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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
smack in the mouth/face/gob
▪ Talk like that and I’ll give you a smack in the mouth.
▪ But the smile wasn't the only thing on her gob, was it?
▪ But there are great gobs of money to be made, and this municipality needs all of it.
▪ He propelled a prodigious gob of spit toward the window of the van.
▪ It was so right for Darla to be the one who got a gob in her hand.
▪ Sticks of nothing in your gob.
▪ The sauce from Mr Bishop's tomato ketchup bottles had been emptied out in great red gobs or smeared over the cupboards.
▪ These all required expensive hardware, and ate up huge gobs of memory.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Goaf \Goaf\; n.; pl. Goafsor Goaves. [Cf. 1st Gob.] (Mining) That part of a mine from which the mineral has been partially or wholly removed; the waste left in old workings; -- called also gob .

To work the goaf or To work the gob, to remove the pillars of mineral matter previously left to support the roof, and replace them with props.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"a mouthful, lump," late 14c., probably from Old French gobe "mouthful, lump," related to gober "gulp, swallow down," probably from Gaulish *gobbo- (compare Irish gob "mouth," Gaelic gob "beak"). This Celtic source also seems to be root of gob "mouth" (mid-16c.), which is the first element in gob-stopper "a kind of large hard candy" (1928).


n. 1 (context countable English) A lump of soft or sticky material. 2 (context countable British Australia New Zealand Ireland slang English) The mouth. 3 (context uncountable slang English) saliva or phlegm. 4 (context US military slang English) A sailor. 5 (context uncountable mining English) Waste material in old mine workings, goaf. vb. 1 To gather into a lump. 2 To spit, especially to spit phlegm.

  1. n. a man who serves as a sailor [syn: mariner, seaman, tar, Jack-tar, Jack, old salt, seafarer, sea dog]

  2. a lump of slimey stuff; "a gob of phlegm"

  3. informal terms for the mouth [syn: trap, cakehole, hole, maw, yap]


Gob may refer to:

  • Gob, the Philistine city where the biblical battle between Elhanan the Bethlehemite and Goliath of Gath took place (2 Sam 21:19), see Khirbet Qeiyafa
  • gob – an Australian, British, Canadian and Irish noun meaning mouth
  • gob – a British slang verb meaning spit (eject saliva from the mouth)
  • whoopie pie, a type of dessert food
  • Gob (band), a punk band from Vancouver, BC, Canada
    • Gob (Gob album), the band's self-titled debut album released in 1994
  • Gob (Dels album), 2011
  • gob or boney piles, low-coal-content waste from coal mining operations
  • gob – a cylinder of molten glass used in glass production
  • gob – in mining, a cavity behind a longwall; see Longwall mining

GOB as an acronym may refer to:

  • General, Organic, and Biochemistry, a college course often taken by nursing majors.
  • George "G.O.B." Bluth, a fictional character on the TV show Arrested Development
  • GObject Builder, an object preprocessor for GObject/C
  • Gobowen railway station, England, by National Rail station code
  • Going out of business
  • Good 'ol boy
  • Government of Bahrain
  • Government of Bangladesh
  • Grand Orient of Belgium
  • GOB (Grup Balear d`Ornitologia i Defensa de la Naturalesa) the Balearic Group of Ornithology and Defence of Nature, an NGO for the conservation and study of the environment of the Balearic Islands.
  • National Geographic Bee. Commonly used as an abbreviation for GeoBee, itself an abbreviation of the full name of the competition.
Gob (Dels album)

GOB is the first studio album by British rapper/graphic designer DELS, released on the 2nd of May, 2011. The album was recorded between 2009 and 2011 in London and in Dels' studio at his mother's house in Ipswich. It was produced by Joe Goddard of Hot Chip, alongside Micachu and Kwes.

Gob (band)

Gob is a Canadian punk band from Langley, British Columbia, formed in 1993. The band consists of Tom Thacker, Theo Goutzinakis, Gabe Mantle and Steven Fairweather. Juno nominated for best new group in 2000, and another Juno nomination for best video in 2002. Gob's most successful album is World According to Gob. Their most successful songs to date are " I Hear You Calling", "Soda", and "Banshee Song". They have been featured in movies, TV shows and many sporting video games such as NHL 2002, NHL 2003, NHL 2004 and Madden NFL 2004 with songs such as "I've Been Up These Steps", "Sick With You" (both re-mixed for the game), "I Hear You Calling" and "Give Up The Grudge". The band has appeared at several music festivals, the most well-known being the Vans Warped Tour. Most recently, the band has been noticed due to singer/guitarist Thacker's involvement as a lead guitarist in Sum 41.

Gob (Gob album)

Gob is the debut EP first release by Canadian Punk rock band Gob. It is the first release on Landspeed Records (LSCD-001).

The album was originally released on Positive Records then later re-released that same year on Landspeed Records. Both editions of the album feature similar covers but with different color schemes. The Positive Records edition is orange whereas the more widely known blue cover is the Landspeed Records re-release. It is their only release with Kelly Macauley on bass.

Odd numbered songs were written and sung by Theo and even numbered songs by Tom.

Tracks 1, 2, and 8 were re-recorded for their first full-length, Too Late... No Friends.

Usage examples of "gob".

London three days after he had left Marybelle Firkin at the inn with a pork pie stuck in her gob and his precious cylinder safely tucked away elsewhere on her large person.

Gob, that puts the bloody kybosh on it if old sloppy eyes is mucking up the show.

I should lay off those Snicker bars, those liverwurst sandwiches with gobs of mayonnaise and those Goddamned caramel sundaes.

Chiz started in on the second quart of chicken gobs, he was no longer thinking about Puma wasting away in a jail cell.

Managed to smear a nice gob of blood and putrescine directly on the bridge of my nose.

Knobber made a great play of retching deep in his throat, then gobbed copiously onto the tabletop.

Tonight when Lizzy cleaned up the dishes, she managed to spill lentil soup on the floor, smeared a thick gob of it across her shirt, and had even flipped some into her hair.

She had smeared the toast with extra butter and a gob of blueberry jam.

But when he drew closer he saw that it was a little old woman, squatting to bait the sweek stick of a bird trap with a suet gob.

Instinctively, Vendes loosed another gob of goo, but it seemed to pass right through the charging woman to splat harmlessly against the wall.

I called Mark Lander to see if he could send anyone our way before he left for France but his two-year-old was screaming like a banshee because she snuck a gob of wasabi out of his take-out sushi tray.

A youngish woman raised her yashmak and spat a fair gob among chicken-innards.

NPA troopers were armed with rocket and grenade launchers that blasted severed limbs and gobs of Medusan flesh across moss and boulders.

Grasping the pulsating head of the moster troll cock, she shoved the spurting thing into her mouth, swallowing huge gobs of the stuff as she seemed to cum endlessly.

He grunted and fucked his cock into her roughly, and Randi could feel it spewing gobs of warm cum into her cunt.