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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Carpet and a plastic footstool was damaged in the fire.
▪ For crying out loud, how many shows about recovering your favorite footstool can a normal person sit through?
▪ He looked at her feet, which were propped on a footstool.
▪ I sit by Raymond on the footstool of the easy chair he is occupying.
▪ If he had liked her less, would she have only gotten a footstool or an armchair?
▪ Made from rattan, the range comprises a two-seater sofa, chair, footstool, coffee table, side table and planter.
▪ She had lately taken up embroidery and was making, as her first effort, a floral tapestry cover for a footstool.
▪ They set the wheelchair down by Carlie's footstool.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Footstool \Foot"stool`\, n. A low stool to support the feet of one when sitting.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also foot-stool, 1520s, from foot (n.) + stool. Earlier was fotsceomel, from Old English fotsceamel; for the second element of which see shambles. Figurative sense of "one who is the abject thrall of another" is from 1530s.


n. A low stool for supporting the feet while seated.


n. a low stool to rest the feet of a seated person [syn: footrest, ottoman]


A footstool (foot stool, footrest, foot rest) is a piece of furniture or a support used to elevate the foot. There are two main types of footstool, which can be loosely categorized into those designed for comfort and those designed for function.

Usage examples of "footstool".

Every Ghazi who fell fighting should sit above the Caaba at the very footstool of the throne, and in that exalted situation and august presence should be solaced for his sufferings by the charms of a double allowance of celestial beauty.

A little tasseled footstool, a soft throw of deep red, and a pair of tall candlestands with fat red candles were arranged with seemingly haphazard piles of books.

Lord Diegan lounged back against the stone beside the settle and crossed his ankles on a footstool.

Frau Grieben across the street, and books in English Dickens, I think the footstool and a mattress.

I happen to be acquainted with one of the greatest practitioners of needlecraft alive today, and to demonstrate just a fraction of her skill to you, I have this modest footstool, which I made and which she decorated expressly for you.

Mary then went to get the tea, and Mrs Forbes having left the room for a moment to recover that self-possession, the loss of which is peculiarly objectionable to a Scotchwoman, Annie was left seated on a footstool before the bright fire, the shadows from which were now dancing about the darkening room, and Alec lay on the sofa looking at her.

His enormous shitkickers made the delicate thing look like a footstool.

Gavril had brought his servants, his guards, his books, his dogs, his wines, his velvet hangings, his desk, footstools, weapons, horses, falcons, and prayer-cabinet.

It was a relief when after a second of silence everyone started to talk at once, converging on the Professor as he made his way to where his grandmother sat in state, her injured ankle on a footstool, the grey chiffon draperies arranged becomingly about her small person.

Instead of barraging Margaret with questions, Erin returned to the living room with an ice pack, adjusted the footstool and fixed her a requested cup of tea.

A thick ceramic mug half-full of frozen coffee and a half-eaten breakfast roll were on the table beside one of the arm chairs, and there was an open magazine lying on the footstool before the chair.

Its foot, wearing a carpet slipper over a bandage, was propped on a leather-padded footstool.

Footstools populated her house, allowing the short-legged creatures access to sofas and chaise longues.

She raised Bruno in those high-ceilinged rooms, a world far removed from that of the child's contemporaries, a Victorian world of waist-high wainscoting and flowered wallpaper and crenelated molding and footstools and mantel clocks and lace tablecloths.

Sits there with a wicker chair and a footstool, surrounded by piles of medicine blocks which he cuts up as required by customers.