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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ He has a piercing gimlet eye.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gimlet \Gim"let\, n. [Also written and pronounced gimbled] [OF. guimbelet, guibelet, F. gibelet, prob. fr. OD. wimpel, weme, a bore, wemelen to bore, to wimble. See Wimble, n.] A small tool for boring holes. It has a leading screw, a grooved body, and a cross handle.

Gimlet eye, a squint-eye. [Colloq.]


Gimlet \Gim"let\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Gimleted; p. pr. & vb. n. Gimleting.]

  1. To pierce or make with a gimlet.

  2. (Naut.) To turn round (an anchor) by the stock, with a motion like turning a gimlet.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

boring-tool, mid-14c., gymbelette, from Anglo-French guimbelet (French gibelet), perhaps from Middle Dutch wimmelkijn (with substitute of French diminutive suffix), diminutive of wimmel "auger, drill." The meaning "cocktail made with gin or vodka and lime juice" is first attested 1928, presumably from its "penetrating" effects on the drinker.


n. 1 A small screw-tipped tool for bore holes. 2 A cocktail, usually made with gin and lime juice. vb. To pierce or bore holes (as if using a gimlet).

  1. n. a cocktail made of gin or vodka and lime juice

  2. hand tool for boring holes [syn: auger, screw auger, wimble]

Gimlet (tool)

A gimlet is a hand tool for drilling small holes, mainly in wood, without splitting. It was defined in Joseph Gwilt's Architecture (1859) as "a piece of steel of a semi-cylindrical form, hollow on one side, having a cross handle at one end and a worm or screw at the other".

A gimlet is always a small tool. A similar tool of larger size is called an auger. The cutting action of the gimlet is slightly different from an auger, however, as the end of the screw, and so the initial hole it makes, is smaller; the cutting edges pare away the wood which is moved out by the spiral sides, falling out through the entry hole. This also pulls the gimlet farther into the hole as it is turned; unlike a bradawl, pressure is not required once the tip has been drawn in.

The name "gimlet" comes from the Old French guinbelet, guimbelet, later guibelet, probably a diminutive of the Anglo-French "wimble", a variation of "guimble", from the Middle Low German wiemel, cf. the Scandinavian wammie, to bore or twist; the modern French is gibelet.

Gimlet (cocktail)

The gimlet is a cocktail made of gin and lime juice. A 1928 description of the drink was: "gin, a spot of lime, and soda." The description in the 1953 Raymond Chandler novel The Long Goodbye stated that "a real gimlet is half gin and half Rose's lime juice and nothing else". The derivation of the naming of the gimlet cocktail has caused a little confusion. Surgeon General Sir Thomas Gimelette, (RN 1879-1913), first added lime cordial to the daily gin tot of the men of the Royal Navy under his care to help combat the ravages of scurvy on long voyages. Scurvy was a common disease of the ordinary seamen of the navy due to a lack of vitamin C while on long voyages without fresh supplies of fruit and vegetables. The gimlet was named after the Surgeon General.

A variant of the cocktail, the vodka gimlet, replaces gin with vodka.

A similar lime juice cocktail using rum instead of vodka or gin is the daiquiri.


Gimlet may refer to:

Gimlet (rocket)

The Gimlet was an unguided air-to-air and air-to-surface rocket developed by the United States Navy during the early 1950s. Although it proved successful in testing and was ordered into large-scale production, the arrival of the guided missile as a practical and reliable weapon resulted in the cancellation of the Gimlet rocket in 1957.

Usage examples of "gimlet".

I have a gimlet and some nails in my pistol pocket, Baas, that I was using this morning to mend that box of yours.

It twisted itself half round, then reverted to its former position, and again twisted itself, moving like a bradawl, not like a gimlet, which latter forms a complete revolution.

The oldest one wuz very sharp in her face and had a pair of small round eyes that seemed when they were sot onto you to sort a bore into you like two gimlets.

Even now, in those gimlet eyes of Fuji Yeddo, The Shadow could discern a marked suspicion.

Bobrov laughed perplexedly, but his small eyes bored into Foma as gimlets.

Indoor: discussion in tepid security of unsolved historical and criminal problems: lecture of unexpurgated exotic erotic masterpieces: house carpentry with toolbox containing hammer, awl nails, screws, tintacks, gimlet, tweezers, bullnose plane and turnscrew.

I said no harm no foul and offered to ask Gimlet to fellate him very skillfully, however Cheese ignored my offer and took the hand I proffered in friendship and with his poorly maintained hand pulled me down on the attractive bench beside him.

Furthermore Gimlet knows that what would make me the happiest corporate liability trouble shooter in the history of the planet earth would be to kill my father and that I will kill my father and bathe in his blood as soon as I can do it without maybe getting caught or found guilty at it, maybe when he is retired and my mother is weak, and Gimlet promises to help me and to kill her stepfather as well and she fellates me and lets me burn her sometimes.

I like to beat the rush for lines and do not prefer being late, but Gimlet fellated me instantly the instant she and Big and Mr.

Gimlet was aces in my book, and that on many occasions I was made happy by Gimlet because she fellated me and gave me pleasurable orgasms, and allowed me to burn parts of her body.

I would have filled Cheese in on examples of times I was historically unhappy and state to him as well that in my book Gimlet is aces and frequently makes me happy by fellating me and letting me burn her, for these are the only two events which make me become happy in matters of the birds and the bees.

The inspector suddenly abandoned Gorth and swung to Jan Ravion, who so far had said nothing, though his tiny eyes had been making gimlet jabs at each speaker.

We went down to the dining room, had two vodka gimlets each, parslied rack of lamb and blackberry cheesecake.

She complimented them on their charming home, unerringly selected the finest piece in the living room to admire-a small Duncan Phyfe desk-and assured Delaney that the vodka gimlet he mixed for her was the best she had ever tasted.

My tools are a blunt saw, a blunter ax, a wooden spade, two great augers, that I believe had a hand in bringing us here, but have not been any use to us since, a center-bit, two planes, a hammer, a pair of pincers, two brad-awls, three gimlets, two scrapers, a plumb-lead and line, a large pair of scissors, and you have a small pair, two gauges, a screw-driver, five clasp-knives, a few screws and nails of various sizes, two small barrels, two bags, two tin bowls, two wooden bowls, and the shell of this turtle, and that is a very good soup-tureen, only we have no meat to make soup with.