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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The next couple of weeks were spent in a whirl of feverish activity.
▪ There were no longer seasonal periods of slack and recovery to offset the periods of feverish activity.
▪ A lorry similar to theirs was parked by the roadside and on the site there was feverish activity.
▪ And in the midst of all this feverish activity -- the fast-drying acrylics force him to work quickly -- a picture emerges.
▪ Winter is a necessary counterpart to summer, to concentrate and rest after the months of feverish activity.
▪ He could see the golf-club trolley and the feverish activity round it.
Feverish preparations were being made for the arrival of the President.
▪ Hannah looked weak and feverish and we decided to call the doctor.
▪ He said he felt feverish and complained of pains in his chest.
▪ Parents comforted their feverish, aching children.
▪ The pace slowed after two days of feverish activity.
▪ The show was about to begin and behind the stage there were scenes of feverish activity.
▪ He felt at once feverish, at once chilled, but he was in motion, moving quite apart from any decision within himself.
▪ I kissed her face, which was moist and feverish.
▪ She felt feverish and was aware she was muttering.
▪ So many sickly and feverish people were wandering about, some of them half-maimed, some burned from explosions.
▪ The burning midday sun roused him from a feverish sleep.
▪ The land, relentlessly monotone in all but a few summer weeks of feverish flowering, is almost uninhabited.
▪ Winter is a necessary counterpart to summer, to concentrate and rest after the months of feverish activity.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Feverish \Fe"ver*ish\, a.

  1. Having a fever; suffering from, or affected with, a moderate degree of fever; showing increased heat and thirst; as, the patient is feverish.

  2. Indicating, or pertaining to, fever; characteristic of a fever; as, feverish symptoms.

  3. Hot; sultry. ``The feverish north.''

  4. Disordered as by fever; excited; restless; as, the feverish condition of the commercial world.

    Syn: fevered.

    Strive to keep up a frail and feverish being.
    --Milton. -- Fe"ver*ish*ly, adv. -- Fe"ver*ish*ness, n.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "causing fever;" 1630s, "excited, unduly ardent;" 1640s, "having symptoms of fever, having a slight fever," from fever + -ish. Earlier in same sense was feverous (late 14c.). Old English had feferig, feferseoc. Related: Feverishly; feverishness.


a. 1 In the state of having a fever, to have an elevated body temperature. 2 Filled with excess energy.

  1. adj. marked by intense agitation or emotion; "worked at a feverish pace" [syn: hectic]

  2. of or relating to or characterized by fever; "a febrile reaction caused by an allergen" [syn: febrile] [ant: afebrile]

  3. having or affected by a fever [syn: feverous]

Usage examples of "feverish".

For the mind and the passion of Hitler - all the aberrations that possessed his feverish brain - had roots that lay deep in German experience and thought.

Her senses abrim, she forgot everything but the feverish need clamoring within her, the need to be filled as never before.

When you have any ordinary ailment, particularly of a feverish sort, eat nothing at all during twenty-four hours.

For a week the old man suffered from feverish symptoms, and, though he threw off the ailment, it was in a state of much feebleness that he at length resumed the ordinary tenor of his way.

Pressed shoulder to shoulder with Seregil, Alec could feel the occasional fits of trembling that still seized him, and the feverish heat of his body.

In the hall were two stretchers, on each a soldier, both feverish, both bandaged, one partially, the other, Hiraga, completely--head, feet, and hands--outside his soaking uniform.

The doubt under which I was labouring could not be cleared up for twenty-four hours, and how could I express my feverish impatience as I was longing for that happy moment!

More courageous than she is, I told her that you were a good swimmer, but I could not allay her anxiety, and she went to bed with a feverish chill.

Onions, when eaten at night by those who are not feverish, will promote sleep, and induce perspiration.

It was during this slow time that Fent, who until now had been feverish and raving, made something of a recovery.

Cyrus Harding drew near the captain, and Gideon Spilett took his hand--it was of a feverish heat.

A long, narrow face, white and bony, with blue hollows on the cheeks, hueless lips, a thin nose, intense black eyes, small, feverish.

Four minutes later the feverish gamblers in the Salles de Jeu were gratified by the sight of a seraph-like child in blue silk pyjamas who flew gaily round the tables pursued by two stout and joyfully excited Southern Europeans in livery.

Despite his feverish state of excitement he was in sufficient control of himself to realize that he lacked the strength to overcome the police and the Army.

Carter also went ashore, and looked curiously upon the rutted streets where wooden ox carts lumbered and feverish merchants cried their wares vacuously in the bazaars.