenhouse effect is very weak on Mars.
▪ They contribute 14 percent of the greenhouse effect and are increasing at the rate of 6 percent a year.
▪ Representatives from countries all over the world met in Nairobi at the end of June to discuss the greenhouse effect.
▪ This temporarily exceeds the warming impact of the greenhouse effect.
▪ Some refer to this change in the climate as global warming, others as the greenhouse effect.
▪ In comparison, Venus experiences a greenhouse effect of over 500 °C while Mars has a smaller greenhouse effect of 10 °C.
▪ The greenhouse effect is something else that is supposedly happening on our planet.
▪ But water vapour is also a greenhouse gas.
▪ But it might contribute to global warming because methane is a powerful greenhouse gas.
▪ The drainage of peatbogs for forestry and agriculture is making a significant net contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, the report concludes.
▪ The market could grow much bigger if countries further subsidize wind power to curb greenhouse gas emissions.
▪ Carbon dioxide is a so-called greenhouse gas, which absorbs energy from the sun, making the air warmer.
▪ Many regions have abandoned coal-burning electricity plants, which give off carbon dioxide, a potent greenhouse gas.
▪ What has emerged so far confirms the pessimism that has settled over the international effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions.
▪ There is a growing conviction among many scientists that urgent steps must be taken to diminish greenhouse gases.
▪ Developing countries are expected to account for half the worldwide emission of greenhouse gases by 2035.
▪ He is resigned to public indifference to the benefits of efficiency, as well as to the effects of greenhouse gases.
▪ Over the past few months, governments have been considering action to cut back on emissions of greenhouse gases.
▪ More than 160 nations signed the framework treaty, which commits governments to curbing emissions of greenhouse gases.
▪ A layer of gases, including those which are known as the greenhouse gases, surrounds the Earth.
▪ Of course, the remaining dissenters are mostly those who depend on pouring out yet more greenhouse gases.
▪ Scientific and technological advances will help the world deal with greenhouse gases, but not for a hundred years or so.
▪ A clear example can be seen in the case of the destruction of the ozone layer, causing the greenhouse effect.
▪ The combined cooling effect is estimated as being only about one-fifth as powerful as the overall warming caused by greenhouse gases.
▪ The Ice Ages, in short, were caused by a greenhouse effect in reverse.
▪ Ever tighter regulations are being introduced to protect the environment from emissions contributing to the greenhouse effect or acid rain.
▪ And the burning of wood contributes to the greenhouse effect. 10. c Relying on bottled water encourages a wasteful trade.
▪ Burning these releases stored carbon are CO2 into the air, contributing to the greenhouse effect.
▪ They remove dead timber, they are wonderful architects, and they generate methane gas, which contributes to the greenhouse effect.
▪ We need to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 60 %.
▪ What has emerged so far confirms the pessimism that has settled over the international effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions.
▪ The protocol aimed to cut emissions of greenhouse gases to a few percentage points beneath levels a decade ago.
▪ If these products replace those derived from fossil fuels, it will make a significant contribution to reducing the greenhouse effect.
▪ But there's no doubt that using energy efficiently reduces the emission of greenhouse gases.
▪ The meeting was an attempt to ratify the 1997 Kyoto convention on reducing greenhouse gases.
▪ A clear example can be seen in the case of the destruction of the ozone layer, causing the greenhouse effect.
▪ All these gases are potent greenhouse gases.
▪ But as in all aspects of forecasting the greenhouse world, the task of prediction is clouded by uncertainty.
▪ Climate change through the man-made modification of greenhouse gases might be disastrous, but it might equally be deliverance.
▪ He had built a lean-to greenhouse on the back of the scullery and prided himself on his chrysanthemums and gladioli.
▪ One is by the leaf bud cutting taken in May and June and stuck in a greenhouse.
▪ Take 3in tip cuttings from overlarge plants, and keep in a frost-free greenhouse, conservatory, or windowsill.
▪ There is no tomorrow if you don't talk greenhouse gases today.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Greenhouse \Green"house`\, n. A house in which tender plants are cultivated and sheltered from the weather.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1660s, from green + house (n.). Greenhouse effect attested from 1937.


n. A building traditionally made of glass, but now also made from plastics such as polyethylene, in which plants are grown more rapidly than outside such a building by the action of heat from the sun, this heat being trapped inside by the glass or plastic.


