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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Fete \Fete\ (f[=e]t), n. [See feat.] A feat. [Obs.]


Fete \Fete\, n. pl. [See Foot.] Feet. [Obs.]


Fete \F[^e]te\ (f[asl]t), n. [F. See Feast.] A festival.

F[^e]te champ[^e]tre[F.], a festival or entertainment in the open air; a rural festival.


Fete \F[^e]te\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. F[^e]ted; p. pr. & vb. n. F[^e]ting.] [Cf. F. f[^e]ter.] To feast; to honor with a festival.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1754, from French fête "festival, feast," from Old French feste "feast, celebration" (see feast (n.)). If the date is right, first used in English by Horace Walpole (1717-1797).


1819, from fete (n.). Related: Feted; fetes; feting.\n


n. 1 A festival open to the public, the proceeds from which are often given to charity. 2 A feast, celebration or carnival. vb. (context transitive usually in the passive English) To celebrate (a person).

  1. n. an elaborate party (often outdoors) [syn: feast, fiesta]

  2. an organized series of acts and performances (usually in one place); "a drama festival" [syn: festival]


v. have a celebration; "They were feting the patriarch of the family"; "After the exam, the students were celebrating" [syn: celebrate]


A fête or fete is an elaborate festival, party or celebration. In Britain, fetes are traditional public festivals, held outdoors and organized to raise funds for a charity. They typically include entertainment and the sale of goods and refreshments.

Fête (mobile app)

Fête (pronounced "fet") is a mobile app available on iOS and Android that lets users plan events collaboratively.

Fête was founded by Sanket Shah and Raj Parikh in January 2014 with $200,000 in seed capital. The company launched the Fête iOS app in December 2014. Fête competes with other event planning services such as Evite, Eventbrite, Doodle, Punchbowl, and Paperless Post. However, the app is notable as the first app to offer collaborative event planning functionality through text messages.

Usage examples of "fete".

A onze heures et demie, un coup de canon annonce que la fete nautique commence.

He ate blackberries along the hedges, minded the geese with a long switch, went haymaking during harvest, ran about in the woods, played hop-scotch under the church porch on rainy days, and at great fetes begged the beadle to let him toll the bells, that he might hang all his weight on the long rope and feel himself borne upward by it in its swing.

XV With the return of the young people from Rome, gala days had once more dawned for the Ca' Giustiniani, and the two sumptuous palaces which met at the bend of the Canal Grande were scenes of perpetual fete.

CHAPTER XXIV--Locarno We were attracted to Locarno by the approaching fetes in honour of the fourth centenary of the apparition of the Virgin Mary to Fra Bartolomeo da Ivrea, who founded the sanctuary in consequence.

Quelle fete pour ses yeux que cette eclosion du printemps, si superbe dans cette humilite de petites plantes mouillees de rosee, et combien le leger parfum que degageait leur floraison evoquait en lui de souvenirs restes vivants!

The King took as much pleasure in this sight as if Fontanges had been the heroine of the fete, and our ladies, to please him, made their hands sore in applauding.

La fete communale du 15 aout a amene ici quelques forains qui campent sur la petite place des Pilotes.

Venaient dresser un etalage Qui rendait plus beau le passage, Au grand bien de tout reposant, Et honneur dudit exposant, Qui, tous les jours dessus ses hanches, Excepte fetes et dimanches, Temps de vacances a tout trafic, Faisoit debiter au public Denree a produire doctrine Dans la substance cerebrine.

Constituency Wife, Mark I, the opener of fetes and natural hogger of cameras.

They soon got to understand one another, yet for a long while merely communicated by means of notes at fetes, or during the performance of allegorical ballets and operettas, the airs in which sufficiently expressed the nature of such missives.

It was the day that Annixter had chosen for his barn-dance and, in consequence, Quien Sabe was in fete and work suspended.

On arriving there he introduced himself to the Sindaco and newspaper men, by whom he was feted and ample opportunity was given him to indulge in his favorite dishes.

Of course the good folk of Tesseract World insisted on feting them all with a great party, and they insisted on learning how this marvelous magic square dance was performed.

Then the gathering of the vraic was a fete, and the lads and lasses footed it on the green or on the hard sand, to the chance flageolets of sportive seamen home from the war.

That Maxil is shepherded, disgraced, shamed, humiliated by a bullying byblow, while Fernan is feted and cozened?