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The Collaborative International Dictionary

fatso \fatso\ n. a rotund, obese individual.

Syn: fatty, fat person, roly-poly.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

nickname for a fat person, by 1944, elaboration of Fats, from fat (adj.).


n. (context pejorative English) Someone who is overweight.

  1. n. a rotund individual [syn: fatty, fat person, roly-poly, butterball] [ant: thin person]

  2. [also: fatsoes (pl)]

Fatso (1980 film)

Fatso is a 1980 American comedy film written and directed by Anne Bancroft, her only such credit, and starring Dom DeLuise, Ron Carey and Candice Azzara. It was the first film produced by Mel Brooks' Brooksfilms company. The film examines the issue of obesity.


Fatso is a derogatory term for someone who is overweight. "Fatso" may also refer to

Fatso (band)

Fatso was a band from the 1970s, who featured regular in the TV series Rutland Weekend Television. Their involvement with this show spawned The Rutles, which Innes and Halsey portrayed in one episode.

Members included:-

  • Neil Innes
  • John Halsey
  • Billy Bremner
  • Brian Hodgson
  • Roger Rettig
Fatso (New Zealand)

Fatso is a New Zealand online DVD and video game rental service, which mails DVD's, Blu-ray discs and video games to viewers around New Zealand. Fatso was founded in 2004 and is based in Auckland, New Zealand's largest city. As of 2011, Fatso was offering a range of over 27,000 titles to around 20,000 subscribers, and had a full-time staff of 25. This means it is the largest such rental service in New Zealand. It is operated by SKY TV, which owns 51% of the enterprise.

Fatso (2008 film)

Fatso is a 2008 Norwegian film directed and co-written by Arild Fröhlich.

Usage examples of "fatso".

To tell the truth, Fatso is so hungry that his stomach is wondering if his throat is on a vacation and what is more he does not have as much as one thin dime in his pants pockets to relieve his predicament.

Well, while Fatso is standing there on the corner all of a sudden a big red roadster pulls up in the street in front of him with a good-lookmg tanned young guy in a sport shirt driving it and a skinny Judy sitting in the seat next to him and the skinny Judy motions for Fatso to come out to the car.

At first Fatso does not pay any attention to her because he does not wish to move around and take his shade away from the small stove lids.

In fact, Fatso is enduring no little suffering from the heat, standing there just because he is too kindhearted to move.

Fatso goes out in the street to the car figuring that maybe she wishes to ask him the way to some place although of course Fatso does not know the way to any place in these parts, and he can see that she is not a bad-looking Judy, though not young, and that she has yellow hair tied back with a fancy handkerchief and a blue sweater and blue slacks and a lot of bracelets on her arms and rings on her fingers.

C to be her Santa Claus with two boffoes in advance so he can get across Lake Worth to an address she gives him without walking, provided he will proceed there at once, and Fatso accepts these terms and dismisses the small stove lids from his shade with a nickel apiece and the chances are they figure he is Santa Claus already.

Palm Beach and this estate is about the size of Central Park and faces on the ocean and has many palm trees and fountains and statuary and a swimming pool and a house that reminds Fatso of Rockefeller Center, and with enough servants running around to form a union.

Sparks and it turns out that this Sparks is very glad to see him when he learns that Fatso is to be Santa Claus because it seems that Sparks always considers it most undignified for a high-class butler to go around being Santa Claus with pillows stuffed down his pants.

Sparks is a horse player at heart and when he finds that Fatso is familiar with the gee-gees he becomes very friendly to be sure and supplies him with plenty of information and scandal about one and all in the best circles of Palm Beach and several surrounding spots.

In fact, Sparks tells Fatso that she is now feeling like marrying a young guy by the name of Johnny Relf who also has plenty of dough or will have when his parents kindly pass away.

Then Sparks tells Fatso that he is not expected to do anything at all until it comes time for him to be Santa Claus the next night so Fatso wanders around and about and admires the sights and scenes of Palm Beach and finally he strolls along the ocean sands and there in a lonely spot what does he behold but a beautiful young Judy of maybe eighteen crying as if her heart will break.

It is a simple love story such as Fatso often hears before, because a fat guy is always hearing love stories though he never has any to tell himself.

Mimm makes them bring all their presents to her party and has them given away there by her own Santa Claus and Betty Lou says she is glad they cannot take her speedboat there, and so is Fatso when he comes to think it over.

Betty Lou says, and then Fatso goes on strolling along the sands wishing he is younger and two hundred pounds lighter.

Christmas tree in the patio and stacked up at the foot of the tree are many packages containing the presents for the little ones and Sparks explains that it is the duty of Fatso as Santa Claus to distribute these packages.