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Galder is a Norwegian- Polish composer, guitarist, and vocalist. His birth name is Tom Rune Andersen. He is from the small town Jessheim, north of Oslo. He is a founding member of the melodic black metal band Old Man's Child as well as the lead guitarist in Dimmu Borgir. In 1993, under the stage nameGrusom, he, Jardar and Tjodalv created Old Man's Child. On Old Man's Child albums, he has performed vocal work, guitars, bass, and keyboards, though with a full line-up his primary instruments are guitar and keyboards, as well as vocals. He joined Dimmu Borgir in 2000 but has kept Old Man's Child alive.

Galder has also worked with other Norwegian bands such as Dødheimsgard. Member of Dødheimsgard, Aldrahn, wrote some of the lyrics for Old Man's Child demo album In the Shades of Life. He is married and has two sons, Alex and Kevin, who could be read on the credits of Slaves of the World.

Usage examples of "galder".

I know, the other three Galder copies are lost or destroyed: I may be the only person in possession of the true word of Marod.

Rufus Galder, tall, portly and genial, was talking to two guests when a servant approached and spoke in a low tone.

Several persons here were interested in the jewels which Galder shortly intended to display.

Though Jennings had reported but a few moments before, Galder was already wide awake.

With this statement, Galder closed his eyes and rested easily back upon the pillows.

The people of Galder held tightly to traditional beliefs, especially when it came to witches.

Large black hairs growing out of the warts were preferred but still optional, no one ever accused the people of Galder of being inflexible.

So after her untimely death in that lemming stampede, Galder had been left without a village witch, and the word had gone out that a replacement would be needed.

Susan had flown off to Galder, fully intending to get to Gorman as soon as she had the chance.