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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Across the room, facing the front windows, was a large railway stove with a metal footrest in front of it.
▪ And a pair of slightly raised footrests were positioned for comfortably squatting over the low toilet bowl.
▪ By forcing down on the upper, outside footrest the rider obtains exceptional feel for rear tyre grip.
▪ Her skinny legs and swollen ankles, covered with white stockings, rest unnaturally on the footrests of her chair.
▪ I sit beside Crilly on the footrest.
▪ The one comfortable item was the black leather armchair with its footrest.
▪ The seats reclined and had footrests, tray tables and reading lights.
▪ Under the regulations, employers are required to supply footrests.

n. A support on which to rest the feet.


n. a low stool to rest the feet of a seated person [syn: footstool, ottoman]

Usage examples of "footrest".

Sitting in the big, hugely padded, preferably tasteless, nondenominational chair -- something worse than a La-Z-Boy, but on that model -- with her feet up on the pop-out footrest, her head back against the leather headrest, canted to one side to look around the partially closed newspaper at him, sitting eight feet away in a blond wood school chair, the same chair he was sitting in now, she would tell him what she found amusing, tell him what she thought about the world.

Peez leaned back in her butter-soft leather desk chair with built-in footrest, CD player, aromatherapy dispenser, heating and massage capabilities, and wished she were dead.

Her feet were on an adjustable footrest, her valuable hands poised over a contoured keyboard designed to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

Most often, in the slouching, bored way she cultivated, Lo would fall prostrate and abominably desirable into a red springchair or a green chaise longue, or a steamer chair of striped canvas with footrest and canopy, or a sling chair, or any other lawn chair under a garden umbrella on the patio, and it would take hours of blandishments, threats and promises to make her lend me for a few seconds her brown limbs in the seclusion of the five-dollar room before undertaking anything she might prefer to my poor joy.