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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
economically viable/feasible (=likely to be or remain financially successful)
▪ Most of the coal mines in the area are no longer economically viable.
▪ We can expect bigger screens, and it will be more economically feasible to justify high-capability entertainment zones.
▪ Conventional wisdom in the United States had it that this is not economically feasible.
▪ The new semi-automated test could at last make massive screening programmes for cervical cancer economically feasible.
▪ The bottom line: Taking time now to plan is a wise investment toward a more enjoyable and economically feasible vacation.
▪ The 1979 round of oil price rises made extraction more or less economically feasible.
▪ The determination of whether or not it will be economically feasible to make this purchase.
▪ It is now more feasible than ever for organisations to switch from their expensive proprietary machines to lower-cost Unix computers.
▪ David thought of enrolling his daughter in the sport but settled on soccer instead because it was economically more feasible.
▪ In a liberalized context other options look more enticing; they also become more feasible.
▪ This is a humongous computation that was not possible; with computers, it becomes more feasible.
▪ Rather than create a new institution, is it not more feasible to improve our existing one, the police?
▪ For nuclear waste, disposal into space is more feasible but has been discounted on numerous occasions because of the risks.
▪ The latter would be more feasible and less expensive than large-scale ground operations.
▪ A more feasible plan is to take more immigrants.
▪ This is perfectly feasible by a system of fixed and moveable compartmentation, but no one has yet produced a practical system.
▪ The radical elite theorists emphasized that popular participation is perfectly feasible, but collusion between elite groups prevents it from being established.
▪ Taking small children to a ski resort is perfectly feasible if you consider all the pitfalls.
▪ Consequently, choices judged politically feasible are not always economically optimal.
▪ But the necessary co-ordination is not politically feasible without a clear crisis.
▪ Backpacking the route is quite feasible and buying provisions shouldn't be a problem.
▪ Although the secret-key method is quite feasible and practical for one-on-one document interchange, it does not scale.
▪ It's quite feasible that your chipset has suffered a bit of impromptu reprogramming.
▪ The members thought that it was technically feasible and, under the right conditions, could benefit the region.
▪ FLEXthe name of both the machine and its language-was not technically feasible at the time.
▪ There was no question that a tunnel was technically feasible, but 1 wanted to know what the economics would be.
▪ Mow small systems are technically feasible and schemes exist which involve the hotelier in no capital cost at all.
▪ The existence of such systems is less important than the fact that they are technically feasible and get reported as such.
▪ Thus, it is technically feasible, but we must define the risks and potential complications.
▪ Nevertheless, 3 major groups of applications were identified as being technically feasible either immediately or in the short-to-medium term.
▪ The data requirements for all relevant Regional Council departments have been sought and are being incorporated into the specification where feasible.
▪ We will create women's units in prisons where feasible.
▪ The research will first examine the issues theoretically and then, where feasible, with the aid of existing macroeconomic models.
▪ The two-part tariff is not always a feasible solution.
▪ The Commander assented to this as the only feasible solution, and the order was sent accordingly by medium-wave transmitter.
▪ It appeared to be a feasible solution to a series of problems, and an interesting educational opportunity.
▪ Typically, these objectives will conflict in that there is no feasible solution which simultaneously maximises them all.
▪ There seems to be only one feasible solution that could bring lasting peace.
▪ Thus, we will eventually achieve an optimal feasible solution.
▪ But z 19, so no feasible solution of problem 8 can beat the incumbent.
▪ Attracting manufacturing industry into inner cities is not a feasible solution.
technically possible/difficult/feasible etc
▪ Although it is already technically possible for network administrators to monitor Internet traffic, such tracking has been difficult to do.
▪ Berni came into this world on May 12 at 9: 07 a. m. It was a technically difficult delivery.
▪ FLEXthe name of both the machine and its language-was not technically feasible at the time.
▪ One expert achieved unwanted fame by stating, categorically, that it was no longer technically possible to build modern aircraft out of wood.
▪ Subsequent additions and amendments to software may be technically possible, but inadvisable because of subsequent upgrade issues.
▪ The members thought that it was technically feasible and, under the right conditions, could benefit the region.
▪ There is nothing technically difficult about this; if the computer can look one play ahead it can look 20.
▪ There was no question that a tunnel was technically feasible, but 1 wanted to know what the economics would be.
▪ Barrington suggest transporting the supplies by air. This of course is perfectly feasible.
▪ Da Silva considered it feasible that uranium could be produced on an industrial scale.
▪ It is not feasible to have security cameras in every part of the building.
▪ Solar heating is technically and economically feasible.
▪ We agreed on a feasible plan and within a week we implemented it.
▪ A diary based development and reporting approach was used in a few cases where close contact with the project team was feasible.
▪ For a time it seems feasible to escape this task.
▪ Steady advances in digital memory technology are making mass-storage devices technologically feasible and increasingly cost-effective.
▪ Text is so efficient over the Internet that it is feasible to give away this kind of service.
▪ The expansion of human civilization into space is feasible because of the availability of vast asteroidal and planetary resources.
▪ The members thought that it was technically feasible and, under the right conditions, could benefit the region.
▪ This is more costly and is not ideal but it is nevertheless feasible.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Feasible \Fea"si*ble\ (f[=e]"z[i^]*b'l) a. [F. faisable, fr. faire to make or do, fr. L. facere. See Fact, Feat.]

