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The Collaborative International Dictionary

gendarmerie \gen*darm"er*ie\ n. [F. gendarmerie.] The French police force; the body of gendarmes or gendarmes collectively. [Also spelled gendarmery.]

Syn: gendarmery.


gendarmery \gen*darm"er*y\, n. Same as gendarmerie.


n. French police force; a group of gendarmes or gendarmes collectively [syn: gendarmerie]

Gendarmery (Serbia)

The Gendarmery, in Serbian ┼Żandarmerija , is an armed police force subordinate to Serbia's Ministry of Internal Affairs. The Serbian gendarmery was established in 2001. A previous Serbian Gendarmery existed from 1860 until 1920. The Special Operations Unit (JSO) and Special Police Unit (PJP) were later attached to the gendarmery. The gendarmery's duties are both civilian and military, including securing the 'Ground Safety Zone' along the administrative line with Kosovo and providing disaster rescue teams (see below).

Usage examples of "gendarmery".

The situation is beyond what the Gendarmery, what the Point, can handle by itself.

Besides, it was a near certainty that the signals equipment in Sangrela's jeep could break whatever encryption system the Point Gendarmery was using if Huber really thought the task force needed to know.

Most of the crowd in the street are the Freedom Volunteers, the party's militia, and there's too many of them for the Gendarmery manpower we've got available at the moment.

He stood below the Gendarmery officer instead, surveying the Assembly.

His eyes flicked from Orichos to Grayle, as nervous when they rested on his own leader as when he looked at the Gendarmery officer.

He didn't have a problem with ruthlessness, but he found disquieting the gusto with which people like the Gendarmery captain did what was necessary.

The Gendarmery officer didn't have the instincts to react correctly even if he'd had a chance to warn her instead of acting.

The Slammers had taken these prisoners, and if the Gendarmery wanted to get snooty about it, the Slammers could take the prisoners away from their present guards any time they wanted to.

Mauricia Orichos stood watching the parade with three other Gendarmery officers, a few meters behind the White Mice who did the sorting.

That would make her an easy target for everybody in the Gendarmery camp adjoining the palace to the north and east.

Kappa was rampaging through the Gendarmery camp, blowing up tanks and other heavy equipment.

The alien would catch him on the fly, as it had Platt and the cyborg out in the Gendarmery camp.

The small craft's hull was armored, but its real protection tonight was the sparkling chaos in the Gendarmery camp.