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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Glover \Glov"er\, n. One whose trade it is to make or sell gloves.

Glover's suture or Glover's stitch, a kind of stitch used in sewing up wounds, in which the thread is drawn alternately through each side from within outward.


n. A person who makes gloves.

Glover (video game)

Glover is a 1998 platforming video game developed by Interactive Studios and published by Hasbro Interactive for the Nintendo 64 and Windows in 1998 and for the PlayStation in 1999. The game features a magical, four-fingered glove named Glover in his quest to restore the Crystal Kingdom by retrieving crystals that were lost.

The games received mixed reviews for the Nintendo 64 version while the Playstation version received more negative reviews. A sequel titled Glover 2 was planned but was eventually cancelled.


Glover can have several meanings:

  • A "glover" is a maker of gloves.
Glover (surname)

Glover, which means a maker or seller of gloves, is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alfred Glover (1872–1949), English cricketer
  • Allan Glover (born 1950), English (soccer) footballer
  • Allan C. Glover (1900–1984), South Australian artist
  • Anne Glover (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Annie Glover, Irish washerwoman - the last woman hanged as a witch in Boston
  • Bill Glover, Christian drummer and musician
  • Boyer Glover
  • Brian Glover (1934–1997) , British actor
  • Broc Glover (born 1960), American motocross racer
  • Bruce Glover (born 1932), American actor
  • Candice Glover (born 1989), Winner of American Idol season 12
  • Cat Glover, choreographer and dancer
  • Charles Glover Barkla (1877–1944), British physicist
  • Charles Carroll Glover (1846-1936) , American banker and philanthropist
  • Charles Richmond Glover (1870–1936), Australian mayor
  • Corey Glover (born 1964), American singer, vocalist of Living Colour
  • Crispin Glover (born 1964), American actor and painter
  • Crispin J. Glover, British DJ
  • Dana Karl Glover (born 1958), musician and composer
  • Dana Glover (singer) (born 1974), singer and songwriter
  • Danny Glover (born 1946), American actor
  • Danny Glover (footballer) (born 1989), English footballer
  • David Glover (born 1948), British geneticist
  • David Delano Glover (1868–1952), American politician
  • Dean Glover (born 1963), English football manager and former player
  • Denis Glover (1912–1980), New Zealand poet
  • Dion Glover (born 1978), American basketball player
  • Donald Glover (born 1983), American actor, comedian, and rapper
  • Edward Glover (athlete) (1885–1940), American athlete
  • Edward Glover (psychoanalyst) (1888–1972), English psychoanalyst
  • Fi Glover (born 1970), BBC journalist
  • Frank Glover, American jazz musician
  • Fred W. Glover (born 1937), mathematician
  • Gary Glover (born 1976), baseball player
  • George Glover (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Helen Glover (rower) (born 1986), Olympic gold medal rower
  • Henry Glover (1921–1991), American songwriter, arranger, record producer and trumpeter
  • Henry H. Glover (ca.1810–1858), English lithographer in South Australia
  • Henry H. Glover, Jnr (1827–1904), his son, Australian artist and lithographer
  • James Glover (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Jane Glover (born 1949), British conductor
  • Jean Glover (1758–1801), Scottish poet, actress and singer
  • Jim Glover (born 1942), American folk musician
  • Jimmy Glover (1861–1931), Irish composer and conductor
  • John Glover (disambiguation), multiple people
  • John William Glover (1815–1899), Irish composer
  • Jonathan Glover (born 1941), British philosopher
  • Joshua Glover, runaway slave whose plight led to Wisconsin becoming the only state to declare the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850 unconstitutional
  • Julian Glover (born 1935), British actor
  • Kim Glover, manager of New Kids on the Block
  • La'Roi Glover (born 1974), American football player
  • Lee Glover (born 1970), British footballer
  • Louise Glover (born 1983), British model
  • Lucas Glover (born 1979), American professional golfer
  • Martin Glover (born 1960), record producer
  • Mary Glover, first married name of Mary Baker Eddy
  • Melvin Glover (born 1961), hip hop artist Melle Mel
  • Moses Glover, English cartographer
  • Nat Glover (born 1943), American sheriff
  • Nate Glover, the singer Kid Creole
  • Neville Glover (born 1955), Australian rugby league footballer
  • Paul Glover (born 1947), American politician
  • Richard Glover (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Robert Glover (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Robert W. Glover (1866–1956), American clergyman and politician
  • Roger Glover (born 1945), Welsh bass player and songwriter, famous for his work with Deep Purple
  • Sandra Glover (born 1968), African-American athlete
  • Savion Glover (born 1973), American actor, tap dancer and choreographer
  • Stephen Glover (antiquary) (1794-1870), English author and historian
  • Steven Gilchrist Glover (born 1974), TY performer Steve-O
  • Thomas Blake Glover (1838–1911), key figure in the industrialisation of Japan
  • Terrot R. Glover (1869–1943), British Classical Studies scholar
  • Tom Glover (1912-1948), African-American baseball player
  • Townend Glover (1813-1883), American entomologist

Usage examples of "glover".

Transcripts were transferred and Betsy, Glover, Brooks, Rollins, and Little Becky were registered for fall enrollment at the Towne High School in twelfth, eleventh, and ninth grades.

Perhaps Glover was under orders in the Army, and Brooks and Rollins at the Range School as well, to practice their penmanship.

She wrote a brief note to Glover telling him to tuck into the shoebox of stacked and Saran-wrapped Congo Bars she had baked for him, and she wrote a second note to Brooks and Rollins to say she hoped they enjoyed the shoebox of stacked and Saran-wrapped Congo Bars she had baked for them with second thoughts in the event they discovered she had baked for their older brother and not for them, should, in this flurry of letter writing, Congo Bars ever be mentioned.

Her mate was an older glover named Kumnax, and as they lay back in the cubicle, soothed by air-dance fibs, he told her stories about past battles, special tactics, how to survive.

Get storage heaters, the Glovers had said as she held the door open, letting their heat out.

The pub the Glovers had suggested had a roaring fire in the grate and not many customers.

And those mitts to match, I believe, for they came from the glovers only yesterday.

There, for six wakes straight, she flew with the other glovers back and forth across the dark spaces like elfstate comets.

Behind Prufrax, the other elfstate glovers lined up in the catch tube, all but the special-projects sisters.

As they left the mock chamber, another batch of glovers, even younger and fresher in elfstate, passed them.

The tellman had discussed such possibilities, but none of the glovers had been taught how to defend themselves in specific situations.

Baked chestnut vendors did a brisk trade, and an enterprising glover who had brought his entire winter stock sold every mitten and glove.

Glover had promised virtuously and Becky had hugged him as Alden reread the shifty little pamphlet to determine what, in fact, had been agreed to.

When I drive, I won't drink and drive, Glover had promised virtuously and Becky had hugged him as Alden reread the shifty little pamphlet to determine what, in fact, had been agreed to.

And in a few short hours the television would blare out the story that he had been pulled from the game because his parents were mass murderers disguised as just-plain-folk Laura and Roger Glover.