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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a television reporter/journalist
▪ Grant was interviewed by a BBC television journalist.
embedded journalist
freelance journalist/writer/photographer etc
veteran journalist/actor/goalkeeper etc
▪ Yet she managed to be a rather successful financial journalist.
▪ Rosamund Heartgood, a financial journalist, would be surprised to hear that e-love is alive, let alone well.
▪ She is a financial journalist with her own by-line.
▪ In conjunction with a panel of 15 personal financial journalists, weightings were attached to these characteristics to produce an index.
▪ Top financial journalists can make and break company reputations.
▪ Immigration officials said other foreign journalists would also be kicked out of the country, but they did not give details.
▪ It discourages visits by foreign journalists and has great difficulty in explaining itself to the world.
▪ But it is no longer only foreign journalists who seek to investigate embarrassing stories.
▪ A place where there are no foreign journalists, no chance to use him for propaganda.
▪ Several foreign journalists who tried to film the incident were themselves manhandled by security forces and briefly detained.
▪ Most foreign journalists had been expelled from the area by March 5.
▪ Details of some of the disturbances were reported by foreign journalists, who were able to see for themselves what was happening.
▪ In interviews with foreign journalists, students at the Institute confirmed this version of events.
▪ Such a cavalier approach to customers surely leaves Expotel vulnerable to competitors and to bright, investigative trade journalists.
▪ She was thirty-two, an editor with a distinguished publishing house, married to an investigative journalist.
▪ A general privilege for investigative journalists?
▪ And Mark Thomas, 37, comedian and de facto investigative journalist, is nothing if not controversial himself.
▪ As I understand it, the London food commission is a consumerist pressure group staffed by academics and investigative journalists.
▪ The more unpopular he becomes, the more President Mugabe intensifies his repression. Local journalists are intimidated and foreign media expelled.
▪ Officially, turnout was 61 %; local journalists say it was under 10 %.
▪ The biography by Julia Langdon, a well-connected political journalist, purported to offer some explanations.
▪ Increased interest among television audiences was also confirmed by broadcasters and political journalists who were interviewed by Professor Hetherington.
▪ A direct hit on the Al-Rasheed was ruled out because of the western journalists there.
▪ Certain Western journalists had been barred from covering the elections.
▪ What you usually get are the impressions of Western journalists.
▪ Jason denies saying it; the freelance journalist who interviewed him insists he did.
▪ Eluned Price is a freelance journalist based in Oxford and specialising in houses, gardens and their owners.
▪ He is a television journalist, recently divorced, intelligent, good with women, somewhat lacking in confidence.
▪ Described by friends as somewhat shy or stand-offish, Cohen last year married Janet Langhart, a black television journalist.
▪ But the dilemma, at least for the television journalist, is not quite as simple as that.
▪ Despite the model looks and on-air poise, the most striking quality of this thirtysomething television journalist is her name.
▪ Besides the clothing they wear, television journalists often wear titles.
▪ It is a tricky issue but somewhat irrelevant since almost nobody is that interested in classrooms, least of all television journalists.
▪ He was sure no one had noticed him talking to the journalist.
▪ Anytime the government sees one of us talking to a journalist, they say that person is a leader.
▪ He was usually available for comment and did not talk down to journalists.
▪ Date, an expose-type show with more talking heads than journalists.
▪ He's just spent the whole day talking to journalists.
▪ He also flouted the censorship efforts of the Vatican bureaucracy, the Curia, by talking to journalists.
▪ However, what plan was the Secretary of State talking about in front of the journalists?
▪ The Congress was told that journalists had been registered in only fifty of ninety guberniia committees.
▪ But if they tell a journalist, they tell the world how important they are.
▪ He told journalists he had given false evidence at the trial.
▪ Campese, I am told by journalist Paolo Catella, is having tantrums.
▪ According to one report, he told a group of journalists that he believed he ought to have been given the interim presidency.
▪ He worked as a journalist in the 1890s, and took an active role in discussions among liberal and socialist intellectuals.
▪ She obtained press credentials from two publications to work as a journalist.
▪ At first Harvey, working as a travel journalist, envisaged a fairly conventional feature.
▪ I returned to my routine as a working journalist and a landlady.
▪ When the war ended he studied at Tbilisi University then returned to Moscow and worked as a journalist.
▪ She worked as a journalist on McClure's magazine, and gave it up to write.
▪ Since his release a year ago, he has been prevented from working as a journalist.
▪ He is my wife's brother and he works as a journalist with a newspaper in Hue.
▪ After he retired from football he became a sports journalist for the Gazette.
▪ All foreign journalists have been told to leave the war zone as soon as possible.
▪ An experienced journalist has a sense of what is likely to be relevant about a story.
▪ Lee is one of the highest-paid financial journalists in the country.
▪ My father hated journalists - he didn't trust any of them.
▪ She worked as a journalist on the New York Times.
▪ An investigations unit would be set up in London, staffed by reputable heavyweight journalists he had already selected.
▪ But if they tell a journalist, they tell the world how important they are.
▪ Regular perusal will make clear which journalists might be most sympathetic to your particular style.
▪ She worked as a journalist on McClure's magazine, and gave it up to write.
▪ Some of the journalists had already left; others had settled down to the serious business of getting drunk.
▪ That's the message to come from a new book on Highgrove co-written by the Prince and environmental journalist, Charles Clover.
▪ The returning journalist rarely is identified.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Journalist \Jour"nal*ist\, n. [Cf. F. journaliste.]

