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GMR (cryptography)

In cryptography, GMR is a digital signature algorithm named after its inventors Shafi Goldwasser, Silvio Micali and Ron Rivest.

As with RSA the security of the system is related to the difficulty of factoring very large numbers. But, in contrast to RSA, GMR is secure against adaptive chosen-message attacks — even when an attacker receives signatures for messages of his choice, this does not allow him to forge a signature for a single additional message.

GMR (magazine)

GMR was a monthly magazine on video games that was published by Ziff-Davis — the publisher of such magazines as PC Magazine, Electronic Gaming Monthly, and Computer Gaming World (later Games for Windows: The Official Magazine). GMR was launched in February 2003, being sold in only the Electronics Boutique (EB) chain of video game stores. The magazine was unusual among multiconsole magazines in that it covered PC as well as console games, as well as its minimalistic cover art, and, in its last few months, its shift in focus toward promotion of less mainstream titles. It lasted exactly two years, as the 25th and last issue (which was only sent to subscribers) was the February 2005 edition (though prints were limited and not even all subscribers received the final issue).

As the magazine was funded by Electronics Boutique, the magazine stopped circulation when Gamestop merged with EB Games, as Gamestop already had its own magazine, Game Informer. The fates of its entire staff remain unknown, although James "Milkman" Mielke and Andrew "Skip" Pfister have transferred to the Network online.

Shortly after the release of the PS2 game Monster Hunter, an online-only Event Quest was released which allowed players to obtain the "GMR Chrome Heart," a weapon prominently featuring an embossed GMR logo.


GMR may refer to:

  • Galapagos Marine Reserve
  • General Motors Research Laboratories
  • GEO-Mobile Radio Interface, an ETSI standard for satellite phones used by ACeS, ICO, Thuraya
  • Giant magnetoresistance (physics)
  • Giant Monopole Resonance, a high-frequency collective excitation of atomic nuclei
  • Glenreagh Mountain Railway, a heritage railway in NSW, Australia
  • GMR (cryptography), a digital signature algorithm
  • GMR (magazine), a video game magazine
  • GMR Group, an Indian infrastructure developer based in Bangalore, India
  • Golden-mantled rosella, a common name for Platycercus eximius elecica, a sub-species of the eastern rosella
  • Good Morning Revival, fourth album by Good Charlotte
  • Great Manmade River, Libya
  • Great Midwest Relay, race
  • Greater Manchester Radio, the former name of BBC Radio Manchester
  • Groupe mobile de réserve, ancestor of the CRS riot police created under Vichy France