  1. Capable of being done, executed, or effected; practicable.

    Always existing before their eyes as a thing feasible in practice.

    It was not feasible to gratify so many ambitions.

  2. Fit to be used or tilled, as land. [R.]
    --R. Trumbull. Fea"si*ble*ness, n.
    -- Fea"si*bly, adv.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"capable of being done, accomplished or carried out," mid-15c., from Anglo-French faisible, from Old French faisable "possible, that may be done; easy, convenient," from fais-, stem of faire "do, make," from Latin facere "do, perform" (see factitious). Fowler recommends this word only for those "who feel that the use of an ordinary word for an ordinary notion does not do justice to their vocabulary or sufficiently exhibit their cultivation."


a. That can be done in practice.


adj. capable of being done with means at hand and circumstances as they are [syn: executable, practicable, viable, workable]


adv. in a practicable manner; so as to be feasible [syn: practicably]

Usage examples of "feasible".

Utopian equalitarianism, the eugenist will join them willingly in a demand that the distribution of wealth be made to depend as far as feasible on the value of the individual to society.

As feasible as it was, Collet was having trouble believing Sophie Neveu could be involved in anything like that.

Hence the promise: At such time as it is socially feasible, SUM will begin to refashion us, with our complete memories but in the pride of our youth.

I told him that this design was feasible and that Howard Sipple, a graduate student in electronics, could construct it for him.

Sarlo were made in what seemed to be the only feasible way-crossing the Tegula at Lower Ford.

Malta, Brazil, Wales, Ireland, British Ind-- Being held as feasible for force like theirs, Of lavish numbers and unrecking aim.

On the other hand, to convert a hard water into a soft supply is scarcely feasible for brewing purposes.

She had never thought that what was possible for a merwoman was feasible for an ogress.

For these public considerations, I call upon you, as the commanding general, and as a party to all the conferences held by me on the 21st and 22d of July, to say whether I obstructed the pursuit of the enemy after the victory at Manassas, or have ever objected to an advance or other active operation which it was feasible for the army to undertake.

However, has it occurred to you that under present conditions, the most feasible route may unavoidably be circuitousnot to say ambagious, periphrastic and anfractuous?

It was entirely feasible that a missile aimed at, say, a missile silo in North Dakota might have strayed a few hundred miles and instead obliterated a grazing herd of pronghorn antelope in South Dakota.

This will always retain its place in operative surgery as a palliative and life-saving operation for carcinomatous stenosis of the lower part of the colon, and in cases of carcinoma of the rectum in which operation is not feasible.

Although he did not mention the possibility of prisoners being held within the city, Therm, like everyone else, knew that in a city, there was no feasible way to get them out without too great a cost in Rebel life.

What I am going to suggest here is that it would be quite feasible to invent a vocabulary, perhaps amounting to several thousands of words, which would deal with parts of our experience now practically unamenable to language.

Parma, an unexcelled knifeman, Marius and myself, the mission is quite feasible.