  1. One who keeps a journal or diary; a diarist. [Obs.]

  2. One whose occupation is to write for any of the public news media, such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television, or internet; also, an editorial or other professional writer for a periodical.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1690s, "one whose work is to write or edit public journals or newspapers," from journal + -ist. Meaning "one who keeps a journal" is from 1712. Related: Journalistic.


n. 1 (context originally English) The keeper of a personal journal, who writes in it regularly. 2 One whose occupation or is journalism, originally only writing in the printed press. 3 A reporter, who professionally does living reporting on news and current events.

  1. n. a writer for newspapers and magazines

  2. someone who keeps a diary or journal [syn: diarist, diary keeper]


A journalist is a person who collects, writes, or distributes news or other current information. A journalist's work is called journalism. A journalist can work with general issues or specialize in certain issues. However, most journalists tend to specialize, and by cooperating with other journalists, produce journals that span many topics. For example, a sports journalist covers news within the world of sports, but this journalist may be a part of a newspaper that covers many different topics.

Journalist (rapper)

Rafiek George (better known by his stage name Journalist) is an underground hip hop rapper from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. He gives much of the credit for his success to his mother who worked hard to raise 5 other family members. After graduating he went out to get a recording contract. Supporting himself as a public speaker, youth counselor, and taking parts in talent shows, Journalist eventually earned himself his first paycheck after triumphing in a talent search held at New Jersey's Stardust ballroom two years after graduating.

In 1999 Journalist auditioned for a Universal Records contract with Julius Erving, Jr. as his manager. Later disambanding the record label after no success. Journalist has made appearances with Canibus on the album 2000 B.C., in the songs "Life Liquid", and "Die slow", and releasing various mixtapes, Before eventually releasing his debut album "Scribes of Life" on the Motown record label in 2002. Scribes of Life includes guest appearances such as Backbone, Floetry, M.O.P, and Sleepy Brown with production from DJ Jazzy Jeff, and others.

In 2009, Journalist was added to the hip hop supergroup Army of the Pharaohs. He was only featured on the track The Ultimatum alongside members King Magnetic, Des Devious, Reef The Lost Cauze, King Syze, Vinnie Paz, Celph Titled, Planetary, Apathy and Crypt The Warchild. This track was featured on Army of the Pharaohs album The Unholy Terror. The album was released early on March 19, 2010. He is currently working on his second studio album titled Fast Nowhere which is to be released via his own record label Hardrout

Journalist (disambiguation)

A journalist is a person who practises journalism, the gathering and dissemination of information about current events, trends, issues and people.