adj. of or relating to or caused by the greenhouse effect; "greehouse gases"


n. a building with glass walls and roof; for the cultivation and exhibition of plants under controlled conditions [syn: nursery, glasshouse]


A greenhouse (also called a glasshouse, or, if with sufficient heating, a hothouse) is a structure with walls and roof made chiefly of transparent material, such as glass, in which plants requiring regulated climatic conditions are grown. These structures range in size from small sheds to industrial-sized buildings. A miniature greenhouse is known as a cold frame. The interior of a greenhouse exposed to sunlight becomes significantly warmer than the external ambient temperature, protecting its contents in cold weather.

Many commercial glass greenhouses or hothouses are high tech production facilities for vegetables or flowers. The glass greenhouses are filled with equipment including screening installations, heating, cooling, lighting, and may be controlled by a computer to optimize conditions for plant growth.

Greenhouse (car)

The greenhouse (or glasshouse) of a car comprises the windshield, rear and side windows, the pillars separating them (designated A-pillar, B-pillar and so on, starting from the car's front), and the car's roof.

The shape and position of the greenhouse have a defining influence on the looks of the car and are a prime factor in differentiating between body styles such as saloon/ sedan, coupé, estate/wagon and hatchback.

In the 2000s and 2010s, greenhouses have become narrower because of design trends and crash regulations.

Some manufacturers incorporate trademark design features in the greenhouse that are present across several model series, one example being the BMW Hofmeister kink.

Greenhouse (Leo Kottke album)

Greenhouse is American guitarist Leo Kottke's fifth album, his second on the Capitol label, released in 1972. It was recorded in three days. From the liner notes: "In the sense that my guitars were once plants, this record's a greenhouse. There are seven instrumentals and four vocals." It reached #127 on the Billboard 200 chart.

It was re-issued on CD by One Way Records in 1995.

Greenhouse (disambiguation)

Greenhouse may refer to:

  • Greenhouse, an indoor covered place where plants are grown and cultivated
  • Greenhouse effect, the effects on a planet when 'greenhouse gases' cloud the atmosphere
  • Greenhouse and icehouse Earth, periods when the greenhouse effect is dominant or absent
  • Greenhouse effect (judicial drift), postulated effect whereby conservative Supreme Court Justices drift liberal for favorable press
  • Greenhouse debt, the measure to which an entity exceeds its permitted greenhouse footprint
Greenhouse (Brotherhood of Man album)

Greenhouse is a 1997 album by British pop group Brotherhood of Man.

The album was released independently by the group themselves on cassette only and was available to buy at their shows. The songs contained included a mix of re-recordings of their own hit singles and cover versions. It also contained one new track "Greenhouse" - a song recorded a few years earlier in 1991 with Dutch producer Eddy Ouwens, but never released. The song was later included on the download-only album The Definitive Collection in 2009. Brotherhood of Man themselves were credited as producers for the rest of the album (member Lee Sheriden had been the group's musical director on their recordings for many years). The line-up of tracks formed part of their then current live show.

Among the cover versions were the Prince song, " 1999", the Beatles' " Got to Get You into My Life" (albeit based on the 1970s hit version by Earth Wind and Fire), Huey Lewis and the News 1987 hit " Hip to Be Square" and Foreigner's " Juke Box Hero". The latter of these featured a heavy rock sound that was unusual for Brotherhood of Man, and at over five minutes; the longest song they ever recorded.

Greenhouse (Yellowjackets album)

Greenhouse is the eighth studio album of the American jazz group Yellowjackets, released in 1991. In this album, the group was a trio. Bob Mintzer, who became an official member from next album, was credited as a guest artist. The album reached a peak position of number one on Billboard Top Contemporary Jazz Albums chart.

Greenhouse (surname)

Greenhouse is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Bernard Greenhouse (1916–2011), American cellist
  • Bunny Greenhouse, American civil servant and whistleblower
  • Isaiah Greenhouse (born 1987), American football player
  • Linda Greenhouse (born 1947), American journalist
  • Martha Greenhouse (1921–2013), American actress
  • Steven Greenhouse, American journalist
Greenhouse (music group)

Greenhouse is an American hip hop group from Columbus, Ohio. Originally formed as Greenhouse Effect by Blueprint, Inkwel, and Manifest, it consists of Blueprint and Illogic.

