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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Executable \Ex"e*cu`ta*ble\, a. Capable of being executed; feasible; as, an executable project. [R.]


a. Capable of being executed. n. (context computing English) A file that can be run directly by a computer's hardware or a p-code interpreter with no further processing.


adj. capable of being done with means at hand and circumstances as they are [syn: feasible, practicable, viable, workable]


In computing, executable code or an executable file or executable program, sometimes simply an executable, causes a computer "to perform indicated tasks according to encoded instructions," as opposed to a data file that must be parsed by a program to be meaningful. These instructions are traditionally machine code instructions for a physical CPU. However, in a more general sense, a file containing instructions (such as bytecode) for a software interpreter may also be considered executable; even a scripting language source file may therefore be considered executable in this sense. The exact interpretation depends upon the use; while the term often refers only to machine code files, in the context of protection against computer viruses all files which cause potentially hazardous instruction execution, including scripts, are lumped together for convenience.

Executable code is used to describe sequences of executable instructions that do not necessarily constitute an executable file; for example, sections within a program.

Usage examples of "executable".

Registry values can also consist of executable code, as well as provide individual preferences for multiple users of the same computer.

The ability to store executable code within the Registry extends its usage to operating system system and application developers.

If this is the case, the location of the malicious executable code to be run on the victim's machine could be anywhere on the Internet.

Long answer is that something similar to an executable can be created by taking the Python interpreter and the file and joining them together and distributing that.

As if he’d be dumb enough to do it by attaching an executable code to E-mail.

Everything containing an executable code should be sent to the simulator first.

They had largely moved beyond this Gulf War–style concept, but it remained the only executable plan he had.

At the logical layer, the commands of a NanoTech System user that are given in a high-level, almost natural, language, are converted into the NanoTech System executable machine codes.

He downloaded an executable for the alternative privacy software from a file server.

Fortunately, I have a singular advantage in that 1 am considerably faster than my opponent, who is slowed by the need to translate each operation, command, and memory in my central processors to and from an alien processing language, the basic operating system, I surmise, of the 1*1*1, The same fractional second delay in processing time that enabled me to copy data to File Rising allows me to detect the Enemy's manipulations both of data and of executable commands and take appropriate action.

Microsoft's implementation of shortcuts becomes a serious concern if a webpage can tell Internet Explorer to refresh to an executable.