Journalist may also refer to:

  • Journalist (British magazine), monthly magazine published by the UK's National Union of Journalists
  • Journalist (Russian magazine), Russian magazine founded in 1914
  • Journalist (rapper)
  • Journalist (1979 film), a Yugoslav film
  • Journalist (1993 film), an Indian Malayalam film
  • The Journalist, the narrator of Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds
Journalist (British magazine)

The Journalist is the magazine of the United Kingdom's National Union of Journalists (NUJ) which is published six times a year. It was started as a newspaper and was relaunched as a magazine in 1993. Since April 2008, the magazine is available online.

Journalist (Russian magazine)

Journalist is a Russian magazine founded in 1914 by literary critic Vladimir Friche aimed at newsworkers. With the growing number of periodicals in pre- World War I Russia, Friche recognised the need for a publication which served the people who worked in the industry and could help to strengthen their cohesion sense of identity.

In 2004, Journalist celebrated its 90th year of operation.

Journalist (1979 film)

Journalist (Novinar) is a 1979 Croatian drama film directed and written by Fadil Hadžić and starring Rade Šerbedžija, Fabijan Šovagović and Stevo Žigon.

A politically provocative drama about an idealistic journalist who fights against censorship in the communist system, it is considered one of Hadžić's best and most popular films, as well as one of the most prominent Croatian films of the 1970s.

Journalist (1993 film)

Journalist is a 1993 Malayalam film directed by Viji Thampi and starring Sithara, Jagadish and Siddique.

Usage examples of "journalist".

He returned to the Crystal Palace grounds, that classic starting-point of aeronautical adventure, about sunset, re-entered his shed without disaster, and had the doors locked immediately upon the photographers and journalists who been waiting his return.

The National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association has an agenda, which is to make sure that gay-related stories are reported with what it regards as the appropriate slant and the necessary sensitivity.

Betsy perched on the arm of a sofa whose squashy cushions engulfed the anorectic ally thin journalist.

El Arish, the Israeli journalist Gabi Bron saw about 150 Egyptian POWs sitting on the ground, crowded together with their hands held at the backs of their necks.

William Safire New York Times column, an Australian journalist eviscerating the United Nations for corruption, editorials from smaller-market daily papers like the Rocky Mountain News and the Seattle Times, top blogger commentaries, U.

In this, the multitalented Clarinda Calliope played the role of Florence Nightingale, of Ekmek Kaya, a Turkish lady of doubtful virtue who was the number-four wife and current favorite of the Turkish admiral, of Chiara Maldonado, a young lady camp follower with the army of Savoy, of Katya Petrova, who was a Russian princess as well as a triple spy, and of Claudette Boud in, a French lady journalist.

A journalist to the end, Hero Buss handed his camera to the first passerby and asked him to take a picture of his release.

The audience would not only be full of celebs but also stacked to the rafters with casting agents, national theatre directors, top fringe theatre directors, journalists and critics.

I recall being seriously worried about that when we were working on that story about the killing of Chicano journalist Ruben Salazar by an L.

Thanks to the journalists who were onto Bill Hicks first: Len Belzer, Michael Barnes, Jack Boulware, Bill Brownstein, Lawrence Christon, Michael Corcoran, Bob Daily, Frank DiGiacomo, Robert Faires, Allan Johnson, Gerald Nachman, Mike Sager, Edith Sorenson, Michael Spies, Ernest Tucker, and Rick Vanderknyff.

DJ brought up his own music up under them, making them danceable, and the journalist pulled Mizell away from the stage to a spot where speech was possible.

Nor does she remember journalist Dinah Leighton, the stedfast friend who visited her in the hospital.

People immediately around her van were snapping photographs with all the zeal of journalists or documentarians and others ran video cameras.

Dunster and his journalist father occupied, in almost unbelievable chaos, the top two floors of a house in Camden Town which had been the Dunster matrimonial home.

Hiaasen says, and now environmentalism and water quality are big agenda items in Florida because writers, journalists, concerned citizens and activist groups spoke as one voice.