Greenhouse (restaurant)

Greenhouse is a bar/ restaurant at 100 St Georges Terrace in Perth, Western Australia. Designed by Dutch-born florist, artist, builder and environmentalist Joost Bakker, and opened in 2009, it is a "quirky, eco-friendly restaurant" concept, which has been described as "... a breath of fresh air and a brilliant example of innovation in the restaurant sector."

As a concept, Greenhouse has a mission to improve vastly on the ways restaurants are created, to have better design, better operation, and to be "completely waste free from the ground up". Amongst other things, Greenhouse "... has its vegetable garden on the roof, grinds its own organic flour, has walls made of hay bales and boasts a zero-carbon footprint."

The Greenhouse concept has also appeared, in temporary, "pop-up" restaurant form, at Federation Square in Melbourne in 2008-09, at Sydney Harbour in 2011, and at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival in 2012.

The head chef at Greenhouse is Matt Stone. Both he and the restaurant have won a number of awards. In 2010, Stone was named Best New Talent at the national Gourmet Traveller Awards; he has since been awarded Young Chef of the Year by The West Australian Good Food Guide in 2011 and 2012.

The restaurant was given a one star rating, and the award for Best New Restaurant of the Year, by The West Australian Good Food Guide 2011, and retained its one star rating for 2012 and 2013, but lost that rating for 2014.

Greenhouse also featured in an episode of MasterChef Australia series 5 in 2013.

Usage examples of "greenhouse".

APRON OVER AN OLD SHIRT AND washed-out chinos, James Jesus Angleton was sweeping the aisles of the greenhouse he had recently installed in the back yard of his suburban Arlington house, across the Potomac from the District of Columbia and the Pickle Factory on the Reflecting Pool.

I put you in the orchid-culture room, and Elmo Tollen was in the greenhouse part with the body, and it was his voice which spoke to you to make you think Carlton Argus was alive.

Out of a potentially chaotic mix of increasing greenhouse gases, an unstable hydrologic cycle, and novel biogeochemical feedback loops, Mars was discovering its own equilibrium.

Tethered to the surface by a trio of cables, the island was a light collection of flowered balconies and lacy bridgework, enclosing a central gas bag, topped by tall whimsical glass spires and greenhouse towers.

He waved Turner back, opened the greenhouse door slightly, and shouted a series of orders to the crew in their Dayak dialect.

It was all about the Channel tunnel and a landscape awash in Eurotrash, and French fashion victims, and acid rain, and lugubrious Belgians, and Iranian language students, and lager louts swilling Heineken, and football hooligans, and holes in the ozone layer, and Italian playboys, and South American drug lords, and Swiss banks, and AmEx Goldcards, and the greenhouse effect, and the Age of Inconsequence, and soon and so forth.

Venus with large quantities of Nostoc R, the outcome will be a fall in the carbon dioxide ratio, a lessening of the greenhouse effect, and a lowering of the surface temperature.

As Jack and Kimmer climbed the stairs and the fragrances emitted by the amaryllises faded, what liveliness they had shown in the greenhouse also faded, until they seemed to move like sleepwalkers, or as if they were puppets that had been programmed to perform a set task with no help from their masters.

They were standing on the landing outside their rooms, staring alternately at each other, the surrounding landscape, and the glass of the greenhouse wall, which reflected a blurred image of the amaryllises below.

On spring weekends they bought plants at greenhouses in the suburbs and went to boatyards on City Island or the North Shore to help friends get their modest yachts seaworthy.

Minervaists concluded a hasty alliance and opened counterfire with calculations of their own, which invoked the greenhouse effect of atmospheric carbon dioxide to show that a substantially higher temperature could have been sustained.

Whenever they transferred seedlings from table beds into small flowerpots, they always ran into a slew of black widows nesting in the little stacked flowerpots that were kept in a dark shed beside the greenhouse.

She did not speak to them or disturb them, but went hurriedly down the garden, past the greenhouses and out through the bottom door.

Andrew watched it, as he went from barn-tunnels to greenhouses, going through the motions of supervising stewards and handymen, with outrage and disbelief.

Two hundred years of burning hydrocarbons started the planet going greenhouse.