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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Jambes \Jambes\, Jambeux \Jam"beux\, n. pl. [From F. jambe a leg: cf. OF. jambiere. See Jamb, n.] (Ancient Armor) In the Middle Ages, armor for the legs below the knees, usually having front and back pieces; called also greaves. [Written also giambeux.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-14c., plural of greave.


Etymology 1 n. The unmeltable residue left after animal fat has been rendered. Etymology 2

n. (plural of greave English)


n. armor plate that protects legs below the knee [syn: greave, jambeau]


Greaves may refer to:

  • Greave, armour that protects the leg (military)
  • Greaves, people with the surname
  • An edible by-product of the rendering process
Greaves (crater)

Greaves is a small lunar impact crater that lies near the southwest edge of Mare Crisium. It is a circular, bowl-shaped formation with a small interior floor at the center of the sloping inner walls. The crater is intruding into the northern edge of the lava-flooded crater Lick. To the northwest is Yerkes, and to the northeast is Picard.

This formation was previously designated Lick D, a satellite crater of Lick, before it was given a name by the IAU.

Greaves (surname)

Greaves is an English surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Charles Greaves, engineer
  • Charles Sprengel Greaves, legal writer
  • Gary Greaves, American football player
  • Jimmy Greaves, English footballer
  • John Greaves, English mathematician and antiquary
  • John Greaves (musician), British bass guitarist and music composer
  • Ivan Greaves (1860-1941), Russian historian from English origins
  • Mark Greaves, English footballer
  • Percy L. Greaves, Jr., American economist and presidential candidate
  • R.B. Greaves, R&B musician
  • Sandra Greaves, Canadian judoka
  • William Greaves, filmmaker
  • William Michael Herbert Greaves, British astronomer

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Usage examples of "greaves".

It would be well that you should doff camail and greaves, Sir Nigel, for, by the black rood!

Sir Guillaume was scavenging pieces of armour, unbuckling greaves and espaliers and chausses from dead men.

The walls gleamed pale with knightly harness, habergeons gaping for heads, breastplates of blue steel, halbert, and hand-axe, greaves, glaives, boar-spears, and polished spurfixed heel-pieces.

The centurion had certain easily recognizable badges of office: he wore greaves on his shins, a shirt of scales rather than chain links, a helmet crest projecting sideways rather than front-to-back, and carried a stout knobkerrie of vine wood.

Now Rasion wore martial costume, with breastplate and greaves, while Zulbanides retained the more usual robes.

Greaves covered his shins, and his sabbatons clanked when he stomped his foot.

Greaves was behind his desk already, apparently studying a piece of paper on his blotter before him.

Greaves placed the paper neatly in the upper right corner of his blotter, fussily squared it up with the edge.

The men wore mismatched pieces of armor: wooden knuckle mitts, articulated steel greaves, hornmail, ringmail, pothelms, spikehelms, metal plate, boiled leather, coats of shell and bone.

Their helms were fitted with napeguards, cheekpieces and nasals, the high collars of their knee-length scaleshirts guarded most of the throat, and the plate greaves strapped to their lower legs included a kneecop which was spiked to facilitate climbing.

He wore a gilded breastplate and greaves, and a leather helmet with brass cheekpieces and an orange feather crest.

Each of the Makassar natives wore a breastplate and greaves, a metal cap, and a short sword, and held a round shield on his arm.

Attalus gathered the ten members of the Royal Guard, inspecting their bronze breastplates and helms, their scabbards and greaves.

The two wore gambesons of quilted leather under embroidered surcoats that repeated the devices on the banners, and greaves and vambraces of boiled leather, but no true armor.

His garments were of a shiny black cloth, and he wore a breastplate, greaves, and vambraces all of black lacquered leather.