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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ By most people's standards Marilyn Monroe was fairly uninhibited; bathing infrequently, and belching and farting with carefree abandon.
▪ Gleeson farted and bared more of his teeth at Marcus.
▪ I've farted around too much, that's the triste truth.
▪ Marie: Yeah, we think he farted around.
▪ Or mention farting, or something.
▪ So the train bumps and farts its way along the tracks.
▪ What would they do if she farted?
▪ A fart is not an atom bomb....
▪ My old man said be a Swansea fan but I said bog-off, cobblers you're a fart!
▪ No, the idea is to open it without so much as a nun's fart.
▪ So he unbuckled his belt and squatted again, exploding farts and twisted guts.
▪ Soho, meanwhile, enthuse and make me feel like a miserable old fart.
▪ The coaches stunk of coal smoke and rationed tobacco and rationed booze and the farts of people eating wartime food.
▪ The old fart had served his purpose.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English feortan, ultimately from PIE *perd- (cognates: Old High German ferzan, Old Norse freta, Danish fjerte, Sanskrit pard, Greek perdein, Lithuanian perdzu, Russian perdet), of imitative origin. Related: Farted; farting. As a noun, from late 14c.\n\nClatterer or clatterfart, which wyl disclose anye light secreate.

[Richard Huloet, "Abecedarium Anglo-Latinum," 1552]


n. 1 (context informal English) An emission of digestive gases from the anus; a flatus. (from 15th c.) 2 (context colloquial vulgar English) An irritating person; a fool. 3 (context colloquial vulgar potentially offensive English) (usually as "'''old fart'''") An elderly person; especially one perceived to hold old-fashioned views. vb. 1 (context informal mildly vulgar English) To emit digestive gases from the anus; to flatulate. 2 (context colloquial usually as "fart around" English) To waste time with idle and inconsequential tasks; to go about one's activities in a lackadaisical manner; to be lazy or over-relaxed in one's manner or bearing.

  1. n. a reflex that expels intestinal gas through the anus [syn: farting, flatus, wind, breaking wind]

  2. v. expel intestinal gases through the anus [syn: break wind]


Fart is an English language word most commonly used to reference flatulence.

Fart or FART may also refer to:

  • FL Fart (Norwegian: "Speed"), Norwegian football club
  • Fart Kielce, now Effector Kielce, a Polish volleyball club originally known as Fart Kielce, after FART factory sponsors

Usage examples of "fart".

A tenuous aerogel foam bubbled and farted, rushing out into a ballooning mass as the dog lunged forward, teeth snapping, making a soft growling sound deep in its throat.

In a dazzling flutter of cobalt and emerald Archimedes landed, farted psittacinely, and promptly turned his head sideways, suspiciously eyeing Bill.

While he was face down at the floor, there erupted from Bors a thunderous fart.

Fitzrovia the genius, well in his cups, let rip a large Guinness fart and followed through, black diarrhoeic shite trickling down the back of his legs.

Within thirty seconds they had started work on their usual nocturnal symphony, a rousing fanfare of farting and snoring, moaning and wanking.

Gimpo was laughing at our erotic hosts, drinking strong Lappish lager and farting loudly.

All that nose-picking and farting stuff peppered throughout was stuck in as just a bit of a debunking trick.

They clattered against tree trunks and bounced over roots, their jet orifices farting clouds of green-stained, sweet-smelling Air.

Lilly would tell Mother, very humorlessly, and Franny would stick her tongue in my ear or make a farting noise against my neck.

Bob mumbled to the dog, who enjoyed lying under the dining room table and farting all through mealtimes.

He had left that foolish farting woman back there alone, but really, how much protection would he have been able to provide if a bear decided to attack?

Here I am, I thought, sitting in the dark with strangers, laughing out loud at cowboys farting around a campfire.

Madonna turns her back to the audience, bends over and farts purple ectoplasm at them.

Just as he supposed he could stand it no longer, when the noises and fumes of regurgitated gases and thunderous farts became too noxious even for his seasoned nose, with a soft sigh the widow quietly awakened and proceeded to open the hamper on her lap.

Fishermen, men and women both, who monopolized the chamber walls where the Air was slightly less polluted by the grunts and farts of others.