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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
fatty acid
fatty foods
▪ Limit your intake of fatty foods.
fatty (=with a lot of fat)
▪ People are being urged to eat less fatty meat.
▪ Most plasticisers are soluble in fat and wrapping fatty food in this material is another way of increasing migration.
▪ Just as acidity works to add definition to sweets and fatty foods, the reverse is also true.
▪ Most people also underestimate the calories provided by fatty foods and fat-containing sauces and dressings.
▪ Eat fewer fatty foods such as processed meats and meat products, pies, pastries, crisps and ice cream.
▪ This occurs particularly with fatty foods, ie. cheese or meat.
▪ If you love sweet or fatty foods, it is difficult to switch to healthier alternatives.
▪ For instance, too many heart patients think that corrective surgery allows them to eat all the fatty foods they want.
▪ We should now eat far more carbohydrates and even less fatty food.
▪ These are quickly broken down, but it takes the body longer to shed fatty tissue, so weight loss slows down.
▪ When whales eat contaminated prey, organochlorines go first to the digestive system, and are then deposited in fatty tissues.
▪ Women, in particular, can train off too much fatty tissue, and this sometimes leads to menstrual problems.
▪ Among numerous negative results he found some quite simple compounds, aldehydes and fatty acids, which stimulated oxygen uptake.
▪ Are your knees chubby, with little fatty pads around the top of each knee?
▪ Most people also underestimate the calories provided by fatty foods and fat-containing sauces and dressings.
▪ Most plasticisers are soluble in fat and wrapping fatty food in this material is another way of increasing migration.
▪ Preliminary analysis at a London laboratory shows that it contains fatty globules of lipids and is organic, of animal origin.
▪ The extracted triglycerides may then undergo hydrolysis to yield fatty acids and glycerol.
▪ The maximum concentration of free fatty acid in the incubation mixture was calculated to be 50 µM.
▪ Get a proper job, fatties.
▪ He reviewed a gallery of the great fatties of all time, from Nero through Falstaff to Arbuckle.
▪ I insisted that we ride the fatties and leave Ram Rahim behind to eat, he being the thinnest of the three.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Fatty \Fat"ty\, a. Containing fat, or having the qualities of fat; greasy; gross; as, a fatty substance.

Fatty acid (Chem.), any one of the paraffin series of monocarbonic acids, as formic acid, acetic, etc.; -- so called because the higher members, as stearic and palmitic acids, occur in the natural fats, and are themselves fatlike substances.

Fatty clays. See under Clay.

Fatty degeneration (Med.), a diseased condition, in which the oil globules, naturally present in certain organs, are so multiplied as gradually to destroy and replace the efficient parts of these organs.

Fatty heart, Fatty liver, etc. (Med.), a heart, liver, etc., which have been the subjects of fatty degeneration or infiltration.

Fatty infiltration (Med.), a condition in which there is an excessive accumulation of fat in an organ, without destruction of any essential parts of the latter.

Fatty tumor (Med.), a tumor consisting of fatty or adipose tissue; lipoma.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., from fat + -y (2). As a name for a fat person, attested by 1797 (with -y (3)).


a. Containing, composed of, or consisting of fat. n. (context pejorative slang English) An obese person.

  1. adj. containing or composed of fat; "fatty food"; "fat tissue" [syn: fat] [ant: nonfat]

  2. [also: fattiest, fattier]

  1. n. a rotund individual [syn: fatso, fat person, roly-poly, butterball] [ant: thin person]

  2. [also: fattiest, fattier]


Fatty is a derogatory term for someone who is obese. It may refer also to:

As a person's nickname:

  • Roscoe Arbuckle (1887-1933), American silent film actor, comedian, director and screenwriter better known as Fatty Arbuckle
  • Fatty Briody (1858-1903), American Major League Baseball player
  • Bob Fothergill (1897-1938), American Major League Baseball outfielder
  • William Foulke (footballer) (1874-1916), English cricketer and footballer
  • Charles H. Smith (American football), University of Michigan football player in 1893-1894
  • Roland Taylor (born 1946), retired American Basketball Association and National Basketball Association player
  • Paul Vautin (born 1959), Australian retired rugby league footballer and coach, television presenter and commentator
  • Thomas Walsh (mobster) (died 1929), New York City mobster

Fictional characters:

  • Fredegar Bolger, also called "Fatty", a character in J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings
  • Fatty Lumpkin, a pony from The Lord of the Rings
  • the title character of Fatty Finn, a long-running Australian comic strip
  • a character in " The Bash Street Kids" in the UK's The Beano comic
  • Fatty Fudge, a character in "Minnie the Minx" in the UK's The Beano comic
  • nickname of Frederick Algernon Trotteville, one of the central characters in Enid Blyton's The Five Find Outers series of mystery novels
  • one of the title characters of Fatty and George, a 1981 Australian children's television series

Other uses:

  • slang term for an oversized cannabis or hashish joint (cannabis) or blunt

Usage examples of "fatty".

Food of a starchy or saccharine character is apt to increase acidity, and interfere with the assimilation of other elements, therefore, articles, rich in fatty matters, should enter largely into the diet.

David remembered reading of adipocere, fatty tissues changed chemically to waxy material, preserving bodies for decades.

The digested substances, as they are thrust along the small intestines, gradually lose their albuminoid, fatty, and soluble starchy and saccharine matters, and pass through the ileo-caecal valve into the caecum and large intestine.

Thus, it seems that while in the mouth only starchy, and while in the stomach only albuminous substances are digested, in the small intestine all kinds of food materials, starchy, albuminoid, fatty and mineral, are either completely dissolved, or minutely subdivided, and so prepared that they may be readily absorbed through the animal membranes into the vessels.

I was glued to my keyhole, mesmerized, as Fatty piped some command and a score of amahs clacked forward to parade the girls.

Though sweat is mostly water, it is the small amount of protein and fatty acids in the apocrine sweat glands that gives armpit sweat that wonderful milky or yellow color.

This is because most red meat in this country is also very fatty, containing high percentages of a certain Omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid known as arachidonic acid.

If the bones be diseased, their articular extremities may be distended and fatty matter deposited in them.

The blob made no sound, except for the slimy slap of its wriggling, fatty skin on the surface of the bridge.

His fattier had squandered the family fortune while gambling and departed the earth a few days after Brock uncovered his debts, while his mother had a softness of the mind and required expensive doctors.

Fatty felt certain that with that opening he could soon find out if the cobbler had any customers with really enormous feet.

Fatty brought by two steelhead and a Coho salmon he caught, right where Pye Creek empties into the L.

There is another species of rupture of the heart which is not traumatic, in which the rupture occurs spontaneously, the predisposing cause being fatty degeneration, dilatation, or some other pathologic process in the cardiac substance.

The cavities of the heart were dilated, the walls thin and in advanced stage of fatty degeneration.

Fatty to Buster, and Ern pointed his finger at Bingo, and said exactly the same.